Adam Greenburg

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' that means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

I do have a $25 call out fee to cover my fuel expense (Maybe more or less depending on where you're located.)

Search Types

Beaches, Shallow Water, Diving, Parks, Private Residences etc…

Search Locations

Ponte Vedra Beach and areas within 50 miles. Will travel for certain requests.

Adam Greenburg's Bio

My name is Adam Greenburg and I am a retired First Responder with over 33 years of dedicated service. I have been metal detecting for over 20 years and have found hundreds of rings along with other jewelry and lost items. I have been fortunate to have returned many rings to their owners. I specialize in beaches and ocean waters but can search anywhere. (No fresh water alligator ponds). I know what it feels like to lose something of sentimental value and it gives me great pride to be able to find and return a lost item to it’s owner. Like I have taught my daughters, INTEGRITY is the only thing someone can’t take from you. If you lost something of value, you can reset assured that I have the integrity to find and return that special item to you regardless of the value.

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Adam Greenburg - Testimonials

  • Adam!!!!! He is amazing! (2022)


    Adam!!!!! He is amazing! I lost my parent’s wedding bands in the yard.

    I called Adam after searching for over a week with my own metal detector. Adam showed up and found both rings within less than 5 minutes! I’m eternally grateful ????????????????

  • Adam, you are my hero! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (2022)


    I just wanted to thank you again. My visit to the beach at our The Lodge & Club on 10/7/22 was one of my worst days because I lost my diamond wedding band.

    When I saw you with your metal detector on the following Sunday, I had no idea your talent when I approached you just to ask if you equipment could find a lost ring. Our conversation gave me a glimmer of hope. When you texted me on Monday 10/10/22 with a picture of my ring, I was literally in tears that you had found my wedding band.

    It is truly a miracle. I am without words that express my gratitude. Adam, you are my hero! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Sincerely Kelly L.

  • Adam was absolutely outstanding! (2022)


    What started off as a fun 4th of July at Little Talbot Island Beach, quickly turned into panic when I realized my wedding ring and band came off of my finger in the water. Immediately we began to search the beach with no luck. I felt hopeless and I thought my last resort was informing the park rangers of the lost item and pray someone would stumble across it and return it. I left the beach knowing likely I would never see it again.

    Shortly after returning home, my husband’s aunt sent me some information on steps to follow when you have lost a ring. She also came across the site and sent it to me in case it could be helpful.

    I checked it out and searched our local area and came across Adam Greenburg. Not only did his solid experience and testimonies from other clients stand out to me but his personal values did as well. I felt confident if I had any shot at all of seeing my ring again it would be with some one like Adam.

    I contacted Adam on 4th of July, a couple hours after I left the beach. Even on a holiday he was kind enough to take my call, review details related to time the ring was lost, location, and even satellite imaging to get an approximate location. He checked tides and determined the best tide and time would be the following morning to start the search.

    Adam arrived to Talbot before opening and began his search immediately. He kept me up to date the entire search and ended up spending over 4 hours covering over three miles searching tirelessly for my rings. He informed me that he didn’t come across them but would continue his search and that I shouldn’t give up hope and that tides would be working in our favor the next couple days. I thanked him for his time and efforts and had peace knowing we gave it our best shot.

    On Thursday morning, 7/8 - to my surprise I received a picture from Adam of my ring and he said never lost faith! I immediately got tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe it, he found not only my wedding ring but my band!!!

    All I can say from first contact to the ring being found, Adam was absolutely outstanding! This was not just luck that the rings were found, this was a direct result of Adam’s quick response and search efforts, his knowledge of his craft, knowledge of tides/ weather conditions, and his determination. Adam truly cared and understood how sentimental these rings were to me. As said from Adam “never lost faith”!

  • We are so thankful for Adam and we are elated to know that there are still great people in the world! (2022)


    During Memorial Day Weekend, Me, my Brother and his kids, and my mom all went to the beach for some Sunday fun..After taking a quick dip in the ocean before leaving the beach, I looked down and saw that the worse thing that could ever happened had happened! My ring was missing! A Newlywed’s worse nightmare!!

    Me and my mom couldn’t sleep that night, we even tried waking up early the next morning and purchased a medal detector lol After spending hours on the beach and almost giving up. That’s when I googled “Ring Finders near me” or “Help I lost my ring in the sand” and I came across Adam!

    After reaching out, Adam responded swiftly and of course he came to the rescue! The very next morning, Adam met my mom at the spot and eventually Adam was able to find the ring for me! We are so thankful for Adam and we are elated to know that there are still great people in the world! Thank you again Adam! ????????