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Lost Knife in Dallas,Tx Found

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received an email from a very nice lady stating that her husband’s small pocket knife was lost in their yard.   We thought it was a little unusual to get a call on a knife but we are always excited to help people .  As we talked further we found out that the family had gone out and cut down 2 Christmas Trees this year and had strapped them to the top of the family SUV.  Upon arriving at home the father had pulled out his very special 3″ knife that his wife had given to him as a gift on their wedding day.  He used it to cut the rope holding the Christmas Trees to the SUV and then gave it to his oldest 10yr old daughter Ally to cut the other side.  She cut the rope and put the knife in her top pocket of her jacket and helped her dad and sisters drag the 2 trees into the house.  After getting the trees inside, she realize the knife was no longer in her pocket.  After 3 days of searching the 3″ thick grass cover in large leaves they had nearly given up.  10yr old Ally was heart broken at losing her daddy’s special knife. 

Ally’s mom got on the internet and found our “The Ring Finders” website .  She called and my wife and I set a time come by.  Upon arriving at their home we had a roughly 80ft by 40ft area of thick grass and leaves.  We got out our equipment and I began the search.  My wife’s ACE250 was acting funny  and she decided to just let me hunt.  She had her pinpointer with her while talking to the customer.  As you can imagine at every beep our detectors or pinpointers made the 3 daughters were right their with us looking for the knife.  Finally I suggested to the mom that they go check the SUV one more time while we continued the search of the yard.  My wife just sat down in the beautiful yard and kinda of just moved her pinpointer around and it went off.  She said “Don, go get the girls, I GOT IT”.   Ally the daughter who lost the knife came running out and grabbed the knife out of the yard and held it to her chest, she was almost in tears.

Ally and her family thanked us and thank us and then even took pick pictures with us and our equipment so they could so their dad.  Just another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.

This hobby is so much fun!

Don & Ellen Wilson

The Dallas Ring Finders!

New ring finding service is now in Greenville, SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Hi, My name is Jason Bontrager and I am supplying a new service to Greenville, SC. The service is finding rings or jewelry or lost metal items that are valuable or sentimental to you.I use a top of the line metal detector to do this.

What kind of items can I find ?

Rings, watches, keys, coins, gold chains, bracelets,and anything that is made out of metal.

I work on a reward basis.

I enjoy helping people, so if you need help finding that special item that’s missing give me a call.

Go to www.theringfinders.com to find out more info.

Lost Wedding Ring in Calgary…

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost ring, Call Calgary Ring Finders. Give kevin a call you will be glad you did. When he finds your ring for you it will put a big smile on your face and your spouse.He or she will be thrilled with you that you have your weddding ring or other ring back. Call today to get your ring back. Kevin will also find any lost item you may have lost car keys, chains, anything metals.  🙂

Lost Car Keys at 3rd Beach…Stanley Park, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Car keys are important specially when you only have one key!  I received a call yesterday from a young man who explained that he thought he lost his car keys with alarm fob the night before while partying with his friends on the beach. He called me from 3rd beach the following day and I asked him to take pictures of the location so when I got there at night I’d have a good chance to find the car key.

I know the beaches get hit hard by the local treasure hunters so I put out an email to a friend to see if he or anyone he knew were hunting 3rd beach the night before. The answer back was no…


I got the details/pictures over the phone from the young man and off I went at 10 pm to search for the lost key. After arriving I realized I was in the party pit! Fire pits and bottle caps and pull tabs every where!  Almost every swing you got a signal…


I dumped my pouch of crap twice in the garbage and took one load of caps and pull tabs to show you all…I spent 5 1/2 hours searching the area for his lost car key  because I knew it would cost a small fortune to have one cut.

After the first 2 hours I realized I was searching the wrong area…(Always good to have the person there to show you the area) Luckily one of the pictures he sent me had a unique log that look like it had deer antlers,  I was able to find that log and I knew I was in the hot zone.

I always show you videos of my recoveries and blog my story of success…But it doesn’t always have a happy ending! I didn’t find his car key but not for a lack of trying. More then likely the key & fob were sitting on the top of the sand and in the morning someone eyeballed it…Or it was lost some where else…

I always say…I can only find what’s there to be found…If its there…I will Find it!




I found enough to cover my gas…

10- $2.00 coins

3- $1.00 coins

12-25 cent coins

15-10 cent coins

7- 5 cent coins

20- 1 cent coins

3-Rings-1 silver

1-Pair of ladies sun glasses

Bottle caps & Pull Tabs…To many to count! But they are now where they belong…In the Garbage!

Metal-detector enthusiasts ease the sting of losing the bling – The Columbus Dispatch

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

By  Lori Kurtzman The Columbus Dispatch Thursday June 21, 2012 9:24 AM


A Blacklick couple got into an argument one night last month. Cooler heads did not prevail.

It might have felt satisfying, what the man did, but it proved to be a bad decision because, once you chuck your fiancee’s engagement ring into the pitch black of your backyard, chances are you’re not getting it back.

Unless you know Jon Baughman — or any of the other Ring Finders.

They’re a worldwide collective of metal-detector enthusiasts who claim more than 430 successful recoveries of rings lost to wild gestures, extreme gardening and lovers’ quarrels.

“I guess that happens quite a bit,” said Baughman, a Licking County Ring Finder, recalling the email he got from the woman asking him to find her ring in a patch of thick weeds and water. Her fiance had launched it in that direction.

Baughman is 27, a father of two with a third on the way in Washington Township, near Utica. Right now, the former Army National Guardsman is looking for work, so he figured he’d try to make some cash from the hobby his wife’s grandfather introduced him to years ago.

A few months ago, he came across the Ring Finders website, which was started by a Canadian man who seems to enjoy nothing more than reuniting people with their jewelry. The site is full of success stories, emotional tales of lost rings. In one story, a finder salvages a clumsy proposal by digging up the ring a brain surgeon buried in the beach sand and promptly lost.

Baughman added his name to the directory in February.

He charges $25 to respond to a call. He figures that’s enough for gas and a Gatorade. He’s more interested in helping than making money. He asks for a reward only if he actually finds the ring.

The ring in Blacklick initially eluded him. He had the fiance throw test rings, trying to re-create the mood of that night, seeing where the diamond might have landed. But after three hours of searching, he lost the sunlight and found nothing.

He came back another day and worked quickly, already familiar with the area. Within 15 minutes, there it was — a shiny little declaration of love.

He texted a photo of the ring to the fiancee. She was elated.For perhaps obvious reasons, the woman asked not to be identified in this story, but she said she and her fiance are getting along much better now. They plan to marry by the end of summer.

Baughman doesn’t get sentimental about such things. He’s a detective, not a therapist.

“The main thing is being satisfied that you did find the ring,” Baughman said. “And next time they throw it, they’ve already got your number there to call.”





Lost Locket & Gold Chain found! Arlington,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We  received a panic call from a young man about 8pm one night saying that his girlfriend had lost the locket and chain he had given her somewhere in his front yard.  He wanted us come that night but we were tied up and promised to come early the next morning.  We arrived around 7am and he explained that he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the front yard when the incident happened. She had placed the item in the pocket of her hoodie prior to playing around.  She was extremely upset with him and he was really upset that he couldn’t find it himself.

We got out our detectors and began scanning and in just 5 minutes or so we got a HIT.  We found the locket and chain. He was shocked and happy and could not thank us enough.

What a thrill to have another successful hunt for “The Ring Finder”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Carrollton,Texas

Lost Jewelry ,Woonsocket, Rhode Island,

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

 Hi!  My name is Gary Bonin, and I joined The Ring Finders Directory to help people find their lost jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes, and yards.  If you’ve lost something special and need it found, call me.  I can help you find it.  I work on a reward basis if the item is found, 20% of which is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of RI.  I do ask for a call-out fee of $25 just to cover my gas, up to 50 miles.  For more information, please contact me.

Lost Ring Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island


    Hi my name is Laurence Fielding. I am a Professional metal detectorist and Know what it is like to lose something of great sentemental  value. I am here to help you. That’s why I joined THE RING FINDERS . The sooner you contact me the better the chance we have of finding your lost item.

Lost Keys Found Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Good things can happen in 10 seconds if you know the right questions to ask. This search was what I would call perfect. It began when I was asked by a friend of mine to keep a look out for a large set of keys he lost the week before.

We had both been working on a “Journey to Bethlehem” live production here in Yakima Washington. We had around 3700 people go through the village over four nights. His part of the production was to plan and build the sets. After the weekend was over, we received seven inches of heavy wet snow which stressed our buildings.

My friend had been using a rake to pull the snow off the roof, and when he went to go home he realized the keys he had in his pocket had fallen out. Due to the new snow he was unable to locate the keys.

I had been searching for a large silver earring that had been lost around the village, and he knew this, so he asked me to keep an eye out.

Well, I had searched the village 5 different times with my metal detector and was able to tell the nice lady who lost it “somewhere” between her home and the event, that it was not lost on the path.

My friend was there as well, working on taking the buildings down, so I decided to search for his keys next.

I asked him more questions about what he had been doing the day he lost the keys and what areas he had been working in. I thought it was logical that he must have lost it when pulling snow off the roofs and did not find it because it had been hidden by the snow.

I decided to start the search behind the buildings snow piles. I went to the first building and had been searching the piles for about three steps, when I noticed the keys laying in the melted snow pile.

It was over almost before it started. That is my fastest search to date and I will take a little luck anytime. It also helped to ask the right questions, and it was good he remembered where and what he had been doing that day.

He was glad to get the keys back, and I was glad to be a part of the search.

I usually ask so many questions before I take on a search the people must think I am crazy, but it really helps narrow the search down, and also gives me an idea if they really know with certainty in what general area they lost it. Doing a grid search takes time, and the more focused it can be, the more likely I will find it.

If you have lost an item of value, give one of The Ring Finders a call, we might just be able to help you out. Of course you will have to put up with a million questions :), but it just might be worth it.

Metal Detecting…Fall Discoveries

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Highlight Reel for the Fall 2009