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Lost Gold Ring Found In A Calgary Backyard

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

She was just throwing the dog a ball. Who knows how many times she threw Ollie the ball, but during one of those throws, her ring went flying. Watch as we return it where it belongs.

Ring lost in Clairmont back yard found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Jay was working at cutting down a tree in his back yard. The tree in question is in the back corner of his yard, where he shares a fence with neighbors. In the process of chain sawing, trimming, and raking, wood chips, branches, and debris ended up on both sides of the fence. Jay gathered the debris in his neighbor’s yard and tossed everything back over a short chain link fence to his own yard for removal. Well, you guessed it, one of his tosses included his wedding band. After discovering his ring was missing, he searched both yards to no avail. Some of the debris was already loaded onto a truck, so, he (and I) hoped that it didn’t end up there. In searching his options, including renting a metal detector, Jay came across TheRingFinders. com website and my contact info. He called me yesterday evening and we arranged to meet at his house early this morning for the search. Jay showed me the search area and re-enacted his actions that most likely caused his ring to come off. With a good idea of location, I started my grid search. Quite a few targets to sift through, but I knew approximately what I should be hearing and seeing on my detector display. Found a sprinkler head blasting my ears and knew that wasn’t going to be it. The next good signal was a solid 18 on my Equinox….hmmm, a bit of a  high reading, but, still in the “possible” range. It read shallow, so, I just pushed some surface material to the side with my shoe. The signal moved, so, I moved the small pile just a little more and could see the outline of a ring. Sure enough, we had a match! As you can see in the photo, the ring color blends in perfectly with the ground cover, so, even sitting on top of the ground, it wasn’t easy to spot. A happy Jay went inside to give his wife the good news. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

Cell Phone lost recovered and returned in Chadds Ford, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Greg found me via The Ring Finders directory. He contacted seeking help to find a very important lost Iphone. We spoke on a Friday night and Greg shared with me that 2 weeks prior while enduring some very difficult and personal trauma he absent-mindedly left the phone on top of his car prior to pulling out of driveway of his home. He got to the end of the 400 foot driveway when he realized he left the phone on the roof of the car. Unfortunately the phone was no longer there and obviously slid off at some point during the short drive. To further complicate things the driveway was lined on both side with either leaves or pachysandra ground cover. Greg spent several hours over the last 2 weeks searching with a rake for the phone. I agreed to meet him on a Saturday afternoon. When I got to his home he was prepared with an old phone to reenact the incident… while I observed he put the phone on the roof of his car and once again pulled to end of driveway. It was clear that the phone must have slid off to the left side and most likely in the curved area of the driveway with thicker ground leaves. I booted up the detector and made a first pass parallel and closer to driveway…no luck. Halfway trough a 2nd pass quite distant from driveway in an area of thick leaves I received a screaming loud signal on my detector…to me there was no doubt what that was! I gently pushed away a a few inches of leaves to reveal his Iphone 7! I called Greg over and asked him to look down…the relief and joy on his face when seeing his lost phone made my day!

Lost Phone at Ocean Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Keanna spent the day at the dog beach in Ocean Beach with friends, both human and furry. Sometime during her stay, her phone came up missing. She and her friends sifted through the sand trying to find it, but, we know the results of that effort…..nada. After an online search with her friend Kristen’s phone, The Ring Finders website came up and my info. Kristen contacted me on her phone asking for help. Being early afternoon on a Labor Day weekend, trying to make to their location right away would be almost impossible, so, since they planned on being there for a while, I told them I’d come later in the day when people started to leave the beach and I would actually be able to drive to the beach and find a parking spot. I arrived a bit after sunset and met up with Kristen in the parking lot. We trekked over to the area where the phone was lost, and where I met Keanna and the gang. Maybe a minute went by on my search and I get a fairly deep and large signal on my detector. Not wanting to accidentally damage her phone, I used my pin pointer to probe into the sand for the target. I wasn’t surprised to find her phone, as this was the signal I expected, but, I was surprised that it was 8-10 inches deep. We guessed that with the dogs digging and other activities around the camp that it must have ended up in a hole that got covered. The phone was still up and working, so, a happy Keanna and her friends could head home after a long day at the beach. Pleasure meeting you all and thank you for the reward.

Lost Phone Found Buried in Sawdust Pile – Kerikeri, Northland.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Lost rings in summer, phones in winter…

Had a call from Greg this evening, asking if I would be able to find his lost cellphone.

Backstory was he’d been working in a firewood yard today shifting logs to be split and last remembered seeing his phone a few hours previously. It was now going straight to answerphone so ringing it was ineffective.
We went through retracing his steps and narrowed it down to a corridor of sawdust and chippings in amongst the logs, maybe 5m wide by 20m long. A 12 tonne digger was sitting on the principle area of interest, so I first scanned the area behind it so he could walk the digger (and it’s enormous metal presence) backwards. As expected in an industrial environment, there were a lot of junk signals messing around in the headphones, with one promising false start that turned out to be a flattened drink can.

Once the digger had been moved, I then started to clear the area where it had been and very quickly picked up a solid ‘phoney’ sort of signal.

Digging down into the sawdust, I gingerly grabbed a very hot, angry and unstable iPhone, crushed by the digger unfortunately and the battery was starting to meltdown, but his precious SIM card was safely recovered – Not to mention averting possible fire issues had the phone ignited later in the evening whilst buried in sawdust…

            Not Rated to 12 Tonnes!



Lost iPhone Left On Car Roof Roadside Investigation Mill Creek WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch video link below…

A local woman from the community contacted me asking for assistance in locating her lost iPhone. I learned from our discussion that this person had not enabled the Apple tracking features so we had no way of knowing its general location. This individual was also very focused on keeping her personal identity protected thus very concerned on recovering her phone. 

She explain to me that she had gone out to pickup some take out food. By the time she made it home the realization that her iPhone was gone became her priority focus. After a short period of time she went back to the restaurant asking and looking around and no phone was found. She also drove the same roads but was unable to find her phone.

She then started searching Craig’s List in hopes someone had found her phone. In doing so she learned of my services to the community in how I help people locate lost items.

She also shared with me that she had a memory of hearing what sounded like something falling on to the roof of her car like a small tree branch. She then noticed seeing something falling off her car from her rearview mirror. She thought this event was odd as the weather was calm.

After hearing this it become my prime focus to investigate the location of this incident as the potential location of her lost cell phone. It’s very common for people to place phones and items on top of their vehicles while loading and unloading, forgetting the items and driving away. Some distance down the road these items will eventually rattle off onto the roadway.

Watch this video to see the conclusion of a lost iPhone in Mill Creek, WA.

After the recovery it is important to share how appreciative this lady was for the services provided. She told me that she now has closure and that she can now move past the incident without constantly wondering every time she passes through this part of town.


Jeff Morgan


Kerikeri Phone Lost in Long Grass – Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Yesterday, Seans young son was doing some TikTok clips with his friend.

For what ever reason, the phone was flung away to the side – and into the deep mattress of overgrown Kikuyu grass around them.  Efforts by Sean and his son to find the phone failed to locate the phone visually (flat battery, so no ringtones) and so Sean turned to the internet for assistance to try and recover the lost phone.

It was a reasonably straightforward job,  with no interference from electric fences which are very common in this rural area. With a systematic approach, and based on experience with recovering ‘thrown’ items, the phone was quickly located outside the indicated area, as they so often are.

It was a sheepish, but relieved lad who got called over to collect his phone out of the grass.

Osterville, Massachusetts: I-phone lost in water too deep for me.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A call from Nabil, Karim’s father (see June 2018 return), for help in retrieving a phone that “went swimming” after a great day of fishing. How could I refuse a walk in water 4 feet deep and a beautiful sunset with the delightful fragrance of flowers in the air? I could not. In 40 minutes I was dawning my wet suit as the tide was coming in and I knew the water was getting too deep for waders. Ready, Set, Go… Down to the dock, onto the boat, door open, ladder down and in I went. OH NO, I could not touch bottom, I lowered my scoop and still could not feel the bottom. What to do now? We would have to wait for a low tide. Or find another solution.

Due to Nabil and my commitments along with the time of low tides it would be 5 days before we could get back together. That just did not seem a good idea so I call another RingFinder, Luke. Luke is a scuba diver and would be my best “tool” for this situation. I called…Luke are you on the road? Yes, RT6. Do you have your scuba gear with you? Yes, what’s up? How about helping retrieve a lost phone that had fallen off the side of a boat that is tied to the pier, in maybe 10 feet of water. Can you come?

Twenty minutes later Luke was suiting up. We walked down to the water one quick splash and 2 minutes later Nabil had his friend’s phone back aboard the boat. What luck it was in a waterproof case. All files should be OK after a day or so in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice will pull any dampness that might be present, especially from the microphone and speaker areas.

This is the way our small group of Ring Finders and friends love to help each other in mitigating a sad situation.
Thanks Luke!


Cell Phone Recovery at the T Dock Greenlake Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch video link below…

I received a call from a coworker that his friends daughter had recently lost her iPhone in Greenlake Seattle. She had been sitting on the T dock when her iPhone slipped out of her pocket and sank to the bottom of the lake. I learned it was a new iPhone so there was a good chance this phone had some basic water protections built in. We had high hopes that the phone would still be working after the recovery. After exchanging a few txt messages with Grece and a few screenshot it was very clear where the phone was lost. I told her she would not need to be present during the search. I agreed to head out in the next days to recover her phone and contact her with my results after my efforts.

Upon arriving at Greenlake it was moderately busy with walkers enjoying the park. The weather was absolutely amazing with fresh air pleasantly blowing lightly. The swimming areas of the lake had not been reopened due to social distancing policies so the activity on the lake waters was at a minimum with a few paddlers and some random kids swimming. Having the day at the dock I planned on prioritizing Grece’s iPhone recovery and then spending some additional time doing clean up and treasure hunting at this site.  When time allows it’s alway a great opportunity to pack out some garbage from our local waters. 

Our Greenlake park is extremely popular serving over one million visitors per year. Knowing that this is a very high traffic park and a hand full our our local underwater treasure hunting buddies visit this site often I was not prepared to find as many goodies under the dock waters as I did!

Watch this exciting episode of the SeattleRingHunter in full dive recovery mode to see how many cell phones were actually removed from Greenlake Seattle.

Please like, share, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel #SeattleRingHunter and as always thanks for the support. I want to use this platform to get the word out of the amazing recovery services offered by the TheRingFinders.com members across the country!


Jeff Morgan


Dropped Phone in Lake Sammamish WA Recovery

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Watch video linked below…

Dennis contacted me wanting to know if I could retrieve his dropped cell phone from Lake Sammamish. After a quick chat we set a schedule to meet the next morning at the site. It is important to stress the importance of taking proper safety measures whenever working within any body of water with active watercraft. Proper safety protections were implemented along with on shore lookouts to ensure a safe operating environment for this sallow dive recovery. The mission’s sole objective was to recover Dennis’s fumbled cell phone from a very specific identified drop zone. This was not a long drawn out random treasure hunt. As soon as his phone was acquired from the silty lake floor the dive was concluded and the site was cleared for its typical use.

His iPhone 8 was actually located at 9′ of water. The phone was not visually located and was only recovered by the aid of an experienced under water metal detection process in very low visibility.  Dennis reported later that day that his phone actually powered up but had very little batter life after being in the lake for the past five days.

Watch the video here:


Jeff Morgan