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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

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*** Carol is visiting Laguna Beach, CA. Her daughter and her went to the beach the day before returning to Utah.. She took her white gold diamond engagement ring off while applying sunscreen setting it on her towel. The rest of the story happens every day, she got distracted, forgetting the ring was there. She didn’t realize her ring was missing until she got to her car. 

She returned to the location, spending over an hour of frantically searching for the ring. Someone passing by suggested that she search the internet for my contact information. I got the call taking time to ask a few questions and was able to meet her a half hour later. As we walked down a long set of stairs, she told me she knew it was a long shot but she wanted to make sure we at least tried to search for the ring. I told her if she can get me in the general location, we could find the ring.

As soon as I saw how positive she was about returning to same spot where they had been sitting, I knew this was going to be easy. I set up my metal detector and had the small white gold diamond engagement ring in the scoop a few minutes later. Metal detectors are a good tool for finding rings but the successful recovery has to be credited to Carol getting me to the general area.

She was more than grateful because she had already decided it was going to be impossible to find such a small item in the mass of sand on that beach. Another happy day for Carol and myself

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Metal Detecting on the beach in North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring .. Santa Monica Beach, CA. .. Found In Sand Near Swings

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Sunday 10:00 am first call from Jeff

“I think my ring came off while playing with my kid on the swings at Santa Monica Beach.”

Jeff called me late Sunday morning about 10:00am. He had been at Santa Monica Beach Saturday afternoon with his family. After returning home he discovered his rose gold wedding band was missing. He believed it may have come off while pushing his son on the swings in a public recreation area on the sand, located just a couple blocks south of the Santa Monica pier.

This part of the beach is a high use recreation zone. It gets bombed by metal detectors especially on weekends. I told Jeff that I would give it a try. Jeff couldn’t meet me but I knew exactly what swings he was talking about. I have the advantage over other detectorists. I know there is a ring lost near the swings.
It was about noon when I started my search. I had to time my search when people were not using the swings. It started out good, finding coins and one junk ring which is a sign that other detectorists have not worked these swings. After a few minutes I got the gold ring sound and VID reading that was alluding me. Digging the target with my sand scoop I could see Jeff’s rose gold wedding band in the scoop.
Sent a text photo to Jeff’s smart phone. He was able to meet me on the beach within 20 minutes. Thanking me for saving his marriage. I get that comment a lot. This was another learning opportunity for me. I will try anywhere, it doesn’t matter how many people may have detected the place. They can’t get everything.

Found and returned Sunday 11-31-15       Using a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector

Tiffany Ear Ring Lost on Soccer Field .. Newport Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday afternoon Megan had been playing soccer at Arroyo Park in Newport Beach, CA. After battling with another player for possession of the ball she realized that one of her Tiffany ear rings was missing. She had a good idea where the ear ring could be because it happened right on two lines that mark the playing field.
After several hours crawling and feeling in the thick grass she was unable to locate the small ear ring. Saturday morning Megan did a Google search locating me on TheRingFinders.com . We met at the park an hour later. She had brought the other ear ring which helped me to set up my detector. I began by asking my questions to help me with the search. After hearing her story, I had to ask if she won the battle for possession of the ball.
There was actually a soccer practice on the field, but I was able to swing the detector over the grass while the players were at the opposite end of the field. She was sure that it would be in a 10 ft. square area next to the side lines. She was three or four feet off, it was just outside the sidelines. I doubt that anyone could have seen it as it was deep in the grass. Smiles and high fives from Megan and her friend. This ear ring was part of a three piece set given to her by a relative for her birthday last year.
It wasn’t an easy search because there was quite a lot of trash signals. I was surprised that I was able to pick the most likely tone from my CTX 3030 Minelab Detector and ID reading. Good equipment and the knowledge of how to use them make the difference for a successful search.

Sunday   September 12, 2015