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Silver wedding ring found in school athletic field

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I was notified to see if I could search a school athletic field in Clarks Summit, PA for a silver wedding ring. While playing water sports with the kids during their end of year field day, the ring had fallen off in a large field. I arrived to meet my client and he showed me the primary areas where he was playing. Using my Garrett ATPro I began searching in a grid pattern covering a large area. After a little more than an hour of searching I got the loud hit for his ring. He was sitting on the bleachers with his 3 year old when I approached him with his ring. He got chocked up and said he had just been praying with his young son that I would find the ring. A few minutes later his wife arrived and said she had just been praying as well while driving to our location. It was truly a blessing to return his ring and to see the smiles on their faces. Call me at 610-207-8677 whenever you need to find lost jewelry.

UnderWater Hunt , Orange County, Calif

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

We were on our way to a water hunt in Orange County. We end up at Harbor Police office. Tryin to get an OK to dive this area. As you know, things  are never what they seem. We are told of an Officer’s knife dropped close by.

We head to our dive area and do 2 dives in the area, with lots of trash.

Try swingin slow as to not churn up the muck. Ha .. Still an intresting dive. Uncovered all metal in this dive area.

Our time here is over, to be continued…

# 2.  On the way back we stop by the area of the Officer knife. I’m wet and cold but couldnt pass this up. They do have Dive Teams but this was dropped yesterday. Put this mask on and jump in. Look down at area aprox 10′ -12′ deep with ok vis. Dive down grab in first spot , nothing. Look to my side, grab a handfull of muck, ah its gota a knife in it. Goin up, slap the knife on the deck. Stoked as Curtis Cox pulls me on to the dock. One outa two for today. Three members of TheRingFinders on this event ;

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Lost Wedding Ring in Calgary…

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost ring, Call Calgary Ring Finders. Give kevin a call you will be glad you did. When he finds your ring for you it will put a big smile on your face and your spouse.He or she will be thrilled with you that you have your weddding ring or other ring back. Call today to get your ring back. Kevin will also find any lost item you may have lost car keys, chains, anything metals.  🙂