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Solitaire Diamond Ring Lost in Fremont, CA… Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When you receive a call just before 10:30 pm at night, you get the since of urgency that an individual is feeling about their lost item.  I did not answer the phone, not because it was late and I was in bed, rather I was at a movie with my family.  Instead a text message followed… “Hi Sir, I lost my ring and need your help finding it.”

The next morning around 7:00 am I sent a message back to get more details about the lost ring.  The couple was packing the car for a very important event at a friends house. There were two rings both in her right hand and not on her fingers while shuttling things to the vehicle.  At a certain point, she remembers the rings, looks into her hand and only one is there.  The entire event happens over not more than 5 minutes in the afternoon and puts an ominous dark cloud over the day.

When I arrived, I was met by the woman who promptly walked me through the events of the previous day.  Through the story she told, I identified a few valid locations for our search.  We started by doing a grid search of the small yard area in the front of the home.  This was the path of travel from the home to the vehicle.  The yard was void of targets on the surface.  We then visually inspected the driveway including some cracks and gaps that could potentially conceal the ring… nothing!

My next logical thought was the vehicle itself.  We started in the trunk and removed and inspected all the object within…again nothing!  I then moved to the front passenger side of the vehicle and utilized my video endoscope and a flashlight.  I saw something on the screen that I liked…turned out to be a coin, but also another object.  I moved around to the back passenger seat and removed the floor mat to reveal the diamond solitaire ring sitting against the plastic trim of the front seat.  WE MADE THE RECOVERY!!!!

I don’t often play tomfoolery with my clients when I’m performing recoveries, but I couldn’t resist.  I asked the woman if she had a photo or image of the ring.  She replied yes and started to search her phone.  I then asked her, “Does it look like this?”  The look on her face was first confusion, than astonishment, then relief, and there it was…the smile!!!

She then explained to me that she was only seconds from telling me not to waste my time on looking through the vehicle, convinced it was in the yard or somewhere else.  She also stated that she did even think about searching the vehicle because she was convinced it was elsewhere.

I spent a good amount of time talking with the pleasant couple.  They had ordered metal detectors to search for themselves before the husband found THE RING FINDERS on a google search.  They revealed that they spent a long time reading my profile and testimonials before deciding I was trustworthy and capable of handling their dilemma.  The husband joked about the hour at which the woman called, excited about finding help and hopeful for the recovery of her cherished ring.  She explained that she had always wanted a solitaire ring and had worked so very hard to purchase the ring for herself, an accomplishment she was very proud of.  And in the end, we were successful in locating it and the ring has a renewed story for the couple to share.

Thank you for allowing me to take a small part in that story!

The diamond solitaire ring recovered.

The couple still in disbelief that we found it!

As seen in the vehicle.

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Rob’s Lost Keys Lakeland Hills Auburn, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Noticed a post on Christmas day about some lost keys in the local area. I decided to reach out to the gentleman to gather more details and determined the keys were certainly lost in an isolated location. Rob said he didn’t even think to look for a metal detector but was glad to let me take a crack at finding his items. Day after Christmas with some snow still on the ground, I geared up in full cold weather gear and jumped into a murky mud pit to recover his work keys and a remote control. Another happy recovery made possible by the means of medal detection.


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Lost his Wedding Band in Riverbend Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This guy is one happy husband. While out having a smoke out on the back deck he tossed his  cigarret but into to snow and off went his wedding ring. He went and searched for a long time in the snow and was unable to find the ring. I recieved a call from Clarance in a panic had to find his ring out he would be in the dog house with his wife. He asked me if I could go and find it.He  explained he was at work and couldn’t get away.He told me the area where it might be. I headed ver right away and when I arrived I could see all the foot steps in the snow where he was looking.I started doing a grid and in about ten minutes I found the gold weddding band. I hoped in my car and headed over to his work.He asked if I found it.I held up the ring and asked him does it look like this.He oh way baby that’s it. H e couldn’t thanks me enough. As you can see how happy he was after I returned the ring to him. Good thing or he would have been sleeping out side.

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