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iPhone 11 Lost in the Snow. Recovered 3 Days Later

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

It was late Tuesday night when she left for home. Somewhere between the East Village Condo and the car parked out front a cell phone fell out of her coat. How did she know?  The “Find My Phone” app was signalling it was there. She had gone out looking for it but the heavy snow fall warning came true the next day and covered everything. In the hours between losing it and searching for it 10 cm of snow fell.  Move forward to Friday.  It was time to get a new phone but she was still getting a signal from her phone. In a last chance effort she found and called me. We talked for quite a while. In the end I made her a deal. Since I only lived 8 minutes away and since the phone was still active I would give it a try. If I did not find it, we would leave it as a good effort. No cost whatsoever.  I thoroughly enjoy the hunt and the possibility of succeeding so it isn’t done begrudgingly in any way.  I arrived and met her there. We looked at the app and it still indicated that the phone was somewhere near the front entrance.  The condo complex was 15 stories high and had a snow clearing service. There were mounds of snow all around the entrance where they had cleared the snow. I checked each pile. No luck. What I figured would be a short hunt because of the app, turned out to be longer than expected.  It seems that tall buildings and such make the location more of a suggestion as, even in the time we were there, the phone signal was moving about.  Eventually she thanked me and offered to etransfer me something. I told her “no”  as there is no need to add more on to the pain of losing her iPhone 11.  45 minutes into the hunt she was ready to call it quits. I asked her one more time, which door she left and where her car was parked. She recreated it to the best of her recall but it was fuzzy.  If she took a direct path to the street, she would cross somewhere between the first parked car and the edge of the driveway. I said, “If we don’t find it here, I am going to call it quits.”  I took my detector to it and I quickly got another signal. I used my foot and swept the snow away. There, face down, was her white iPhone. I looked up and she had this look of disbelief. “I can’t believe that you do this for people”.  Her smile sunk. “Its been out here for 3 days. Its probably wrecked”.  She bent down and picked it up. I was going to tell her to take it home and let it warm up slowly. Instead she pushed the home button. It started and lit up. She couldn’t believe it.

We found it, literally, in the last place I looked.  She left with a big smile and a promise she would tell everyone she knows about it. That made me smile.

Lost Cell Phone Found in Roseville Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Keith returned home from shopping and as he unloaded his vehicle he realized he had lost his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice until after he shoveled his driveway. He searched for a few hours before contacting Jason Roberge with The Ring Finders to ask for help using a metal detector. Jason agreed to help and was able to locate the lost cell phone within an hour of searching. And despite the frigid cold temperatures outside, and being buried in a foot of snow, the cell phone still powered up and worked just fine!

If you lost a ring or other valuable metal object, Jason will help you recover your lost item!

Found cell phone Alki Beach Seattle Returned

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Went on a random medal detection hunt and found an undamaged cell phone buried in the dry sands of Alki Beach, Seattle. See how the rest of the story unfolds at this video:



  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This year alone, he has helped reunite nine couples with their rings.

Kevin Niefer uses several metal detectors to find lost wedding rings. (CBC)

Just last week, Niefer got a call from a Calgary couple that would lead him to his toughest assignment to date.

Will Hoff had lost his wedding ring in the Waiparous River near Cochrane. After about an hour of searching in the fast-moving rocky river, Niefer was able to find the ring.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Hoff exclaimed moments after Niefer plucked his ring out of the water.

Niefer says he isn’t in it for the money. Although couples often compensate him for his efforts, he doesn’t charged them a set amount.

“When you find it and people go ‘Oh no! I can’t believe you found it!,’ That’s pretty exciting, right? And to be able to return something that sentimental — that’s the biggest reward,” Niefer said.



Found wedding band in river



Lost Ring Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island


    Hi my name is Laurence Fielding. I am a Professional metal detectorist and Know what it is like to lose something of great sentemental  value. I am here to help you. That’s why I joined THE RING FINDERS . The sooner you contact me the better the chance we have of finding your lost item.