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Marilyn’s Lost Diamond Ring Recovered from Lake Marcel WA

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


Marilyn contacted me to help recover her lost diamond wedding ring. In early June she was on her private dock when her dog jumped up and his paw happened to catcher her ring pulling it off her finger. This ring was customer made and has a clasp to make it easier to take on and off the finger. Apparently so easy a dog can take the ring off with ease. Marilyn remembers precisely where she was standing on the dock and the direction she was facing however she never heard the ring hitting the dock or water. He husband had helped by removing several boards from the dock in the target area and they searched for days. They even got creative by attaching a plastic basket to a long piece of wood and also a kitchen strainer and had been scooping up gobs of silt from the bottom of the lake. At one point they even had a friend with a metal detector attempting to locate the ring.

As a fist step I searched the dock with my metal detector to make certain it simply wasn’t over looked. After that I got low on the dock and searched at arms length thought the water from the opening with no success. At this point having brought all my SCUBA gear I suited up and took the plunge. Being that this was a very shallow search it was partially obstructed by the dock and we sill didn’t have an exact entry point so it make the most since to to use the SCUBA gear. Having a drysuit also made the work more pleasant. The bottom of this man made lake was full of thick silt and having the ability to remain buoyant off the silt was also an advantage. All though some visual search methods can be used most often heavy metal items are covered by the silt or obscured by plant growth so by having a high quality underwater metal detector has prove to be a key component in the recovery of these lost items under water.

See the action unfold here:

With a little work I was able to get over the top of the ring with my metal detector and make the recovery a success. Marilyn was very happy to get her ring back with all of the diamonds still securely attached.. I’m also very happy they found The Ring Finders and we were able to make yet another memorable recovery today.


Jeff Morgan




Lost his Wedding Band in Riverbend Calgary Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

This guy is one happy husband. While out having a smoke out on the back deck he tossed his  cigarret but into to snow and off went his wedding ring. He went and searched for a long time in the snow and was unable to find the ring. I recieved a call from Clarance in a panic had to find his ring out he would be in the dog house with his wife. He asked me if I could go and find it.He  explained he was at work and couldn’t get away.He told me the area where it might be. I headed ver right away and when I arrived I could see all the foot steps in the snow where he was looking.I started doing a grid and in about ten minutes I found the gold weddding band. I hoped in my car and headed over to his work.He asked if I found it.I held up the ring and asked him does it look like this.He oh way baby that’s it. H e couldn’t thanks me enough. As you can see how happy he was after I returned the ring to him. Good thing or he would have been sleeping out side.

Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta