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Lost Again, The Ever Returning Bracelet. Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

While doing some yard cleanup Ted’s gold cuff bracelet slipped from his wrist off into the area of loosely blown leaves. This, a “lost” bracelet” was a happening that Ted was well aware of. Just after purchasing matching Figaro necklace and bracelet while on a trip to Italy was the first time his bracelet fell from his wrist. After a panic rush back to his rental car for a search not finding the bracelet Ted headed back to the airport. On the ride up the escalator he noticed the bracelet in the fold of a piece of luggage. Yes Ted did make the flight with his bracelet.

A visit to a jeweler supposedly fixed the clasp so the bracelet would never be lost again. It work for a few years until a Cape Cod beach tried its best to keep the bracelet that once again had slipped from Ted’s wrist. This time a friend was the savior, who found and returned the bracelet to Ted. On another trip to the same beach the bracelet again became unhooked and left Ted’s wrist. Ted noticed it missing as he was loading his car. This time Ted found the bracelet hanging form a beach chair he had been sitting on.

This was to be the last time the bracelet would ever have a chance to become unhooked and having to be found. Ted was sure that having the Figaro melted down and made into a cuff bracelet would end the frequent hunts for the wayward bracelet. Well, so Ted thought. This time Ted had to call in some help in finding the beautiful piece of gold jewelry.

My telephone began ringing as I was about out of the house for a quick trip to the store. I missed the call, but For some reason I went back into the house and called the missed message number. About an hour later I had finished my errand and was searching for the bracelet. Within 15 minutes I heard a solid signal, one that I was sure had been in response the coil of my detector passing over the gold bracelet. Yes, there it was. Again the bracelet returned to Ted’s wrist. I don’t know how many times a bracelet has gone missing from one’s wrist, been found and returned. How many ever it is, Ted must own one that is close to having the record.

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Lost Cartier Diamond Love Bracelet Found in South Kingstown Rhode Island

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call for help from Jen, after she lost her diamond Cartier bracelet somewhere on her 10-acre farm.  I told Jen that I would be happy to search for her bracelet the next day, which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day.  My wife accompanied me on the search.  Jen thought she may have lost it while she was feeding the farm animals.  My search included the outside pens and inside stalls of the horses, goats, and chickens but no bracelet was found.  After I confirmed that she had cleaned the animal stalls recently,  Jen directed me to an area at the far end of the property where wood chips and animal waste are dumped.  I searched this area and located half of the two-piece bracelet.   The second half could not be found in this same area.  I believed that it would probably be the areas where the animals are kept or where the hay and feed are stored.  I reminded my wife to keep an eye on the ground as it could be sitting there in plain sight.  Jen and I went to the pod where she keeps hay for the animals and went inside to search inside the storage container.  That’s when my wife looked down and found the other half of the bracelet sitting on top of  the ground in plain sight right outside the pod.  My wife and I were so excited and amazed that both halves of the bracelet were found and in different locations on this large property.  Jen was thrilled to have her bracelet back!  It was a very happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day all around!


Lost Heirloom Bracelet found in Keswick Ridge, NB

  • from Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)

So I got a call from William who lost his 10K solid gold bracelet from his grandfather, that was given to him by his grandfather just before he passed away. He believed he lost it while at the cemetery near Keswick Ridge, NB or possibly at his parents house in Fredericton, New Brunswick, while cleaning the front and back yard. To make it even worse it snowed for the next few nights covering the area. He had spent days on hands and knees trying to locate it and finally decided to look online for a metal detector rental, but found TheRingFinders and me instead. He called and we met at his house searching the front and back yards with no success. We then drove out and searched at the cemetery where he’d attended his grandfathers funeral. Snow had fallen and been plowed off the road and shoulders forming high snow banks. We started searching from where he’d walked from the road to the cemetery entrance and then searched where he’d parked along the highway. After a short search I located the ring as it had been pushed down the roadway a bit. He was actually on the phone with his family when I walked up and dropped the ring in his hand. To say he was taken aback is an understatement and I could hear hear the families reaction over the phone as he told them it had just been found.

I was so happy to reunite you with your late grandfathers bracelet, that he gave you, I hope it brings you many years of great memories as you wear and look at it.

Lost Your Ring, Jewelry Or Need Your Property Irons/Markers/Pins Located In Southeast Michigan?

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

No need to rent a metal detector and trying to figure out how use it, Call/Text Jonathan Hamill 313-683-3082 ASAP to schedule a search.

Did you or someone you know lose a ring or jewelry inside the house? I can search with specialized equipment to help narrow down the search area.

Did you or someone you know many years ago lose a ring, piece of jewelry or were rumored to have stashed cash or weapons that was never found? Call/Text me to schedule a search.

I’m able to find lost rings, jewelry, buried weapons, money boxes(cache), paper money, property pins by using best equipment and experience available for inside your house, land and water searches.

I’m able help people find their lost jewelry and locate property pins. Finding your lost wedding ring/jewelry and seeing the happiness it brings to you is Priceless!
Can locate all types of metal items, from lost cemetery urns, guns/weapons, earrings to wedding rings to property pins, money boxes(cache).
     *   Are you wanting to install a above or below ground pool?
          I can search the ground for metal debris/objects that could work their way up and poke thru your liner before              you start to dig/level the ground.
  • Need to put up a fence? Have your property pins found to prevent problems later with your neighbor
  • Bought a new home or property? Have your property pins found to know what land is yours
  • Adding/added a building or shed in the back yard? Have your property pins found to verify your distance from the property line to be within code of your local laws and regulations.
  • Have a dispute with your neighbor on the property lines? Have your property pins found to know who’s land boundary is who’s.
Specialize in metal detecting services to accurately locate underground metal objects on your property.
Servicing Southeast Michigan area approx. 70 mile radius from Detroit.
Metal Detecting items include lost cemetery urns, wedding ring, Earrings, bracelet, property pins, estate home searches, estate sale property searches, money boxes (cache), insurance property claims, lost or clearing metal items, water shut off valves, metal detecting ground search for metal items for pool install, ect.
Search Locations can included Beaches, parks, lakes, yards, Fields, woods, snow, water, campgrounds, parking lots, farms, school yards, inside home search.
Looking forward to serving you and bringing your lost item back to you!

Happiness Returns

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

While playing with her daughter in the water at the lake happiness was very high that day, only to realize her husband’s wedding set had slipped off and feelings got a little low.  We were able to search the designated area and locate the rings which had sunk from being stepped on.  Yes, happiness returns with a great big smile. Check out our website at “TheRingFinders.com”.

Cedar Creek Lake -The most beautiful rose gold ring I’ve ever seen.

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


After a lot of searching by friends without any luck, we were called to help locate this beautiful ring in the lake next to a boat dock. The reason the well-meaning friends weren’t able to find it is b/c someone stepped on it thus sinking it an additional 4-5 inches; thru the mud and the muck, Don was able to dig down and retrieve it.  Allows for a wonderful ending to a fun holiday weekend.

Checkout our website at TheRingFinders.com”.

Gold Necklace Cape Cod, MA Found in Debris Can and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

I had been called for help to search for a lost item, the location was a so far away and as I had not seen a detecting friend for almost a month due to “social distancing”. I ask Leighton to join in on the search. He agreed so off we went. The search was unsuccessful, but hope was that the ring had gone down the swimming pool’s drain and we would return with more gear and an underwater camera to continue the search. On our way home from the search Leighton received a message from an old friend about his mother’s lost gold necklace. Leighton made a few calls, got a name, address and more information about the chain. We were now on the way to help find Nadine’s chain. The chain had been her father’s and she has worn it as a bracelet since her father’s passing. It had Great Sentimental Value, one lost item that needed to be found and return.

Upon arriving at the address, we had to wait on Nadine’s grand entrance. Never have we been greeted by such a big bucket loader, one that Parker on Gold Rush would be proud to play with in his search for gold. Nadine was in the family’s new “toy”. A toy that I really hoped we would not need to move dirt around while looking for the necklace.

The area to search was small, and we had finished searching it in just a few minutes with no results. A barrel of clippings was nearby and beckoned to be dumped and searched. Now, knowing a chain is a difficult target for any metal detector to respond to, I was listening for any small signal. Two non-productive signal were examined and then one I heard a signal I just could not ignore. I did not visually see the chain, but my handheld pinpionter was surely telling a metal object was there. A push with the pin-pointer to move clippings around…there it was, the glint of gold.

The next happenings were hugs and Thank Yous, disregarding “Social Distancing” were in order. Corvid-19 would not dare to invade moments that just happen when such a sentimental item is found and returned. Photos and more Thank You words followed before Leighton and I were on our way home where we will wait for the next call requesting a metal detectorist’s help.

Keepsake bracelet lost off dock then found and returned in Largo, Florida

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard.  If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Keepsake bracelet lost off dock then found and returned in Largo, Florida

Michelle was out at her families boat dock on a hot July night with friends when she decided to go for a swim. Michelle, took off her silver bracelet her dad had given her as a keepsake and gave it to her friend for safe keeping. The friend then put the bracelet in her pocket and sat on the dock while Michelle swam. At some point the friend pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and the watched the bracelet come out of her pocket and slip through a small crack in the dock. Michelle was devastated in loosing such a cherished bracelet. Miserable over the loss, Michelle went to the internet for help and finding SRARC on the ring finders web page. She in turn called Tom Jones who passed the information on to member Stan Flack. With fading sun light and Michelle leaving town the next day, Stan made his way to the home and geared up to give it a go. After digging several targets and a wrestling match with dock light cable, Stan got a clear signal. Three or four scoops later, the bracelet found its way into his scoop. Cheers and a genuine happy dance from Michelle ensued and Michelle was reunited with her bracelet vowing to NEVER take it off again. Great recovery Stan, thanks for all you do to keep the smiles coming.

Stan metal detector rental tampa++found+club+lost+ring+jewelry+tampa+St Petersburg+Largo+Clearwater+florida Stan metal detector rental tampa++found+club+lost+ring+jewelry+tampa+St Petersburg+Largo+Clearwater+florida (1)

Grandmother’s Gold Bracelet Lost in Wilderness Park .. Mission Viejo, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Krissy was doing a photo shoot with her kids at a wilderness park in the back hills of Mission Viejo, CA. Sunday 9-27-15. After returning home she realized her bracelet that had been passed down to her by her grandmother was missing.
She looked back through her photos noting it was on her wrist while doing the photo shoot. It was too late to return to the park. So she went to her Facebook friends for ideas of how to search for the bracelet. Many suggestions, one was to contact me at TheRingFinders.com. They printed up flyers and her husband Ariel went to the park at 5 am in the morning. He posted the flyers and searched with a flash light for several hours with no luck.
Krissy called me and I set up a meeting with her and Ariel to show me general area. We discussed the activities of the day that may have caused the bracelet’s loss.
It was a matter of setting up a game plan. It would take time to grid this area, so I told them it wasn’t necessary to stay. It would take time to thoroughly grid this location properly. They had their daily chores to take care of and I would call them if I found the bracelet. After an hour I heard a quick little blip of a sound in my earphones, looking down I saw the petite gold bracelet hiding amongst leaves and twigs in soft dirt.
A text with the photo of the find was followed with a call from Krissy who was in tears. She was ecstatic. We met an hour later to return this sentimental keepsake to Krissy. I could tell how  much this bracelet ment to her after she told me that the bracelet was passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then her.  It was another special moment for me to be able to help Krissy and Ariel.

Monday   September 28, 2015

Lost Bracelet Found! Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Sara had lost a very sentimental bracelet that she was given when a child. Sara had spent many hours looking for the piece of shiny gold and pearls with no luck. Later that night she found TheRingFinders on-line and contacted me.

Sara made my search very easy as she had written down her exact steps while cleaning wind driven debris from her yard. A two hour search with two different detectors yielded a pen, wire loop, and some usual trash. Within minutes of calling the search off for the day I went back to a pachysandra patch, turned my coil 90 degrees to the ground and heard a target. The bracelet was “hanging” from a leaf. This turned out to be the second time the bracelet had slipped form Sara’s wrist and had been found in two days; but not the last time to be “lost”.

I wanted to get a picture of the “hanging bracelet” but I had to go to my van to get my camera. Sara placed the bracelet back on the leaf and went to get her camera. We could not believe the fact we could see the hanging the bracelet. We both visually searched to no avail. I went back to the van, picked up my detector and headed back for another search. The first swing revealed the bracelet’s location. We both took pictures were taken and I was given a promise Sara would not wear the bracelet while doing yard work again.

Many moments of despair, joy, and laughter filled my two hours of being with Sara and searching for a precious piece of her life. The best for me was bringing smiles to Sara and receiving a Thank You from a wonderful lady.