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Lost Tungsten Wedding ring FOUND off Mauldin RD SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Tuesday night I received a call from a young woman about her husbands wedding band that slipped off his finger while he was working. After talking and setting up a time to come out and search. I met the husband (Trey) at the location where the ring was lost and getting more info that would lead for a quick recovery. I started my grid search and digging everything that was close to the surface being that the ring should be an easy find. I searched for around 2 hours until the heat was to much for me that i started feeling ill. I decided to go back this morning and widen my grid search. After 5 min I received a clear target response in my headphones that even Trey heard from 20 ft away. I pulled out my pinpointer and zeroed in on the metal object that was about an inch under the soil. I scraped away some of the soil to expose Trey’s large Tungsten wedding band. Trey asked ”What did you find?” walking toward him I smiled and said”your ring”    His smile said it all. I want to thank Trey and his wife for letting me have the privilege to find the ring for them and for the generous reward.  I used my whites v3i metal detector to find this ring with a vdi # of 43 on Tungsten ring.

tungsten ring and hole

tungsten ring and hole


Trey's Tungsten wedding band

Trey’s Tungsten wedding band


One Happy Man.The smile say's it all

One Happy Man.The smile say’s it all


My Office equipment and work space.

My Office equipment and work space.

Lost ring Calgary Groom out of the doghouse

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Kevin searching the mud puddle










A lost TUNGSTEN WEDDING RING WITH 3 DIAMONDS was found west of Sundre, Alberta Canada by Kevin Niefer the TV METAL DETECTIVE.  They were up in the foothills where people go 4 wheel driving and ride on quads.  The Bride and Groom were having a mud fight for their wedding photos and the groom lost his ring in a large mud puddle.  Everyone in the wedding party tried looking for it.  The ring wasn’t found even after six people put in about six hours. They even rented their own metal detector with no luck. I was able to find it in 20 minutes.  This made two people very happy.  Now the groom was out of the doghouse and their lives full of wedded bliss could begin……..



Wedding party after looking for six hours with detector

Grooms wedding band after found






Tungsten carbide ring found in Aurora, CO

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Rick Smith lost his tungsten carbide ring while playing in the March of Dimes mud volleyball tournament held each year in the Denver suburb of Aurora. A contributor that led to the loss of the ring is the fact that Rick has lost in the neighborhood of 50 pounds since his marriage.

Rick was changing positions when he actually saw the ring leave his finger and fall in the knee deep soupy mud. He and five of his teammates searched for several minutes but at last the officials of the tournament made them play on.

Now nearly two months later while posting my ad for “Ring Finders metal detecting service” on Craigslist I noticed an ad posted by Amy, Rick’s wife, about the loss of the ring. I sent Amy an email and told her I may be able to help find the ring. That evening I received a call from Rick and we made arrangements to meet the following morning at the site of the volleyball tournament. During our phone conversation Rick mentioned that he was contacted by another metal detectorist about searching for the ring and that this gentleman did not have any luck.

Sunday morning we met at 8:00 and Rick showed me the site of the volleyball tournament. This hunt site was HUGE with at least 30 volleyball mud pits set into a field. Rick had a good idea as to which court he was on when the ring came off but he was not 100% positive that the court he was pointing out was the one we needed to search. After a quick look at the vegetation growth and reading of the site we determined which court we needed to search.

Our first pass with the metal detector yielded no signals to dig. The work then began as we started to pry up the dirt clods in the area of where Rick’s loss occurred from the now dried out mud pit. Each dirt clod was about 10 inches in depth and fairly heavy. We moved each clod off to the side of our search site placing them upside down so that we could search the bottom side of the clods with the metal detector. I first scanned the bottom of the newly formed hole and then the clods without any success. Rick was starting to lose hope but we removed more dirt clods and I once again scanned the newly exposed soil, no luck. I made my way over to the clods and the first clod I scanned, the last out of the hole, I received a signal. I pulled the clod up to look at it and there was the edge of Rick’s ring exposed to the daylight. I let Rick see the clod and the edge of the Ring, he as ecstatic!  Though this ring was not a very expensive ring, it was HIS wedding ring and he finally got it back.

Ring recovered September 25, 2011.

Ricks ringRick happy to have his ring once againRing in dirt cloda challenging hunt site

Lost Tungsten wedding ring recovered in Ocean city,NJ by TheRingFinders Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

  I received a call from a man who had recently vacationed in Ocean city,NJ and had lost his wedding ring in the surf while throwing a football around with a friend.he had returned home to Maryland the next day and began his search on the internet on how to get help finding his lost ring.He contacted me and gave me the information about what beach entrance he used and stated that he was about 30 yards to the right of the lifeguard stand and in shin deep water at a higher tide.I arrived at the area and began my search about 10 yards from the stand and wored to the 30 yard mark with no luck and the dark of night had settled in and ended my search for the night but returned the next day at lowtide and picked up where I left off.At about the 40 yard mark at the hightide line the detector sounded and his ring appeared from the sand.I immediately phone the owner and told him the news and mailed the ring to him the next day and received it 2 days later.He was extremely Thankful for my help!