Recovered platinum wedding band from Springbrook Trout Farm Renton WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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A gentleman looses his wedding ring while fishing with his son. After visually searching the area a few times the ring still remains elusive. With strong reason to believe the ring may have dropped into the fish pond we prepare to search the water with a metal detector. Watch this story unfold to see where the ring was found hiding. As I have said before these rings are small and excellent at hiding and it happens to everyone. In the end it doesn’t matter how they are found as long as they get recovered and returned to the owner. We are happy to report another lost ring recovered and a happy gentleman to have his ring back on his finger.

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Jeff Morgan


Lost ring, found in Maine Lake

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)
  1. I received a call from a gentleman who lost his wedding ring off the dock at his parents camp on Toddy Pond. I drove up the following day donned my scuba gear said a prayer for St. Anthony’s help and made the recovery quickly utilizing only my pin pointer in about 9 feet of water. Since both the owner of the ring and his father are in the business of marketing eye wear to optometrist’s I will be donating a portion of his generous reward to the Camden Lions Club to help their work with those whom are visually impaired.

Caledon, Ontario~Lost wedding band at a private retreat~still awaiting it’s owner to pick up

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-09-04 Caledon, Ontario

I local girlfriend Sarah had read some of my ring recoveries & returns posted on my Facebook page from The Ring Finders clients.

She asked to see if I could find rings underwater and I advised that I am scuba certified (open water) and have all the gear.

Sarah discussed that a patron of the Private retreat location had lost his wedding band about 4 years ago. She advise that the water is a very cold because it was a spring fed pond.

I gathered up all my gear and scuba tanks. I really love my Minelab Excallibur2 water detector but also brought along a new piece of equipment called the “Scuba Tector”. It’s a small hand held unit for tight locations or rocky/hard to get to spots.

I started at the location of the lost ring and boy was Sarah right….water was freezing the deeper I got. With-in 15 minutes I had a great tone with the Excal2 but due to the low visibility with the sediment I couldn’t locate it. I turned on the Scuba Tector and pulled out the 14k white gold wedding band!! Sarah also mentioned missing Ray Ban sunglasses further over!! I tried for another hour but no luck.

They called the gentleman whom had left his phone # and left a message. The gentleman was now working in Hawaii but was coming back for Canadian Thanksgiving. Unfortunately no update if he’s picked up his ring!!

  Alison’s scuba water detecting

Sarah at the private pond

Metal Detecting White Rock/South Surrey/Lost Gold Ring/Dog Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost gold signet ring

Found in a pond at a dog park

Today I had the pleasure of searching for a gold ring with a family crest and two small diamonds on it.

This ring belonged to a young man who was at a dog park in White Rock, he threw a stick for his dog and saw a splash in the pond…It wasn’t the stick it was his ring that went into the pond…

The ring was given to him by his parents 10 years ago as a graduation gift…He made a mental note of the area that the ring came off and went home to search the internet on how to find his ring…

He found my website…The Ring Finders and called me and we set up a time and met in the dark to find his ring. Thanks to the young for putting me in a great area the ring was found in minutes…That being said the water was cold on the feet as I had to wade in a bit to get to the ring.

This was my first find for 2010 and I’m happy for the young man! It was nice meeting you both and thanks for the kind reward.

I Love my job!

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