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Lost Gold Signet Ring/Sunset Beach, Vancouver/Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Late night search for a gold signet ring lost in the grass by Sunset Beach…

Someone posted a lost & found ad about a lost signet ring and gave such a good description of the area it was lost at that it tempted me to go out at midnight to take a look for it.

I replied to the post but never heard back so I packed my gear and headed out. Without the person to be there its a bit of a challenge but I do like a challenge!

When I arrived to the spot I decide to search from east to west…I’d say lucky choice as within 10 minutes I got a good strong signal and turned on my flashlight and kicked the grass to see gold! It was the signet ring!

When I got back home I emailed the news of finding the ring and also sent a picture of the ring. The next morning we made arrangements to meet.

When we met he was very excited to get his ring back but unfortunately he didn’t want to do a video…It happens

He did tell me that he had the ring for over 20 years and it meant a lot to him to get it back.

I love my job!

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Lost Gold Signet Ring… Sunset Beach, Vancouver/Video

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Late night search for a lost gold signet ring from an ad posted in the lost and found. He gave such a good description of where the ring was lost and I found it in 10 minutes…Returned the next day.

Metal Detecting White Rock/South Surrey/Lost Gold Ring/Dog Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost gold signet ring

Found in a pond at a dog park

Today I had the pleasure of searching for a gold ring with a family crest and two small diamonds on it.

This ring belonged to a young man who was at a dog park in White Rock, he threw a stick for his dog and saw a splash in the pond…It wasn’t the stick it was his ring that went into the pond…

The ring was given to him by his parents 10 years ago as a graduation gift…He made a mental note of the area that the ring came off and went home to search the internet on how to find his ring…

He found my website…The Ring Finders and called me and we set up a time and met in the dark to find his ring. Thanks to the young for putting me in a great area the ring was found in minutes…That being said the water was cold on the feet as I had to wade in a bit to get to the ring.

This was my first find for 2010 and I’m happy for the young man! It was nice meeting you both and thanks for the kind reward.

I Love my job!

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Metal Detecting… White Rock/South Surrey/Dog Park Gold

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

While at a dog park this young man threw a stick and saw a splash in the pond…It wasn’t the stick, it was his gold signet ring that was given to him 10 years ago…