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FOUND! Ring of former Empress of the Imperial Court of San Francisco!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

I was scrolling through my notifications on Facebook recently when I noticed one of my friends tagged me in someone else’s post. I clicked to see what it was and actually two of my friends had recommended me to help find a lost “item” in a park. I inquired further and found that the lost item belonged to former Empress of the Imperial Court of San Francisco, celebrity drag queen and legend of the LGBTQAI+ community of San Francisco, Ms. Donna Sachet!
Anyone who has had “celebrity” clients can tell you there is an extra sense of anxiety that comes with finding items for them. And this case was no different.

I met Donna and her dog, Peanut, at the location and together we walked over to where she was seated on a picnic blanket tossing a ball for Peanut the day prior. She shared with me a photo of the large gold ring and told me she was presented with this ring when she won the Empress contest years prior. It was important to her. I understood the importance, it marked an accomplishment. An accomplishment that recognized her work in the community. Over the decades, Donna Sachet has performed as a singer and has raised and donated thousands upon thousands of dollars for various organizations in San Francisco, not the least of which was an organization that I worked for for over 3 years in the early 00’s – The AIDS Emergency Fund.

I had been working for events that raised funds for HIV/AIDS and/or Breast Cancer organizations for many years already by the time I moved across the country from NY to San Francisco. It was through my work in NY  that I was able to secure a job in SF before I even arrived from NY. That job then lead to the AIDS and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund where I stayed for over 3 years before G.W. Bush cut government funding through the Ryan White CARE Act forcing the Emergency Fund to restructure. Unfortunately for me, that restructure did not include a position for me.

As a woman I always found it difficult to be recognized or seen when in a crowd of cute gay men working or meeting some of the folks who helped us raise money, so I didn’t expect Donna to remember or recognize me from those days. But our long list of mutual friends made sure we connected to help her find her ring.

I was running my new Legend and the ground at the park was  extraordinarily trashy. It took a while for me to adjust to the Legend since I’d only been out with it twice before and this was it’s first ring hunt. After close to an hour, Donna left, with tears in her eyes, thinking she would never again see her Empress ring.

Fortunately, I don’t give up easily. I put my hat on backwards, changed from my sunglasses to no glasses (a risky decision usually), put my headphones on (which had been off so Donna could hear the signals too) and within 20 or so minutes I located the ring.

I suspect it’ll be a while before Donna forgets me now!

Empress Ring


Lost Wedding Ring Found in West Salem, Ohio!

  • from Wooster (Ohio, United States)

Yesterday evening just before 5pm, I received a text from Karissa who had lost her custom-made wedding ring in her front yard two weeks earlier. She found me on The Ringfinders and was hoping I could help locate her ring. After confirming some details, we headed out and arrived at her place around 6:15pm. After brief introductions, Karissa lead us to the general area she believed the ring should be. While discussing the events that had lead to the loss of the ring, we discovered she’d also lost her Apple watch! So, we got to work! After thoroughly searching the target area, we decided to expand our search radius. Around 7:30pm, Karissa and her husband had to leave to take their little one for ice cream and she told us we didn’t have to keep looking, but we could if we wanted. I told her as long as there’s light we’d love to keep at it! She defined the property lines and thanked us. I told her we’d text if we found it, or when we were leaving, whichever came first and off they went! We continued to gradually and methodically expand our search area and at 7:55pm we had a solid tone in the leaves between some trees. We had found the Apple watch! We text her a picture and she confirmed! By this time the sun had set but, luckily for us, the moon was pretty bright so we decided to focus on the area where we found the watch! It wasn’t too long before I heard that beautiful, unmistakable tone! I called my partner over to shine some light on the spot as I gently ran my pinpointer over the leaves. I turned over a handful of leaves and there it was! Woohoo! We texted Karissa with a picture and the excitement that came back in the next few texts was awesome! It’s why we do this! She said they’d be home soon. We packed up and waited in the car until they got back. When they did get back, she jumped out of the SUV and rushed to us beaming from ear to ear! We handed her the ring and the watch and she still couldn’t believe it! How exciting! After a brief chat, lots of thank yous, a few pics and tons of smiles, we headed out! What a great way to wrap up a weekend!

Karissa with her ring and watch!

The Ring and Watch

Welcoming A New Ring Finder

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

Hi folks, I wanted to take a quick minute to let people know that I have partnered up with a good friend, wicked ring finder, and all round good dude, Ryan Pugh.

Ryan Pugh

Ryan started detecting around the same time I did, (just a few short years ago) As we all know the learning curve to knowing one’s machine can be a daunting task. Many hours spent digging trash, & trying to understand what your machine is trying to tell you. We know it takes time to understand how to detect properly, efficiently, and professionally.

Now after a few years have gone by, both Ryan & I have the confidence in our abilities to help people find their lost items, and have done so successfully on several occasions.

Both Ryan & I have been detecting every chance we get when we are not working, or have family obligations (speaking from my personal experience of course), life can get very busy at times.

Over the past year (2023) I have taken Ryan on several of my ring finder expeditions. Considering we hunt fairly often together, which in turn has resulted in Ryan coming, and helping on several of my ring finder hunts.

Ryan expressed a real interest in helping people recover items they themselves had lost, & yet, could not find. He has expressed interest in joining The RingFinders all season.

Recently with working shift work, going back to school “for work”, running a local metal detecting club, taking care of my 2 year old son, & making time for my wife & family, I have found that although I have been able to attend most of the requests that have come my way, I find I have been calling on Ryan fairly often to help out with some of my recoveries.

Ryan has been outstanding, not only has he been willing and able to take on each request, he is always at the ready to drop what he’s doing to go help someone in need. And that’s not all, Ryan’s success rate is very high to date. I have called on Ryan to make sure our clients get the quick, reliable, & professional service they deserve.

Working as a team this past year has worked out not only to our benefit, but to our customers benefit as well. Therefore it only seemed logical to make it official and team up with Ryan here on The Ring Finders to ensure our areas get the best service possible for any potential future clients.

“Thanks Ryan Pugh, and I look forward to seeing how collaborating as a team will work out for us in our RingFinding adventures”, also, Welcome to the largest team of RingFinders on the planet.

Gold Wedding Ring Recovered – Raleigh

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call this afternoon from a distraught husband. He’d been out playing with his dog and “my ring just flew off my hand!” He said he had lost quite a bit of weight, so the ring was already loose on his finger — playing with the dog just provided the opportunity for it to come off. He knew exactly where he’d been standing and said he saw the ring fly off, heard it hit something, but then lost track of it. He had borrowed a friend’s metal detector to try and locate the ring, but had not had any luck figuring out the assorted beeps and buzzes from the detector, so we made arrangements to get together to find it.

The ring had been lost in a fenced-in kids’ playground area covered in wood mulch. Recreating the ring’s “flight path,” I started searching in a grid pattern, working my way further and further out. After maybe 20 minutes of searching and no ring, I started the search over again, back where he had been standing when it came off. It turns out that the ring had come off, hit a plastic barrier in front of him, and ricocheted back to land almost at his feet. Apparently in searching for it initially, he had pressed it down into the mulch as he walked around. Really glad to reunite the husband and his ring!

Lost Wedding ring found and returned Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Adam gave me a call yesterday telling me that last winter while walking down the back alley by his work he slipped and fell and when brushing himself off he lost his wedding ring. He tried finding it but no luck. Rented a detector in the summer and still no luck. I’m pleased to say that after about 45 minutes I found his ring and returned it to him.

Cobalt – Meteorite ring found in Littleton, CO

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joseph was working at a clients house when he placed his cobalt/meteorite ring into his pocket as he was going to be working with some harsh chemicals that may cause damage to his ring. During the day he went outdoors to get a bucket of water from the hose bib, he also drove to the local Home Depot to get some supplies. Later that day he noticed his ring was gone so he returned to the house and searched it with no success. After a couple of days Joseph found my profile on TheRingFinders.com and contacted me. We setup a date for me to come and search for his ring at the house where his ring went missing.

Upon my arrival Joseph told me the story of the rings disappearance. We talked with a neighbor in case the ring fell on to the street in front of their house. They had not found a ring so that option was off the table. We then visited the yard and he showed me around the areas of the yard that he had been in. Before I grabbed my detectors I decided to look in Joseph’s truck even though he told me that he had searched it pretty thoroughly already. We both searched under the drivers seat with our cell phone flashlights. I then started reaching behind the plastic covers on the seat anchor brackets, the only way to search them as you can not see the brackets due to the covers. It was there that my fingers felt a familiar shape, the ring. Joseph was more than a little surprised that the ring was there and he was also very thankful to get his prized wedding band back.

Ring recovered 6-5-2019


Lost ring, found in Maine Lake

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)
  1. I received a call from a gentleman who lost his wedding ring off the dock at his parents camp on Toddy Pond. I drove up the following day donned my scuba gear said a prayer for St. Anthony’s help and made the recovery quickly utilizing only my pin pointer in about 9 feet of water. Since both the owner of the ring and his father are in the business of marketing eye wear to optometrist’s I will be donating a portion of his generous reward to the Camden Lions Club to help their work with those whom are visually impaired.

Chain Lost in the Woods – Found in Oakton Virginia (Sept 2017)

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

An email came in earlier in the week describing the “chain of events”: Howard and his son were doing some work last weekend along the fence of his property; pulling old fence posts using Howard’s tractor and his 12′ long chain. After the work was complete, they threw the chain in the bucket of the tractor and Howard’s son headed for the garage. Along the way, his son decided to level off an area of dirt, leaves, and compost… once back at the garage – no chain anymore. Howard was pretty sure the chain was in a 25 sq ft area of a freshly leveled dirt mix, but had no idea how deep it could be. They searched for the chain, even used an old metal detector they had on hand, but could not locate it anywhere. So Howard emailed me through the RingFinders and we settled on a time to link up – Friday around 5pm. Once on site, Howard showed me the area, I got my machine ready for the search and off I went… 6 swings in and I heard the unmistakable tone through the headset… Howard’s chain has been found.




Lost ring while playing Volleyball at North Ave Beach Chicago

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received call to go to a volleyball court to locate a mens wedding band. Married for only 3 weeks. While playing his ring came off. Used my XP Deus and located ring in about 1 minute.

Lost 18 K Diamond Ring found and returned in Dolton, Illinois

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

In Chicago I was contacted to search for a ring that was lost when she was throwing stones at amorous opossums in the back yard. It was a collapsible 18K ring with diamonds. Less than 30 minutes and I found it. I was using my XP Deus  and was surprised to see that it rang up at 78 using 18 kHz. It seems that 18K can come in very high.