Sean Kelly

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis which is at your discretion however I do require a $25.00 call out fee for work within 30 miles of Rockport with an additional 50 cents per mile thereafter. This call out rate includes diving searches in water depths of 20 feet or less. For deeper dives or those which are more complex, additional cost may be necessary but will be agreed upon in advance.

Search Types

Jewelry such as rings and necklaces, cell phones, watches, keys, property boundary pins or any other metallic items.

Search Locations

Any woods, fields, dooryards, gardens, beaches, parks, bodies of salt or fresh water. I work primarily in the counties of Knox, Waldo and Lincoln, however I am willing to travel to other areas.

Sean Kelly's Bio

As a former Sea Captain I am used to working in challenging conditions, utilizing technology and creative thinking to complete a goal or solve a problem. I have over 20 years scuba diving and over 10 years metal detecting experience. I will always do my best to reunite a lost item with its owner.

Sean Kelly - Recent Blog Post

  • Metal detecting an unusual search target burried in Maine ice and snow (2019)

    I got a call from some friends asking if it was possible locate a PVC drain cover with 3 metal retaining screws, buried under several inches of ice and snow? Snow melt from warmer tempatures and rain had caused flooding in their backyard, however a thick sheet of ice below the snow was obstructing the […]

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  • Diamond Engagement Ring lost in Sebago Lake, Maine recovered (2018)

      I was contacted by Adam who was vacationing on Sebago Lake to search for the engagement ring of his fiancée Sonya. They and a group of friends were swimming and hanging out in about waist deep water when the ring was lost. The group began searching for the ring in the loose sandy lake […]

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  • Two lost gold rings found on Maine beach (2018)

    I received a call from a man named Matt whose wife had lost two rings including her wedding ring on the beach at Reid State Park in Maine. The couple was on a multi stop camping vacation and were continueing on, planning to email directions to the area where the rings were lost after they […]

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  • Networking within the Riing Finders Network (2018)

    I received a call from a gentleman whose wife had lost her wedding and engagement rings on a beach a few miles from my house. The problem was that I was out of town on vacation and couldn’t help, or could I? I put a call out to a few fellow detectorists who turned out […]

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  • Lost ring, found in Maine Lake (2018)

    I received a call from a gentleman who lost his wedding ring off the dock at his parents camp on Toddy Pond. I drove up the following day donned my scuba gear said a prayer for St. Anthony’s help and made the recovery quickly utilizing only my pin pointer in about 9 feet of water. […]

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Sean Kelly - Testimonials

  • If you ever happen to lose something you are in great hands with Sean!!! (2018)


    Sean we cant thank you enough for helping us out! When you are so stressed from losing something so valuable you are rarely thinking clearly. We all started searching the lake for hours until it got dark which caused the ring to go deeper into the sand making it impossible to find without your help. Luckily we came into contact with you and its unbelievable how quickly you were able to get out there and how soon you were able to find the ring.

    For anyone who has lost something Sean was extremely responsive and is just such a genuinely nice and honest person. It was a long drive for him and he made it a priority to come out the next morning (we spoke at 1 am) because we were planning to leave back to New Jersey. If you ever happen to lose something you are in great hands with Sean!!!

  • Thank you Sean Kelly from the very bottom of my heart. (2018)


    I will be forever grateful to Sean Kelly for finding my wedding ring. I was devastated, hopeless, and quite positive that I would never see or wear my most valued possession again. We were far north camping with family on vacation when Mr Kelly left the message that my ring was found – he wanted us to enjoy vacation