13 Lucky Number for Kenyon ... Lost,Found,Recovered,Returned In Salt Water...

13 is Kenyon’s lucky number today.

I was on my way off the beach the other day from recovering a ring for a gentleman, I noticed a Lost Wedding Band sign posted. I gave it a quick call to a man named Kenyon. I told him who I was and what I do. He told me he had lost it a week ago while doing butterfly strokes in the water. That it hadn’t been off of his finger in 13 years. I had him send me a picture of the area, and drop a pin where I should search if I could get down to have a look for him. I tried to go a few days in a row, but because of the wind and high waves I wasn’t able to get in the water till this morning.

I searched for over an hour with no luck in the area he was sure it was, to no avail. As I was running out of real estate, with only one target that was a small bullet. I was about to call it quits. I was going to have Kenyan meet me tomorrow and put me in the area again. I was walking out of knee deep water when I got a signal so loud it scared me. I knew it had to be the ring because there were no other targets in the area. Sure enough, there it was a size 13.5  14K White wedding band looking up at me in the scoop. I am so happy to get this back to him as Kenyon and his wife are going away tomorrow on vacation. Keep the faith.


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  1. Kenyon Murphy says:

    While swimming back to shore on Creasant Beach, I felt my ring come off. I searched for it in the surf for hours, but eventually had to leave. My wife posted a sign describing my ring, along with my contact information. I wore the ring daily for almost 13 years, so had resigned to buying another.

    I was surprised when I received a call from Leighton Harrington, who read my sign (he had recently retrieved a different ring on the same beach)

    He was confident that he would be able to find it, and asked me where I lost it. I provided a general area, which was sufficient for Leighton to retrieve my ring! I was delighted to receive his phone call letting me know that he had recovered it!

    1. It was a pleasure to reunite it back with you. Get it sized and enjoy the rest of your Summer sincerely LEIGHTON

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