Bike Key Missing on beach. Found on Cape Cod. One return leads to another.

The Key to Success.

A few days ago I was asked to help recover a ring that was possibly dropped as leaving the beach. Richard Browne a ring finder and myself grid the area to no avail. While searching for the ring I found a key with a tag that looked like it went to a bike lock of some sorts. I didn’t think much of it, till Rick waved me over. He was chatting with Pierre that was on his bike, and he was asking if we had found a key that he had been there searching for it the day before. I told him yes, that I had found a key and sure enough it fit perfectly into his bike lock. Great to save all objects when you can. Un expected return.

Sincerely Leighton


2 Replies to “Bike Key Missing on beach. Found on Cape Cod. One return leads to another.”

  1. Pierre Marziali says:

    Thanks you guys. You saved me from a bit of embarrassment that would have happen at the bike rental shop. Also saving me the probable fee that I would also had to pay.
    Continue your good work.

    1. Always a pleasure to help out when in need. Glad we met. stay safe and have a great Summer on Cape Cod. Leighton

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