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Wedding ring lost in Auburn, New York – FOUND after being lost for 5 years

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)



I received a call from a gentleman (Tony) who had lost his wedding band.  He stated that he lost it in his yard some 5 years ago when he was spreading fertilizer on the lawn.  It was a 14K gold band with some diamonds around it.  Tony had given up on finding his ring as he had looked and looked for it himself when he lost it and in fact had borrowed a friends metal detector to look for it.  He figured it was long gone, but he decided call me and give it one more try.

We met and he gave me all the facts and then we went to his house and started the search.  I could see that Tony did not have much faith that I would find the ring, but we pressed on.  He know the general area where he lost the ring so that cut down on the search area.  Now, because rings sound like pull tabs, aluminum cans, copper wire, etc.,  (all non-furious metals) we will dig a lot of junk sometimes.  The first “target” turned out to be a aluminum can buried in his yard. Then a quarter, then a piece of aluminum foil.  The forth target sounded good and I stated that this might be his ring, but also it might be a pull tab off a soda can.  We dug a “plug”, flopped it out onto the ground and I scanned the hole and the pug.  The target was in the plug so I took out my pin-pointer and it told me that the target was just a few inches under the grass, and right in the middle of the plug.  We took the shovel and cut the pug in half and I opened up the plug and THERE IT WAS.  Tony’s jaw dropped and he said  “No – No,  I don’t believe it.  There it is” I removed the ring from the plug and gave it to Tony.  I think you can see the thrill, the disbelief, and the happiness on his face in the above picture.

He put the ring on his finger and took off to get his cell phone to call his wife.  He took a picture of the ring on his finger and sent it off to her.  I picked up my gear and went back to my car and just as I got there, Tony’s phone was ringing and his wife was on the phone.  Well now I had TWO happy customers.

Tony and myself said our goodbyes, and he gave me a very nice “finders fee”.  Thank you very much Tony

This points out something that everyone who losses a valuable should do.  If it is lost on public property, (beach, park, sidewalk, etc.), GET IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE ASAP, as the longer you wait the better chance that someone else finds you valuable. BUT don’t give up on anything lost on private property. All of us in the “Ring Finders” have been successful finding valuables that have been lost for a LONG time.



Lost man’s white gold ring…Summerfield, Florida….Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

On Saturday I received a call from Mr. Sal about looking for a lost ring. Apparently, after taking down his Christmas decorations, he noticed that his white gold ring was no longer on his little finger. He said he usually only wears it when they go out and on special occasions, but figured he could take down the decorations and just leave it on because they had plans to go out later that evening. As he was finishing putting things away he realized his ring was missing. (This white gold ring with a blue sapphire was given to Sal as a graduation gift from his parents over 60 years ago and it held allot of sentimental value in his heart and mind.) So Sal began looking through the decorations thinking maybe it dropped into one of the bags or boxes. Then he went outside to check the yard and grass and even the stone areas, thinking it could have dropped off there. But NOTHING!
Sal then began checking around where he could rent a metal detector and finally found a store. So he called and talked to one of the sales representatives, who informed Sal that this particular store was up in Boston, MA. and it would be quite expensive to ship a metal detector down to Florida and all. The sales rep. then told Sal about a group called Theringfinders that helps people find their lost rings and surely there would be someone in the Central Florida area that could help him out. And that’s how Sal found me!
I arranged to meet Mr. Sal on Sunday at his home and he showed me the areas where he took down his decorations. It was a relatively small area and it took only 15 minutes or so to cover the most likely spots with my DFX–but I was unable to find his ring. Mr. Sal then mentioned that he had particular trouble around the metal light post getting the string of lights untangled. So I decided to check the base of the post again. This time I got a faint signal on the street side and dropped to my knees and pulled out my trusty Garrett pin pointer–(Thank you Chris!!). And sure enough, there under the thick grass was Sal’s beautiful ring. I stuck the ring on my finger and held it up for Sal to see and the look on his face was priceless!!
Thank you Sal for calling me and for the generous reward! Lost something…Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe–proud member of theringfinders.com022019

Lost Ring In Muskogee

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a text from a girl named Linda (on Monday 11-23-15) while I was hunting. She asked me if I could help find her ring. She had lost her ring she received for her 15th birthday while walking. It had been two weeks since she had lost it while walking. It was Saturday, I told her I will be back in town Sunday and I could come Monday after work. She said okay. I received another text, a family member went into the hospital and the ring had to wait. (When things settled down I texted Linda and we set up a day. She said sure but it’s probably gone. It’s been a month I said no we are not giving up.) I finally was able to search for her ring two weeks after the initial call. I made the 45 minute drive from broken arrow. When I got there her brother met me, he took me two houses down from their’s. He showed me the area the size of a house door. I was have way thru the area when I got a great signal, I bent down with my whites TRX pinpointer and guess what it was just below the grass level. I asked, her brother if  this was her ring he smiled and said yes. I started to call Linda as she was out of town he said wait. He wanted to surprise her I said  Kool. A smile is worth it all when something is found that was once lost.Thanks Linda and Guillermo…..

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Lost wedding ring in Levittown,Pa recovered for newlyweds.

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Karen asking if I could come out to find her husbands wedding ring he lost while doing yard work ? She stated that they had just been married the previous weekend and when Joe came in the house after doing some yard work she noticed he wasn’t wearing his ring and he hadn’t noticed it had fallen off. As the days passed she had seen how upset he was and they started thinking about buying or renting a metal detector and came across my ring finders recovery service in the area on the internet. I assured them that if the ring was on the property I could find it and we agreed to do the search the following day after work. Arriving at their house Joe showed me the areas he had been working in and also had some bags of grass and debris which I would also search. Covering a section of the backyard and dumping and searching the bags and still no ring so I decided I would move out front to continue the search. While walking to the gate I continued swinging my White’s V3i metal detector and as I passed a storage shed I received a nice solid gold signal in the grass at a shallow depth. As I moved the grass aside Joe’s 1 week old ring glimmered in the sun! The whole time during the search Karen & Joe had been watching for the magical moment and just as Joe had gone in the house for a moment I found it and held it up for Karen to see. Her face lit up with happiness and as she took a deep breath I handed her the ring and called joe outside stating I found it! As Joe walked out his first words to me were “Your a miracle worker” and shook my hand. He then asked where it was and when I showed him he was surprised how it got there. What an awesome feeling it was to reunite this ring with these newlyweds and see the smiles on their faces! Another great day! Another great recovery!10418963_10204526676277497_3395866707404887642_n11537710_10204526676477502_3103014986714689985_n

Lost Diamond Ring in yard, Port Orange, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Thousands of people across this great land drop things every day in their yards!   Some of those things are found and many are never recovered.  People often move to another house, sometimes across town and other times to another state.  And yet those lost items remain hidden in the ground waiting for someone else to find them.

Nancy had lost a very special ring in her front yard months earlier and now was in the process of moving out.  The very thought of never seeing her precious family heirloom again drove her to search for someone who could help her find this unique platinum and diamond ring that was handed down from her great grand mother.

As I listened to Nancy’s story I figured the ring should be fairly easy to find, so we set up a time to meet and do a thorough search.  Nancy showed me the area of the yard where the ring was lost and as soon as I started searching my detector began giving off all sorts of noise.  I tried two other search modes and still there was lots of static and interferrence of some kind.  I finally switched to the Prospecting mode and in 5 minutes I got a sweet low signal and there 3 inches under the grass was Nancy’s beautiful ring!

Do you know where you have lost something a long time ago or maybe even recently?   I am here to help!

E-mail me or give me a call!

Mike McInroe–Grateful member of theringfinders.comDSC00768DSC00771

Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

Back at the beginning of the year she was having fun with a snow ball fight in her back yard. During the throwing and tossing of snowballs her wedding ring became missing.  She thought that she lost the ring while she was taking off her gloves to clean her glasses. She and friends looked throughout the yard without any luck. Then she found myself though TheRingFinder.com website and was happy that someone was in the area and still finding rings for others. After searching the area, there was the ring tuck down under the grass. She was very happy to have the ring back.


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Diamond engagement ring lost in yard…Recovered!

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

It was noon on 12/06/13 when Kellie B. called me and asked if I was the guy with a metal detector who found rings for people.  I told her that I was and she proceeded to hesitantly tell me that she had lost her engagement in her yard the evening prior, had been on her hands and knees searching for it all morning, and was desperate.  She provided me her address, which was two counties area, and I told her that I would be there as soon as I could.  I arrived in her driveway at 1:45 PM. Kellie provided me with some details and I explained to her how I planned to search for her ring, which she described as an intricate silver ring (possibly white gold) with a large diamond.  I proceeded my east-west 20 ft x 50 ft grid and had begun my north-south grid when I asked Kellie if her pickup truck had been moved since yesterday, she said it had not been moved.  I asked her if she checked the truck bed which she had not, but immediately did but it wasn’t there.  I visually scanned around and under the truck with no luck either.  I asked her if she had been on the opposite of the truck and she said no.  I proceeded to check the side yard between the driveway and the road and at the end of the second pass received a good tone, but nothing showed on the surface with was more or less packed pine needles and dirt.  I checked with the Pro-Pointer and scraped away some of the needles and saw the ring.  I placed on my little finger and began walking toward when Kellie was on her elevated deck; looking very concerned except when I showed her what was on my finger, not believing what I was showing her, she came down the steps and looked long and hard, then she smiled the biggest smile at me and gave me a huge hug.  I one point she had asked me what all this was going to cost her…at that moment I told her that was what I do it for – the smiles!004 002 003  The huge smile that Kellie has on her face spoke volumns to me; as her untold story is of a Lady who carries a burden beyond what I could possibly bare.  I am truly blessed and feel fortunate to have met her as she is an inspiration to me!

Lost Ring Tulsa Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Got a call from Linda tuesday at work said her husband lost his wedding ring while playing in the swimming  pool with the kids .  I asked her if they looked in the pool she said yes and even the skimmer yes on that also.  Her husband had to leave town on business..  He got home later that night and to no ring as darkness was  on us… Now three days later Linda texted me again asked if i could come and check her neighbors yard- searched for bout an hour and said let’s go try your yard again..  This time instead of going to the left and going over what i did tuesday i went to the right.  His wife told me he rented a metal detector from a local shop with no luck. It always best to find someone in your area that is experienced with a metal detector that can help you out as soon as possible and get the lost ring back were it belongs..  Got started with a grid search went to the back fence and back towards the house  and got a good signal by the porch bent down and there it was saying you found me  picked it up Tom didnt see me and said i needed to go to my truck went thru the house and showed his wife.. She couldnt believe it..  I got my camera out and acted like nothing happened at this time tom was inside the house getting something to drink..  i asked Linda to go get tom so i could ask him what his wedding ring looked like again..  He looked down and when he did i said does it look like this one — tears flowed from Linda and Tom..  I asked him how he felt and said he didnt think it was never to be seen again thanks for the very generous reward Tom&Linda


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$5000 1.2 carat Diamond Ring lost 17 yrs Returned to owner in Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

A couple weeks ago i met a lad about buying an item she had, when she noticed that i had a couple metal detectors in my truck. She said that her sister had lost her Diamond ring in her back yard and that they rented a couple metal detectors to find it to no avail. I asked her if she wanted me to try and find it and that i didn’t mind trying. She asked how much i told her that i do charge a photo of the return and she said okay with skepticism. On Sunday 10-28-12 i showed up to her house and she was not home,i got in touch with her and asked if i could still look and she said that would be fine. Afetr about 40 minutes i had the ring in hand and was waiting for her to come home, after about 5 minutes she arrived home and i showed her my results. She was ecstatic. I told her i was going to bring to the jeweler and have it cleaned.which he did and also gave me a verbal appraisal. On 11-2-12 i met her,her sister and some friends for the return. She was in awe she kept crying and staring at it. What a feeling it is to be able to do this. oh almost forgot i also had the local paper there also which made it very special, so that the returned can be relived from the article.

Kent Blethen

plymouth ring ak 110212-0125698.jpg

Valerie Lynch, 47, is overcome with emotion after getting back a diamond ring she lost 15 years ago from Kent Blethen, left, a family friend who found the ring last weekend outside the home of Lynch’s sister in Plymouth, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012. Lynch was originally given the 1.2-carat diamond ring by her husband Mike Lynch 20 years ago. The arm of Valerie’s niece Chloe Nichols, 5, extends into the picture.Photo: Amelia Kunhardt/The Patriot Ledger

plymouth ring ak 110212-0125698.jpg
plymouth ring ak 110212-0125703.jpg
Read more: http://www.patriotledger.com/news/x2143898580/Wedding-ring-missing-for-17-years-returned-to-Bridgewater-woman#ixzz2BCWaJVg5


Tears of joy streamed down Valerie Lynch’s cheeks when she was presented with the wedding ring that she lost outside her sister’s Plymouth home in 1995.

“I can’t even believe it,” a surprised Lynch said on Friday evening as she sat in the same house where she lost the ring 17 years ago, surrounded by friends and family members. “In my mind, it was gone forever.”

The Bridgewater woman had taken off her 1.2-carat marquise diamond wedding ring and band at her sister’s house to put sunscreen on her children. After a walk to the beach, she realized that the rings were missing and went back to the house. Neither ring could be found.

A couple of years later, the band was found, but not the ring.

“We came back with the metal detectors and searched the yard so many times,” Lynch said. “I had given up on it.”

Last Sunday, after talking to Lynch’s sister, Vicki Belanger, metal detection hobbyist Kent Blethen of Manomet offered to use his equipment to search the backyard for the ring. Forty minutes later, he had found the ring under an inch of soil.

Belanger said she was so thrilled about the finding that she invited members of the family over on Friday evening for an unveiling.

“I couldn’t believe he had actually found it,” Belanger said. “I knew everyone would love to be here when we surprised my sister.”

Blethen, a member of the Silver City Treasure Seekers in Taunton, has been doing metal detection as a hobby for more than 15 years. He rarely asks for compensation; he says he just enjoys people’s reactions.

“I charge everyone a picture and that’s it,” Blethen said. “The look on their faces is priceless.”

Blethen does most of his searches on beaches and in the water on the South Shore and Cape Cod – places where tourists often lose jewelry while swimming.

He has found wedding rings, class rings, crematory tags and lots of change in his searches. He says the hobby is an art form, and he hopes that by returning lost items he is paying it forward.

“You hope good karma comes your way eventually,” he said. “But no matter what, it’s a great feeling.”

Read more: http://www.patriotledger.com/news/x2143898580/Wedding-ring-missing-for-17-years-returned-to-Bridgewater-woman#ixzz2BCWic0i0