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100 Year Old Family Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered Lake Campbell Anacortes WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Tyreece called and told me that his fiancé was swimming in Lake Campbell at their neighbors backyard dock. While she was wading in the water her young daughter, also in the water, reached out for her mother’s hand and pulled her precious engagement ring straight off her finger. This rings is a 100 year old white gold diamond family heirloom engagement ring. Fortunately Silver was able to report that she felt the ring being pulled from her finger and bouncing down her leg to the bottom of the lake. She put a dive mask on and swam under water a several times looking around but could see absolutely nothing due to the poor visibility. As so many others can attest it quickly becomes very discouraging to say the least when something so sentimental is lost in the water like this. The fear that it will never be found can be quite overwhelming to many people.

However after a quick Google search the couple did find TheRingFinders.com directory and gave me a call. They reported that that water was not all that deep but the visibility was terrible. I assured them that this is a typical situation for me that I have developed quite a bit of experience searching for rings and small items of value in crappy conditions like this. I reassured them I would bering all my water recovery gear including my full SCUBA kit so we would have every possible opportunity of a successful recovery.

After showing up I was quite surprised to see how much bloom and silt was in the water. Fortunately Silver told me that she found the bottom of the lake to be more of a firm dirt composition apposed to a thick silty mess. This was encouraging to me that her ring would be a bit easier once I acquired it position with my dive detector.

As soon as I noticed how much silt and bloom was in the lake upon my arrival I knew I needed to construct my PVC search grid. Once again it paid dividends keeping me focused on a concise grid search not missing an inch. It was also a big help that Silver realized when her ring was pulled off from her finger and got me directly over the drop zone.

Watch the conclusion of this exciting recovery story and witness Silver’s excitement when she gets her family heirloom engagement ring back!


Jeff Morgan




  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Tobi called on July 6th, 2 days after losing her platinum and diamond wedding ring. She felt it fly off when throwing a ball to her kids. Luckily, she heard it hit a landscape timber. That really narrowed the search area. Carrie and I jumped in the truck and drove the 40 miles to her house. Within 10 minutes, Sid got a strong 47 reading on his Garrett AT PRO. Right below the surface was the beautiful ring. After reuniting Tobi and her ring, we cooled down while having a nice visit with Tobi and her dad. Loaded up the truck and headed home. Thank you Tobi for your generous reward!

Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

Back at the beginning of the year she was having fun with a snow ball fight in her back yard. During the throwing and tossing of snowballs her wedding ring became missing.  She thought that she lost the ring while she was taking off her gloves to clean her glasses. She and friends looked throughout the yard without any luck. Then she found myself though TheRingFinder.com website and was happy that someone was in the area and still finding rings for others. After searching the area, there was the ring tuck down under the grass. She was very happy to have the ring back.


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Woman’s Wedding Ring in Delaware, OH. “FOUND”


Diamond Ring Found… Seal Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Annika called me at 11:30am , just as I was leaving my place to go metal detecting. I was able to meet her at 12 noon it was only  a 14 mile  drive. She was in Seal Beach and had lost her diamond wedding ring while teaching a fitness class on the beach. This is her regular job and she always puts her rings in a zippered pocket in her workout pants. This time she had not zipped it totally closed and one of her rings fell out into the sand while doing some of the exercises. It was lost in an area about half the size of a football field.  I started  in the middle of the field and began a spiral type grid. It took an hour and a half to locate the beautiful ring. Everyone was happy and there were plenty of smiles.  This was another time we beat the city sand sifting machine to get the ring..

IMG_1994 IMG_1991


Diamond wedding ring found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)




On Thursday July 07 , 2011  I answered a call from Andrea who lives in Toronto.

She had lost her diamond engagement ring while gardening around her home in downtown Toronto on Wednesday evening.

She wasn’t quite sure where it had fallen off, as she was gardening in both the front and back yards. It may have been anywhere around her property. What made me nervous however was the fact that she told me at one point while working away, she had to run after her young daughter down the street and into a neighbours yard. I was just hoping the ring didn’t come off near the road or sidewalk as there is quite a bit of foot traffic in the area.. Because of our conflicting schedules, I couldn’t meet her until early Sunday morning.
Anyway, after arriving Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea and her husband Scott at their beautiful home. After Andrea showed me the various areas around the property where she was gardening, I started my search.
After eliminating the backyard, I moved to the front of the house and around five minutes later got my favourite sound under the search coil, the sweet, rounded sound of a ring.
Parting the grass in the pinpointed area revealed an absolutely gorgeous ring. No wonder she had been so upset since Wednesday..!!
Andrea was watching me search and when I showed her the ring I could see that she was overwhelmed with joy, excitement and relief , all at the same time. Then the tears came which really choked me up. I then had the biggest, most sincere hugs I’ve ever received in my life. I’ll remember that for years to come.
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to be able to return your ring to you Andrea. I was walking on a cloud and don’t remember my drive home.
Thank you very much for the generous reward.!!
I really hope to meet up with you and Scott again soon.
You are very, very nice people.

I love this job..!!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis