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Lost man’s white gold ring…Summerfield, Florida….Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

On Saturday I received a call from Mr. Sal about looking for a lost ring. Apparently, after taking down his Christmas decorations, he noticed that his white gold ring was no longer on his little finger. He said he usually only wears it when they go out and on special occasions, but figured he could take down the decorations and just leave it on because they had plans to go out later that evening. As he was finishing putting things away he realized his ring was missing. (This white gold ring with a blue sapphire was given to Sal as a graduation gift from his parents over 60 years ago and it held allot of sentimental value in his heart and mind.) So Sal began looking through the decorations thinking maybe it dropped into one of the bags or boxes. Then he went outside to check the yard and grass and even the stone areas, thinking it could have dropped off there. But NOTHING!
Sal then began checking around where he could rent a metal detector and finally found a store. So he called and talked to one of the sales representatives, who informed Sal that this particular store was up in Boston, MA. and it would be quite expensive to ship a metal detector down to Florida and all. The sales rep. then told Sal about a group called Theringfinders that helps people find their lost rings and surely there would be someone in the Central Florida area that could help him out. And that’s how Sal found me!
I arranged to meet Mr. Sal on Sunday at his home and he showed me the areas where he took down his decorations. It was a relatively small area and it took only 15 minutes or so to cover the most likely spots with my DFX–but I was unable to find his ring. Mr. Sal then mentioned that he had particular trouble around the metal light post getting the string of lights untangled. So I decided to check the base of the post again. This time I got a faint signal on the street side and dropped to my knees and pulled out my trusty Garrett pin pointer–(Thank you Chris!!). And sure enough, there under the thick grass was Sal’s beautiful ring. I stuck the ring on my finger and held it up for Sal to see and the look on his face was priceless!!
Thank you Sal for calling me and for the generous reward! Lost something…Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe–proud member of theringfinders.com022019