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Found Gold Necklace, Lake Sinclair Georgia

  • from Talking Rock (Georgia, United States)

Hello to all. Got a call from a very nice couple regarding the unfortunate loss of a HUGE gold necklace. They were boating with some friends on Lake Sinclair in middle Georgia. The gentleman decides to take a jump and back flip off of a popular rock ledge. The backflip, which turned into a “backflop”…. lol, ended up causing the loss of his precious gold necklace that was given to him by a family member when he was very young a long time ago. The girlfriend was actually videoing this jump at the same time the necklace was lost. This was VERY VERY HELPFUL to me no doubt!!!!!
I take my boat out to the location of the loss, along with all of my scuba gear, on day one. Set up my diver warning flags, suit up, say a prayer to our Lord, and get in the water. I spent approximately 3.5 hours that day diving combing the area where I believed it to be. The water was not very deep, in the 10-15 foot range, but was so murky that visibility was near zero….. especially once the silt was stirred up while recovering a signal. Luckily this lake has some current so it really helped in clearing up the “silt-out”….  Day one was not a success even though I did find several nice boat anchors!!!! 😁

Day two- I head out around noon after reviewing the video of the loss in more detail. I will admit I was a bit frustrated in the prospect of thinking that maybe it had already been found due to this being a popular jumping rock….  I get back to the dive site and suit up. This time I decided to go out about 10-12 more feet from the rock where I had dove the day before. After about an hour in the water I get that ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL TONE on my Minelab Excalibur 2…. and it was a rather large object. Keep in mind the visibility is literally about 1 foot in this dark brown water regardless of what the pics look like in the testimonial. My GoPro Hero 8 has some tremendous lighting capabilities!!
I pull out my dive torch (flashlight) and shine it in the area of the signal. No way…. no way…. YES WAY!!!!!😂 I see a small glimmer of gold buried in the silty bottom. I reach into the silt and BAM!!!   There it was!!!  If only I could post the entire video I took at the time of this find you’d probably laugh. I screamed so loud that I probably scared all the fish in the lake. Haha.
Another God given Blessed day!! Not only for my safety as a diver, but for the excitement and anticipation of making that SO awaited for phone call to the customer. As always, it’s all about the search and hopeful recovery of items AND the all too important fact of returning a valuable object to its rightful owner folks!!!  Take care.

Lost 18 kt gold ring from Italy found in Traverse City, Mi at the Grand Traverse Commons with a metal detector

I received a call on Wednesday night about 6:00 pm from Allison about her husband Domenicks lost wedding band. The ring is 18 kt Gold that Domenicks Grandmother bought in Italy. They made a day trip to Traverse City, Mi to visit the Grand Traverse Commons. The Grand Traverse Commons are the old Traverse City State Hospital that opened in November of 1885. Due to modern medicine the Hospital closed in 1989. The ability to treat mental patients with pills was the demise of the hospital. Now renovated and occupied with a mix of residential, retail, restaurants, an event venue, Cordia, a senior residential community, and an ever increasing number of businesses and entrepreneurs.

So, back to the ring find. I went Wednesday night from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and did not find the ring. On the picture below, I searched the green shaded area. Allison had told me the only thing she did was go from the car to the tree to pick up leaves. The ring was in an upper pocket of her shirt because Domineck was throwing a ball further out in the field. She though the ring fell out of her pocket when she bent over to pick up the leaves. She was not sure of exactly where the ring was lost, because they were at other places in town also. She did not realize the ring was missing till almost back home. A 3 hour drive from Traverse City. I could not go back till Sunday, they had a outside wedding in the area Saturday. Sunday morning I put the 17 inch coil on the Ctx3030 and was going to grid search a very large area. Her statement about Domenick throwing ball out in the field stuck with me. So, after about 50 foil signals, I was checking another and moved my coil to the side and saw the ring. I was in disbelief and just stared at it for about 10 seconds. For people who do not detect foil sounds just like a gold ring. The ring was in the field about 40 feet past the tree on the opposite side of the parking lot. I texted Allison right away with the good news. She said I made her summer. On Monday morning, I shipped the ring overnight back to them.

Lost Ring Recovered In Elcho, WI

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

Dave lost his wedding band while cleaning the rocks out of his beach in front of his cabin in Elcho, WI.  One call to a friendly ring finder put that ring right back on his finger.  After forty minutes of digging pull tabs and other junk it finely appeared.  Smiles where from ear to ear. And another victory for  This was the first of two recoveries I made this day 3/30/17.

Lost Ring In Muskogee

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a text from a girl named Linda (on Monday 11-23-15) while I was hunting. She asked me if I could help find her ring. She had lost her ring she received for her 15th birthday while walking. It had been two weeks since she had lost it while walking. It was Saturday, I told her I will be back in town Sunday and I could come Monday after work. She said okay. I received another text, a family member went into the hospital and the ring had to wait. (When things settled down I texted Linda and we set up a day. She said sure but it’s probably gone. It’s been a month I said no we are not giving up.) I finally was able to search for her ring two weeks after the initial call. I made the 45 minute drive from broken arrow. When I got there her brother met me, he took me two houses down from their’s. He showed me the area the size of a house door. I was have way thru the area when I got a great signal, I bent down with my whites TRX pinpointer and guess what it was just below the grass level. I asked, her brother if  this was her ring he smiled and said yes. I started to call Linda as she was out of town he said wait. He wanted to surprise her I said  Kool. A smile is worth it all when something is found that was once lost.Thanks Linda and Guillermo…..

image         image

Lost ring in Pepperell MA found in the Nashua river

  • from Bremerton (Washington, United States)


Hey guys and gals! I do enjoy writing these stories, but I never admitted to being another Robert Frost, so here’s one from a lovely observer!
Dear Elizabeth,
This is Paul writing again via Mimi’s Computer, two days later.

So sometimes things happen with astonishing speed. Thus, starting on Thursday,
after writing you, I continued conjuring up various simple ways of finding your ring,
Such as taking a kitchen cooking pot, drilling its bottom full of holes a bit smaller
than my best guess about your ring’s diameter, and then getting myself into the river,
going out to the end of the stones, scooping up the silt & mud & plants next to me,
raising the pot up, letting the water drain, walking to the shore, dumping the contents,
sifting through it, and continuing this routine bit by bit in an ever widening circle until
finding the ring.

I also had about four competing methods, but before starting to implement any
of them, (thank God,) my shop machinist said why not rent a metal detector? So, as
I was leaving for lunch, I asked him to research the subject for me on the internet.

When I got back I saw that he had picked a promising site,”The Ring Finders
Metal Detecting Service”, which I immediately opened, and then continued into the
United States section, and then into the Massachusetts section, and finally to the
“Ring Finder” who works in the Boston area, Guy Fuller, 603-809-3622.

After reading his entry I called him up and told him about our situation. He was
very positive about being able to help and thought he could get to me either Friday
night after his day job, or Sunday night, ditto. He got back in touch on Friday and
was ready to come down. He arrived at 7:45 with his little dog, Abby, and his car’s
trunk full of metal-finding gear. I still didn’t think he could possibly find your ring.

As we walked past the house and down to swimming place he told us story
after story of rings that he had found, some under truly impossible circumstances,
like finding a ring lost more than 30 years before, or under deep snow, or in a huge
field of grass. Then he picked up his gear, marched out into the water to the end of
the stones, and got to work. Mimi and I were watched him for less than 30 minutes
as he moved his wand back and forth around his feet, listening to his ear phones
for the sound signal that could mean either Nickel or Gold to his trained ear. He also
had a little bucket (with the same holes in it that I dreamed up for my kitchen pot) at
the end of a long handle. This he would periodically jam into the river bed bottom,
turn it this way and that, bring it to the surface, search its contents, and then dump
them all back into the water behind him.

And then he stayed leaning over his little bucket and started walking back to
the shore. I thought he was tired, and coming in for a well-deserved rest. I was
wrong: when he reached us he gave Mimi your beautiful, delicate, ring. I really
couldn’t believe that he had found it, even when I held it in my hands. We were all
so happy, and that was really the moment that he always loved with the people that
he helped. We were all so unbelievably happy! He got himself dried off, told us a
few more stories, and we all walked back up to his car. He rang the Bell in the Gate,
accepted our little gift for his efforts, and off he drove, He was a Texan, and a really
fine person.

Here is the high point of Mimi’s video (click on it) and a photo: as soon as we get the
address you’d like us to use we’ll send you the ring itself.
with love from us all, Paul and Mimi.




Keys Found in Franklin, MA

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

On Valentine’s Day, I received a telephone call from Kelley, a fellow employee, explaining that she had lost her keys in the company’s parking lot somewhere in the snow.  It was my day off, and another employee suggested that she call to see if I could help.  The company has huge parking lots, so I was concerned that it may have been plowed into one of the huge mounds of snow, but I agreed to give it a shot.  I searched three areas of the parking lot where she thought she may have dropped the keys without any luck.  Finally, I searched around a light pole in the parking lot and found the set of keys.  Kelley said it was the best Valentine’s Day present she could have received!


Lost Ring Wausau, Wisconsin

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

Hi my name is Ryan Holubiw.  I recently joined to help reunite lost rings and other precious jewelry with their owners in the Wausau, WI, central Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Instead of renting a metal detector you can rent a metal detectorist.  I can find lost rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, class rings, or any ring for that matter.

Sentimental Ring Found, (Hillview Neighborhood) Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Aron (2) 48badd79-c717-4171-985e-68f73287d138 Aron

I received a call from Marlene on Christmas Eve asking if it was possible for me to find her Dad’s ring. 10 days ago he had been brushing the snow off his car with his bare hands when his ring flew off. I told her that if the ring was on the ground I would find it. She described the ring as gold, very large, and having much sentimental valve as it was a 35 year’s of service award from the automotive industry when her dad retired.


Today, Boxing Day morning, I meet Marlene at her condo complex and she showed me where her dad’s car had been parked that evening and also mentioned that he had been out looking for the ring a couple of times and had piled a mound of snow on the front lawn and that the ring could be there. I started my search and had Marlene move her vehicle from her parking spot so I could search that area. I found the ring where her car had been in about two inches of hard packed snow. When Marlene’s father arrived, I walked him over to where the ring was laying in the snow. The smile on his face was proof that this ring was very sentimental for him. He and his daughter were extremely pleased to have the ring back.  Although Aron declined to have his picture taken with his ring for our “book of smiles”, he did give permission to have his ring published. Thank you for entrusting me and “The Ring Finders”. Happy New Year!

Diamond Wedding Band Found at Oakland Beach Home, Warwick, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Yesterday evening, I received a call from Tempest, who asked if I could come to her home right away to search for her diamond wedding band.  She explained that she and her husband, Will, had been searching for the ring and couldn’t find it.  Tempest had seen my information on the internet while on Craigslist so she was familiar with The Ring Finders service.  My wife and daughter accompanied me to assist with the search, and we arrived at Tempest’s home at 8:30 PM.  Her husband, Will, explained that their three-year-old daughter had thrown the wedding band out the window, tryng to throw it to her mother.  Unfortunately, neither Tempest nor Will knew exactly where the ring had landed.  We searched the yard first and expanded the search to the neighbor’s yard, sidewalk, and street.  After searching for two hours, my daughter, Emily, found the ring about forty feet from the house.  Tempest’s daughter promised never to do that again!   IMG_1646IMG_1642