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Lost Ring In Muskogee

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)
Contact: 1-918-724-4184

I received a text from a girl named Linda (on Monday 11-23-15) while I was hunting. She asked me if I could help find her ring. She had lost her ring she received for her 15th birthday while walking. It had been two weeks since she had lost it while walking. It was Saturday, I told her I will be back in town Sunday and I could come Monday after work. She said okay. I received another text, a family member went into the hospital and the ring had to wait. (When things settled down I texted Linda and we set up a day. She said sure but it’s probably gone. It’s been a month I said no we are not giving up.) I finally was able to search for her ring two weeks after the initial call. I made the 45 minute drive from broken arrow. When I got there her brother met me, he took me two houses down from their’s. He showed me the area the size of a house door. I was have way thru the area when I got a great signal, I bent down with my whites TRX pinpointer and guess what it was just below the grass level. I asked, her brother if  this was her ring he smiled and said yes. I started to call Linda as she was out of town he said wait. He wanted to surprise her I said  Kool. A smile is worth it all when something is found that was once lost.Thanks Linda and Guillermo…..

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Ring found in Modesto Ca

from Los Banos (California, United States)
Contact: 1-209-704-6076


Darryl Lost his Diamond Ring 7 years ago it was 4″ Deep in the ground,

I found it in 45 minutes at a public park,  Darryl and his son were playing football and his Ring flew off  his finger never to be found,  We found it that Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend who Lives in Modesto knew I was a Treasure hunter and asked if I would help Darryl,  Darryl didn’t  think their was a chance,

I gave it a try I was only digging the Gold Ring sounds after a short time

I found it at 4″  Yes I was suppressed!!!!!!!!!   But not as much as Darryl,

Mickey Lewis in Los Banos Ca



Darryls RingIMAG0236