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Lost Ring Tulsa Oklahoma

from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)
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Got a call from Linda tuesday at work said her husband lost his wedding ring while playing in the swimming  pool with the kids .  I asked her if they looked in the pool she said yes and even the skimmer yes on that also.  Her husband had to leave town on business..  He got home later that night and to no ring as darkness was  on us… Now three days later Linda texted me again asked if i could come and check her neighbors yard- searched for bout an hour and said let’s go try your yard again..  This time instead of going to the left and going over what i did tuesday i went to the right.  His wife told me he rented a metal detector from a local shop with no luck. It always best to find someone in your area that is experienced with a metal detector that can help you out as soon as possible and get the lost ring back were it belongs..  Got started with a grid search went to the back fence and back towards the house  and got a good signal by the porch bent down and there it was saying you found me  picked it up Tom didnt see me and said i needed to go to my truck went thru the house and showed his wife.. She couldnt believe it..  I got my camera out and acted like nothing happened at this time tom was inside the house getting something to drink..  i asked Linda to go get tom so i could ask him what his wedding ring looked like again..  He looked down and when he did i said does it look like this one — tears flowed from Linda and Tom..  I asked him how he felt and said he didnt think it was never to be seen again thanks for the very generous reward Tom&Linda


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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Blacklick, OH “FOUND”

I received an email from a lady that lost her diamond ring in a wooded patch adjacent to her back yard. After talking to her, she informed me that her fiance threw the ring in the high weeds with a creek going though it. This happened after an argument.

We made a time that we can all be at the house so I could search for the ring and also her fiance could throw my test rings. I searched part of the backyard where he threw the test rings past the fence, in the tall grass and trees. I did the search for about three hours until it got dark. Unfortunately no ring. We set up another time to come back out and search the area again. The second time I found the ring within 15 minutes. The ring was just further in the woods but close to the creek. I am glad that I was able to return the ring to her and that her fiance did not have to buy another diamond engagement ring.