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Lost and found ring Nantucket -found on beach with metal detector – Nantucket

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

I grabbed my metal detector and ran to meet her in a parking lot between Ladies Beach and   Cisco Beach here on Nantucket Island. She told me she had lost her incredibly sentimental gold ring about a month ago and that it had likely slipped off her finger while she applied sunscreen. We walked down to the beach where she showed me exactly where she had been sitting. I looked around. The waves crashed at our feet. The tide was high. The dunes had been beaten to a steep cliff by the rough surf. The ocean was turbulent and the beach narrow. The mission seemed impossible.

gold ring find

As the tide receded and I had only recovered a few bottle caps and pull tabs I feared the worst. However with persistence, sometimes miracles happen!

Boom! There it was! I found her gold ring. It was an amazing metal detecting miracle! I was all smiles and she was as well!


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Ring Thrown off Balcony .. Recovered .. Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Tuesday  12-23-14

I had two calls within 20 minutes Tuesday morning. Both lost rings were lost as a result of arguments with spouses and the rings were thrown. It happens more often than people like to admit. I choose to search for the one that was lost in a public area first but  had no success in locating that ring. I’m sure it was found by somebody as it was a wide open area with hardly any hiding places.

Nikki’s mother called me about the ring and neckless that Nikki had thrown off a second floor apartment. They had searched for two days finding the neckless, but the ring was still waiting to be found. Nikki was embarrassed about her actions, but helpful with her description of how she threw the ring. The neckless did fall just in front of a large boxwood shrub. Then there was a 7 foot fence separating her garden area from her neighbor’s yard. The large shrub was going to be a challenge that I wasn’t wanting to tackle.  I decided to try the neighbors yard first, because it was more detector friendly. We could eliminate that area first, although it seemed like it would be pretty far to throw a small ring. First problem was the neighbor was not home and the gate was latched from the inside. Nikki called them and was given permission to search the yard. I found a ladder that helped give me access to open the gate. It only took a few minutes to find the ring. She was very happy to have it back on her finger, but still remorseful for losing her temper. It was a ring that had belonged her spouse’s grandmother and very sentimental to both of them.

Nikki, Thank you for the reward and especially the jar of homemade salsa..