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Lost Ring While Washing Dog in Westerly, RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A woman recently contacted me to discuss a ring she lost while playing with her dog in Westerly, RI. The last memory of her lost ring was from Father’s Day earlier in the week.

Once I arrived, we began walking around the yard, discussing the number of places she could have lost the ring while playing fetch and bathing her dog. The ring search started at the hose where she washed the family dog. Just as I finished searching the grassy area where the dog was getting bathed, the ring owner asked me to check the bushes where the hose connected to the house. An immediate signal rang through the metal detector just under one of the bushes. I brushed aside a few wood chips, and there it was! Another lost ring handed down from generation to generation was found and reunited with its owner!











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