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  • Land/Shallow Water Search
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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis so I am happy to accept what the item is worth to you and what you can afford to pay to have it found. $75.00 call out fee to cover basic expenses depending on where you are located... it may be more or less, we can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

I have used metal detectors up and down the east coast in a variety of difficult search conditions. My experience includes searching beaches, parks, private or commercial properties, woods, pastures, fields, shallow water, snow and extremely rocky areas.

Search Locations

I’m based out of New London, CT with services extending through the entire of Connecticut and short distances into surrounding states. Block Island, all of Rhode Island (Including Fishers Island). I commonly travel outside of these areas, please call to discuss travel arrangements.

Keith Wille's Bio

Treasure hunting started for me when I was in my early teens. I frequently listened to family members discuss 19th-century silver dollars lost behind the walls of my grandparent’s 80-year-old home. Multiple family members made attempts to recover the treasure, including hammering and chiseling access holes through the thick concrete walls of the basement. Devices were even constructed to reach over the wall but to no avail. All it really took to recover the lost treasure was a 13-year-old kid, some detective work to figure out exactly where the best access point was, a circular saw to cut through the closet floor above the hidden room, and my grandmother’s 10 foot curtain rod with a large spoon taped to the end of it to scoop out the coin roll. I found my first treasure! (But was in big trouble for cutting the floor)

Metal detecting has been a hobby of mine for over a decade. Today, that hobby combined with the same detective work I used to find the coin roll years ago, has allowed me to reunite families with their lost items they never thought they would see again.

Regardless of the terrain, condition of the property, or difficulty of the search I always consider safety a top priority. Leaving the appearance of the property as found it ensures there are no unsafe holes or dead grass left behind.

Time can be critical, especially if the lost item is in a public setting. My schedule is flexible so don’t hesitate to contact me at any time of the day. The sooner I get to the location and begin the search the more likely I am to recover your item. Once I arrive, my knowledge & field experience will allow me to read the terrain, collect information about the lost item and get within close range.

The last piece of the puzzle is the search equipment. A high-performance, lightweight metal detector provides me with the ability to reject unwanted items entirely, adapt to any ground condition, and search for long hours while minimizing fatigue. Combining all these characteristics significantly increases the likelihood of recovering your lost item, while also reducing the amount of time needed to find it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and I look forward to assisting you with finding your lost possessions. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in uncovering items other than lost jewelry – historic relics and artifacts – hidden or forgotten valuables – irrigation systems – cables – property markers – utilities.

Keith Wille - Recent Blog Post

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    Two diamond rings were lost in a grassy yard while a woman was playing with her dogs. The owner placed her rings in a pocket before taking her dogs outside and that was the last time they were seen. While playing, the rings were shaken from the pocket lost in the grass. After searching for […]

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  • Lost Ring East Beach Charlestown, Rhode Island… Found! (2019)

    A custom gold ring was knocked off of a table and lost in the sand. Glenn realized the ring was lost while leaving so he returned to the remote part of East Beach and combed the sand on his hands and knees – no luck. He debated a metal detector rental to try and find […]

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  • Lost Ring Mansfield Connecticut… Found! (2019)

    A 5 year old playing barbies stumbled upon mom’s ring 💍 and decided it would make the perfect crown 👸. Unfortunately, Barbie lost her crown in the front yard and mom spent the next couple of days searching the with a borrowed metal detector – no luck due the overhead power lines causing interference 😕. Jamie reached out and […]

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    A stunning white gold and sapphire ring was lost in a North Stonington resident’s yard last summer. A couple of months after family members searched on their hands and knees, the ring owner found my profile online and reach out for help. We picked a date and I showed up to search the woods and […]

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  • Lost Ring Monson, Massachusetts… Found! (2018)

    1980’s irreplaceable custom wedding band separated from its matching partner and lost during yard work. The day after Megan and her family were cleaning and burning brush, they realized mom’s ring was missing. Megan search the yard and even sifted the ashes to recover mom’s lost ring. A year later, Megan read an article about […]

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Keith Wille - Testimonials

  • I cannot recommend his services enough (2018)


    “A year ago mom lost her wedding ring while helping clean our yard. We didn't know if we'd ever see it again. Today Keith Wille ( used his metal detector to search our yard for it. I cannot recommend his services enough--mom was amazed and happy beyond words when he found her ring!!! Awesome dude, awesome work.”

    “Mom is wearing her ring and very happy this it’s back. I can’t thank you enough for finding it. She told me she did have it resized; it was definitely worth it!”

  • We are forever grateful... (2018)


    “11 days ago Rich Smith lost his wedding band in our front yard. We looked and looked, I had someone in town come over, I borrowed a metal detector (thanks Mike), and we were starting to lose hope. But lucky for Rich I don’t ever give up.

    I came across Keith Wille on the internet, and he came over yesterday. He was able to locate the ring literally in 10 mins. If you’ve ever lost anything, and think it’s gone forever- its not! He’s your guy to find it. We are forever grateful, and this is why you don’t ever give up! Thanks Keith!"

    - Sarena Maulucci:

  • Keith Wille came over, 15 minutes in and he found it… Unbelievable! If you lost any jewelry and can’t find it he’s the guy to go to! (2017)


    I’ve spent countless hours and with 5+ hours on our hands and knees all over my front and back yard… Metal detectors and every last resource my dad trying to find my wedding ring I lost 3 weeks ago… Today Keith Wille came over, 15 minutes in and he found it… Unbelievable! If you lost any jewelry and can’t find it he’s the guy to go to!

  • I highly recommend Keith searching for anything of major importance. (2017)


    After a day at the beach, I got home to realize I had lost my engagement and wedding ring. I rushed back the next morning in hopes of finding someone metal detecting, and eventually found one in the area to rent. I searched for 4 hours to no avail. My husband and I went back a few days later, renting the metal detector and searching for 4-5 hours again. And again coming home empty handed.

    Losing jewelry is a horrible feeling…and that feeling is amplified by a 1000 when they are wedding rings. No amount of insurance money would bring back MY rings.

    I had seen advertisements online for the Ring Finders, but I was hesitant to contact them. I had my doubts about identifying the location of my ring for them to find. But after two unsuccessful trips, I figured there was a 50/50 shot they would return them and I took the odds.

    I emailed Keith around 6:30 on a Saturday night, and had an email back within an hour that he would be calling in the morning. He called as promised and agreed to meet my husband back at the beach in around an hour. My hesitation was beginning to ease!

    We showed him the area where we believed the rings had been lost – the area we searched over and over with our rented detector – and he found them in less than 20 minutes.

    Obviously the successful result speaks for itself! We could not be happier with our decision to reach out to Keith and are beyond thrilled that he was able to locate the lost rings.

    In talking with Keith afterwards I found out that he does survival and search/rescue training for his career and he certainly takes that professionalism and determination over into this field. I highly recommend Keith searching for anything of major importance.

  • Keith Wille came out today and found it! How awesome is that?! (2017)


    For the last 6 months I have been wearing Eric’s wedding ring on my thumb. It has been a great comfort to me. On Saturday, I was swimming with Sydney and horsing around.

    I threw her in the water by having her step on my hands. As I released her, I felt the ring flying off, but I could not stop it.

    Multiple kids and adult family member searched for it to no avail. Not to be deterred, I went online and found who have metal detectors that find people’s jewelry, even underwater. Keith Wille came out today and found it! How awesome is that?!

  • His genuine compassion paired with his obvious love for what he does is astounding. (2017)


    A white gold wedding band inscribed with personal tributes to our love.

    That ring means so much to me.

    I kissed it every day.

    I would sometimes ask my wife to kiss it to “seal it.”

    I lost a lot of weight in an effort to get healthy when my first son was born.

    My ring no longer fit and I used to remove my ring when I went swimming or exercised.

    I would take it off if I sat in the sun as I was afraid I might sweat and it would slip.

    One afternoon, I was sitting in my backyard enjoying the day.

    I did what I always did: Put my book, water-bottle and my ring under my chair.

    I got on the phone and paced a bit around the yard.

    I went up to the deck and around and down the stairs.

    I also had moved my chair a few times to face the sun.

    After an hour had passed I decided to go inside.

    My ring had disappeared.

    I was mortified.

    I got on hands and knees and looked for hours.

    I took a rake and combed every piece of the area in which I had placed my chair.

    When my son came home I had him looking with me.

    My ring was lost.

    I kept thinking to rent a metal detector, but put that off.

    I read some articles and it seemed a difficult prospect for me to pull off.

    Then I resigned myself to it being lost.

    I guess I had not quite lost hope.

    Two plus years later I happened upon Mr. Wille and

    I called Mr. Wille up and he was so very kind and patient.

    I explained the situation, what the ring meant to me.

    Mr. Wille understood and told me what he would do to find it.

    I must say that I was taken aback by his level of confidence.

    There was no, “if” or “but” in his words or even in his voice.

    He was going to find this ring.

    I will also add here that all he asked for was money to cover gas.

    This was not possible, but I figured I would try it.

    We set up a date within days of my call and Mr. Wille arrived exactly when he said he would.

    I walked him around my yard and through all my paces from that day and then returned to work at 9 AM.

    I was in a meeting with a colleague when a text came through at 11:20.

    It was a picture Mr. Wille sent to me of my ring.

    He had positioned it gloriously atop a rock and it still glistened in the late morning sun.

    I swear it took everything I had to not cry in that moment (later I cried after the meeting ended).

    I called Mr. Wille and sped home soon thereafter where he showed me the ring.

    I was at a total loss for words.

    He showed me the spot where he found it.

    It was not far from where I had been sitting, but it was 2-3 inches underground.

    He also shared some old coins and various “treasures” he had found in my yard.

    I must say, I was too stunned to hear. To blissed out to really listen.

    I really could not believe that the ring had been returned to me.

    Mr. Wille would not accept much in terms of a reward, but I plan on sending him more via mail anyway and hope he will be hard-pressed to send it back.

    His genuine compassion paired with his obvious love for what he does is astounding.

    I work in a field where empathy, compassion, and kindness are highly valued.

    It is nice to know that people like Mr. Wille are out there compassionately, gently reuniting people with things that are truly priceless.

    My ring, in terms of monetary value, not much.

    My ring, in terms of what it means to my heart, my soul to see it again – I could never have enough money to pay for that.

    Thank you Mr. Wille.


  • Being reunited with our special ring is a blessing. Thank you Keith for making it possible! (2016)


    Ellen & I grew up in Westerly and Stonington. I moved to San Diego in 1983 with General Dynamics. I do software development for Qualcomm, Inc. We travel back to Westerly multiple times a year. This trip was unplanned, as it was attend the funeral service for my brother Lou. Lou passed away unexpectedly on Aug 2nd. I had been doing a lot of swim training the past few months, in preparation for a charity swim event. Here is a link about the charity a local News station did on the event this past weekend: I wanted to continue my swim training while in Westerly. Since the weather was nice, I decided to try ocean swimming instead of pool at the Westerly YMCA. The plan was to meet my niece, Kaitlyn, down at the Westerly Town Beach that morning (Tuesday) for some training.

    In order to get additional exercise, I decided to ride an old 10-speed bike from Westerly to the beach. My wife had been insistent that she drive me down to the beach as opposed to me riding the bike. She was concerned with my safety, but I insisted and rode the bike. Once at the beach, I paced off the various distances from one end of the property to the other also noting the distances between lifeguard chairs. I started at the east end of the Town Beach in waist deep water. When I go surfing, I always put tape around my finger to prevent the ring from sliding off. When I did my swim training in the pools, my wedding ring would become loose, but I always managed to maneuver it back into place preventing it from sliding completely off my hand. After swimming only about 50 yards, I had a sinking feeling (pun intended) in my gut as I realized my wedding ring was no longer on my finger! I immediately stood up, turned to the shore to find a landmark to indicate where I had stopped. It was a sunny morning and nobody else was in the water. My first thought was that “I can find this”! I slowly and methodically made my way back to the starting point of my swim, then returned to my stopping point. I repeated this process for about 45 minutes, hoping and praying I might spot the ring or a reflection off the ring from the sun. I had no luck. I returned to my stopping point, then paced off the distance to the landmark I used when I first realized the ring was gone.

    I biked back into Westerly. During the entire ride back to Westerly, I couldn’t stop thinking about how the ring had now been in the family for a couple generations and that I was the one to lose it, not to mention how my wife would react. I returned to our house and broke the news to my wife. She was naturally very upset by the news, since the ring was not only the representation of our love for one another but also part of our family history. She told me she had a bad feeling all along about the bike ride and swim. Maybe worth noting as to why my wife may have add the “bad feeling”… we were married at St. Michael’s church in 1986 and on Monday we drove by the church to see the construction progress only to see it leveled! We knew they were renovating the church, but were shocked to see it totally gone!

    I next checked the tide schedule, hoping it wasn’t low tide. As you might have guessed, it was dead low tide when I lost the ring, meaning it would be under water for some time. I started to search the internet for waterproof metal detector rentals when I came across I had never heard of anybody doing this type of work. I found that Keith Wille ( ) was fairly local. I read his blog and suddenly got the feeling that there might be some hope. I contacted Keith via email. Keith responded very quickly and also conveyed his sympathy for our losses of my brother Lou and the wedding ring. He assured me that he has had success retrieving rings in water! We tried to schedule a meeting and retrieval the following day (Wednesday), but Keith’s schedule was already full. To complicate things a little, I had to return to San Diego on Thursday morning. Ellen was returning to San Diego a few days after me. Keith told me he would meet me Thursday anytime that was convenient and prior to me heading to the airport. So, as to not be without a wedding ring for the trip, Ellen and I went to Nigrelli’s Jewelry on Wednesday to purchase a potential replacement ring. I say potential because I had faith in Keith! J

    Keith met my wife and I at 8am down at the town beach. It was sunny and the water was calm. My first impressions of Keith, when we exchanged text messages and phone calls, gave me a high level of hope that he was legitimate. When meeting Keith in person, my confidence level went way up that he would find the ring! Keith is clean-cut, professional, in good shape, and military looking. He told me that he teaches survival training to folks in the military & to pilots. Cool! Keith is also a commercial diver. Keith also maintained continuous communication since our initial contact. One thing I noticed on Keith’s ring finger, was a royal blue colored rubber ring. I asked him about it and he told me it was a silicone ring. He wore it when diving so he wouldn’t lose his ring! Interesting because Ellen and I had never seen nor heard of such an item.

    Keith wanted to meet in person to have me physically show him my landmarks, repeat the description of my activities, and get a feel for the distance from the landmark to the water. I showed him the area of the beach/water, landmarks, and distances. At 8:30, we left the beach and headed to Green airport in Warwick. At that time, Keith was returning to his car to retrieve his equipment. Ellen and I had talked about Keith on the ride to Warwick and I told her I had faith in him. There were some good traits about him that gave me confidence! As soon as I checked my bags and got through TSA security, I received a text message from Keith. The text was sent to both Ellen and I. It was a picture of my ring! The picture clearly showed our inscription, so it was easily recognized. I called him immediately and when he answered, I said “I knew you’d find it!” Ellen was driving back to Westerly by this time and called me a short while afterwards. She drove straight to meet Keith at the Town Beach to get the ring. She said that the weather was so strange on the drive back from the airport into Westerly that morning. It went from a nice sunny morning, to heavy rain, thunder and lightning! I told her it was the power in that ring being unleashed because it wasn’t on the right finger!! J

    Keith is GREAT!!! Keith found the ring so quickly. Keith took our loss to heart and went out of his way to meet with us on our schedule. Keith was very humble and gracious when accepting our gratitude. Please, please, please do not hesitate contacting Keith should you find yourself in a similar situation. Keith has a “page of smiles” on his website that has photos of some of the people he has helped – very heartwarming. Every time I tell someone this story and get to the part about Keith finding the ring, their facial expression is one of amazement. And rightly so! They are also intrigued by the work Keith does. Being reunited with our special ring is a blessing. Thank you Keith for making it possible!

  • A huge thank you to Keith Wille. (2016)


    After not being found within a week after I lost my rings, I thought I would never see them again. Turns out, I was wrong. A MONTH after I lost them, The Ring Finders were able to find not one, but both. I’m in shock and so incredibly happy. A huge thank you to Keith Wille.

  • There are so many wonderful people in this country and Keith you are one of them. (2016)


    To the great Finder,

    Keith you don’t know how much I appreciate you finding my wedding band. It was given to me by my late wife and was an emotional tie to her and our fifty years of marriage.

    My wife had great faith in ST Anthony patron saint of lost articles. My son John said I should pray to him. I did not but he did.

    There are so many wonderful people in this country and Keith you are one of them.

    In deep appreciation,

    Elias (Lou) Hage