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Lost I-phone 11 In Terwillegar Towne Neighbourhood Park, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Hanna called requesting my assistance to help locate her I-phone 11 lost while walking and playing with her dog in the a school playing field. I agreed to meet her after asking my usual questions! Meet Hanna at the park and she showed me the direction she took also told me she had a few friends with her looking for her phone for a few hrs the night before but could not find her phone.  What made the search more difficult for them was the I phone had a white protective case and laying in the snow making it hard to see also her phone was on silent and find my phone app was not turned on.  After about one hour we located her I-Phone which made Hanna very happy.

Lost Engagement Ring in Farmers Field, Rolly View, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




I received a call from Krystal regarding her white 14k gold engagement ring which she had lost out in Rolly View, in the county of Leduc.  After asking Krystal my usual questions I agreed to meet her.

Upon arriving at the location Krystal showed me exactly where she and her boy friend stood when he proposed to her and gave her the ring. With the excitement of accepting his proposal Krystal shook her hand and the ring flew off her finger into the snow! They searched the immediate area with no luck so decided to go back to the city and purchase a metal detector.  They headed back to continue the search but Krystal told me the metal detector made so many sounds that they did not understand and gave up the search and headed home.  While doing a Google search on “how to find a lost ring” she found me on the Ringfinders Blog Page. Within five minute Krystal had her ring back on her finger and was very grateful to have called me.

Thank you Krystal for getting in touch with me. I am so glad to have been able to find your ring.

Lost Man’s Gold Platinum Ring! Rhatigan Ridge Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Received a call from Tyler requesting my service to locate his wedding band which he lost while raking leaves on the weekend with his son in his back yard,  he had no idea where he lost it but he knew he had it on in the back yard.

After asking Tyler a few questions I agreed to do a search for his ring! Told Tyler I would be there around 2 pm to begin the search Tyler said he was not able to be there but his wife would be home.

I arrived at his house and his wife Calli meet me at the door she showed me the back yard and said Tyler was raking the leaves and he had piled the leaves into a pile also had bagged a few leaves into a clear plastic bags about four bags of leaves.

I started my search at a pile of leaves to rule that pile out and yes no ring in that pile then Calli brought me one bag and said they had shook the bag and  if the ring was there it would have fallen to the bottom but they could not see the ring.

I Scand the bag and bingo the ring was in the bag! Calli said they had search for about three hours on the weekend for the ring with no luck.

Thank you Tyler and Calli for allowing me to locate your lost Ring.

Wedding Ring Lost While Playing Volleyball! Woodcroft Community, Edmonton.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Chris called requesting my service to search for his wedding ring which he just lost while playing Volleyball, I arrived at the court and meet Chris, he showed me the court where he was playing in. His gut feeling was the ring was in the middle of the court,  I quickly search the area but the ring was not there I told Chris the ring has to be on the other side of the net I moved to the other side of the court and bang I hear the tone I was looking for and there was his ring.

Chris was very happy to have his ring back on his finger, I also would like to thank my past client Mitchell for referring Chris to me thank you.

Lost Wedding Ring, Skeleton Lake! County of Athabasca, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Zack called me requesting my service to locate his wife’s (Brooke) wedding ring lost just off the boat launch in Skeleton Lake.

After asking Zack a few questions I agreed to head out to Skeleton Lake approximately 160km NE of Edmonton.

I meet Brooke at the lake and she showed me the approximately area that her ring slipped off her finger. It was roughly 40 feet from the shore line in 4.5 feet of water! Brooke told me they had bought a metal detector and had searched for a few hours with no luck at all.

After about 1.5 hrs searching the sandy gravel bottom of the lake I finely received the sound that I was searching for from my detector. I used my scoop and scooped Brooke’s ring from the bottom of the lake where it had been for the past 24 hours!

I called Brooke over and asked her to look in the scoop! The look on her face was indescribable and she had tears of joy to have her ring back on her finger.

Thank you Brooke and Zack for allowing me to retrieve your wedding ring from the bottom of Skeleton Lake.

10k Wedding Band Lost In Church Yard! Ermineskin Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Blake called requesting my service to find his wedding band lost while he was cleaning and picking up garbage around his church yard.
I agreed to meet Blake at the church when I got there he showed me the location where he felt his ring could be, he was around a community garden plot picking garbage and cleaning up the yard then he tells me he put the garbage in bags and dumped them in the dumpster.
My gut feeling was that the ring was in the dumpster! I suggested to Blake to go into the dumpster and remove all the bags and spread them out so I would be able to scan each bag;  while inside the dumpster Blake found his ring lying at the bottom of the bin which made his day.
Thank you Blake for reaching out to me once again to locate his ring, I had done a successful search for Blake back in 2014 he had remembered me and the service I provide.

Edmonton First Snow storm! Of The Season Lost Gold Wedding Ring Lendrum Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Brigitte this morning telling me that her husband was clearing snow off of his vehicle when he heard his wedding ring bounce of his car into the snow, either on the street or the sidewalk.   There was lots of snow and it was very dark so he could not find his ring.

Brigitte decided to do a Google search (how to find a ring in the snow} and found Theringfinders website and called me.

It took me about 20 minutes to locate the ring on the side of the road. Thank you Brigitte for entrusting me to find your husband’s ring.


18k Virgin Mary Pendant Lost! On a Football Field, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Joven called me the other day around 9:00 pm asking if it was possible for me to assist him to locate a pendant which was lost while he was playing rugby! while he was tackling the other player he felt his chain get snagged of his neck and the pendent flew off somewhere. Joven and his coach search for it with no luck.

I meet Joven around 9:30 pm on the field he showed me the area that he felt the chain fell off, within one hour his pendent was back in his hand.

As always where your client tells you he thinks and shows you the area which he lost it! its never there. I always look outside of the box and 90% of the time I’m correct!

Another happy client.