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15 years gone – wedding ring found at Brandywine!

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

A friend of mine had given me permission to search on his parent’s property along the Brandywine – the area holds great potential for Revolutionary War relics and is a chance of a lifetime for a detectorist as far as  I am concerned. I just want to find a round ball! 🙂

It just happens that this area is also the site of an old campground his family sas been using for the past 30 some years, I’ve actually visited there during one of the festivities many years ago. Well, Brian mentioned to me that one of his friends, Janna, had lost her wedding ring there over some fifteen years ago during a weekend of camping – this of course sparked my interest.

When I arrived there on my first hunt, I wanted to search for the ring first – since hey, how cool would it be to find that ring and return it as a favor for a favor! Brian gave me the rough layout of where Janna’s tent was set up and the rough layout of the campground. I set up my quadrants and started searching.

After a few hours, all I had found, along with a few modern coins, were bottle caps and what might have been an old horse bridal ring. Since this area is on a flood plane, all the bottle caps were down at about three inches, that’s pretty deep for modern items. My hopes for finding old revolutionary war round balls diminished, as they would be too deep for my detector to locate … at least in this area. If items from thirty years ago were down around three inches, I could only imagine how deep items from two hundred and fifty years ago would be.  🙁

After a few hours I covered most of the camping area when Brian was about to call it a day and rang the lunch bell; ready to roll up to house for beer and brats – plus the Michigan game was starting soon. I was a little disappointed as I really wanted to find that ring for him.

I told him that I just wanted to do one more lane and then I’d call it quits. I was just finishing my lane,janna ring with about ten feet to go, when I had a rough, yet viable signal. I thought, “Hey, I might as well dig it.” The signal was about three inches down, I neatly cut a plug and as I lifted it, down in the hole  I saw the gleam of gold baby! That deep yellow glow just stood out among the surrounding rich brownish-black soil.  At first I couldn’t believe it, but there she was, still as shiny as if it was just lost yesterday. It was a thin gold ring, with small diamonds. The engraving of initials and year left no doubt as to who the owner was.

BrainI was elated and Brian couldn’t believe that I had found Janna’s ring after it had been lost for over fifteen years. He voiced his disbelieve at the recovery for the rest of the afternoon. It made me happy and I was glad to provide a service for his gracious offer to allow me to detect his property.

As we left the campground area for a well deserved lunch, Brian mentioned that he had also lost HIS wedding ring in the same area while building a campfire. The campfire was just over from where I conducted my first quadrant search! So when I return again, I will try to find his lost wedding ring – how cool would it be to find both! 😉

This has not been the first time where persistence has paid off. Not giving up and searching just one more area was again rewarded with success! I cannot describe the feeling of finding what was lost forever, I feel as happy as the reunited owners.


The next weekend Brian drove down to Baltimore to return the ring to its rightful owner. I wish I could have been there to witness the surprise, as Janna had no idea that her lost ring had been found. The owner’s smile really is the best reward.

Ring Lost at Silver Strand Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Alisha contacted me about her lost wedding ring. She had been to Silver Strand State Beach with her family last Sunday, and lost it out in the surf. She was in waist deep water when it slid off her finger and into the sand below. The visibility of the water at the time was poor, and try as they might, they were unable to retrieve it. Heartbroken and discouraged, she figured it was lost forever. Just contacting me gave her a small ray of hope, as I explained what needed to be done. We agreed to meet at the location where she could show me the search area. Having not taken any specific landmarks or photos to show the exact area, we would just have to do our best. She even waded out into the surf to give me an idea as to how far from the beach and how close to the breakers she had been. The conditions were not good. Very close intervals between waves that would sometimes overrun each other producing very powerful water flow and made it hard to keep your place to grid and/or scoop. After gridding both directions for about an hour and a half with my trusty Excalibur, I had only found 6 targets. 2 iron sounds that kept falling through the scoop until lost, 3 pieces of scrap metal, and finally, a ring. I headed up on the beach where Alisha was doing some business work while she was waiting, and asked to see a photo of the ring again. When she brought it up on her phone, I knew I had THE one! A happier person you will never see. I was pretty happy myself! Both for making her happy, and also,  that I didn’t have to go back out in that surf to get pounded again! With a beautiful sunset, it ended a beautiful day and a continuing ring story. A pleasure to meet you Alisha and thank you for the very generous reward.

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Ring Lost at South Mission Beach, Found and Returned

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Greg was camped in the dry sand close to a volleyball court at South Mission Beach. He planned on joining the fun on the court, so, he dutifully removed his watch and wedding ring and put them in a zippered pouch before heading into the game. Game’s over, he packs up and heads to the car. Goes into the pouch to retrieve his watch and ring, only to find a slight opening in the zipper. The watch was there, but, the ring was missing. I get the call, get some details, and arrange to meet him the next morning so he can show me the exact area where they had been.

It had been super hot and humid all week, and I’d planned on going out in the evening to do some detecting anyway, so, I figured South Mission was as good a place to hunt as any, and I might even stumble across his ring. So off I go to cool down and try to get lucky in the treasure department. I start in and around the volleyball court in question and am not finding a single target. Oh, Oh, not a good sign. somebody has probably already been there ahead of me. I continue to fan out and search the outer areas away from the court and start to find a few coins. An hour or so later, bingo, I get lucky and find a ring. It was described to me as a tungsten carbide with a gold inlay. I texted and called Greg to get a more complete description, as this ring was titanium. Except for the type of metal, he described it to a T, so, it had to be the one. It was interesting to find out that they had been married exactly 2 years to the day! I found it on their anniversary and the date was inscribed inside the band! Now that’s a ring that wants to be found! A pleasure to meet you Greg, and thank you for the reward.

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Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod takes Ring, TheRingFinders found lost ring and returned it!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Mary rs

Ring rs

High seas and strong waves stripped Mary’s engagement ring off her finger as she waded with her young child in her arms. A day of frantic searching by several family members and other beach goers did not yield a successful find. Not wanting to give up Mary did a search for help on the internet. She found my profile on TheRingFinders.com, gave me a call and E-mailed me with a request for help.

Less than a hour later I was at the beach, asked pertinent questions such as type of metal, time of day the ring left her finger, how deep she was, and where she was. With that information I was about to start my search pattern when a beach goer offered more information as he remembered the loss. OK, I modified the area I was going to search and began. I started high on the wet sand and worked toward the water. On the turn to make the third pass a lower than expected tone was buzzing in my ears. I did not think it was the object of search until I saw one third of the ring’s white gold band shining in the sand – the alloying metal in white gold will cause a lower tone than yellow gold on the detector I was using. But, when on a search I dig all targets! A good practice. I took the scoop, sand and ring to Mary for her to retrieve the ring.

Many onlookers passed congratulations and hugs around. Pictures of smiles and the ring were taken and stories were exchanged. I was even asked if I had found a UMASS ring…lost 12 years ago at the same beach. No, not me. But I will ask around if anyone might have found it. That would be great, to locate and have it returned after so many years.

It is always wonderful when a search ends in success. I really enjoy helping those that can use a bit of luck with the expertise I possess.
Smiles on.

Lost Wedding Band… Found Near Independence Iowa


I found a mans white gold wedding band Monday for a nice young couple. He was messing with some leaky paint cans and didn’t want to get paint on his ring so he gave it to his wife to hold for him. There was an outside water faucet beside the barn so she decided to wash any paint that got on the ring off and wash her hands and get a drink. She thought she put the ring on her ring finger next to her wedding ring and then shook her hands to try and get them dry. Well the ring came off. They searched on hands and knees, bought a cheap detector, no luck. I arrived and gridded the area beside the faucet and didn’t come up with it. So I expanded my search, still nothing. I had her do a couple of reenactments with a ring I brought with me and the ring never went very far. So I put on my six inch coil and went back through the area in a tight grid, still not there. I was beginning to think I would have to come back and do the entire yard. We were standing there discussing it when something on the ground caught my eye. I looked away and then my brain said look back there. I walked over and there it was laying in the gravel. gravel-ring   How it got there is a mystery because it was on the right hand side of the faucet. Just glad we had a happy ending. wedding band 2wedding band

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call in the morning about a lost ring in the front yard somewhere. The ring was tossed in the yard by mistake. After they searched for the ring for hours they came up empty handed. I showed up to the address later that day to start the search. After searching for half an hour, there was the ring hidden in the grass away from eye site. They were very happy to have the ring returned back to them.


Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”




What To Do When You Lose Your Ring

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

As Ring Finders, we get a lot of calls to recover jewelry soon after it was lost. Unfortunately, some people inadvertently make it harder to find their jewelry after they lose it. Here are some tips to help recover your ring, earring, necklace, watch or other jewelry.

The first thing to do is STOP. Look around, notice where you are, and what landmarks are nearby. If you are at the beach, which hotel/house are you at, are you near a lifeguard station, cabana, boardwalk or trash can? At a park, are you near a light pole, bench, tree or volleyball court? Unfortunately, too many people can only say, “I lost my ring on Ocean Beach” which is miles in length, and far too large to search.

Retrace your steps. When do you last remember wearing your jewelry? What is the last thing you remember doing? For example, it is quite common to lose a ring after applying lotion or washing your hands. Earrings and necklaces can slip off during sports, while changing clothes, or while arranging picnics and blankets.

Next, make a specific list of the places you have been since last seeing your ring.

Now you are ready to search. Be gentle! Tell everyone to walk around slowly, and search with their eyes. Avoid using rakes or other tools, as far more items are dragged into cracks, drains, holes, etc. by inexperienced searching than are recovered that way. You cannot recover what you do not see!

Do you have a smart phone? Open up the map, drop a pin on your location, and send the pin to a friend. This will save the GPS coordinates of your location so we can go right to that same spot later. This is VERY important on large beaches.

At the beaches in North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, Myrtle Beach, Sunset and Huntington Beach we commonly recover items as deep as 6 to 8 inches, even when they were lost that day. The ring will usually start about half an inch under the sand, but get pushed deeper as it gets stepped on by searchers. While our equipment can find items up to about 10-12 inches, recoveries that deep are much harder than those on the surface. If you know where the item is lost, and cannot see it, call us quickly!

If you’ve lost your ring on the beach or in the surf, it’s very important to remember the date, time and location of the loss. This will help us determine the tide levels for that period and to conduct an optimum search.

At parks in Horry County, lost items usually remain on the surface, hidden in the grass or ground covering. Our advice is the same: Walk the area slowly and gently, using your eyes to do the work. Many items can be recovered through careful visual searches. Avoid rakes or other tools: we have seen small items tossed ten feet through the air when they catch on a rake tine.

If you do not find your item quickly, contact The RingFinders! We have successfully recovered jewelry of every description all up and down the Grand Strand. People have contacted Ring Finders from North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach. We work at parks, schools, private property (with permission) and businesses.

If you have lost a ring or other jewelry in the North Myrtle Beach area, contact me. RingFinders work on a reward-only basis. Click here to read more stories about finding lost rings.

Good luck!

P.S. If your ring is still on your finger, make sure it isn’t loose, and inscribe your name or ID on the inside.

Originally posted on Sept 6, 2010 by Dave Millman

Newspaper Article – Lost Ring – Sun Prairie Star

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


We were recently featured in the Sun Prairie Star. The original story can be found at: http://theringfinders.com/blog/Dan.Roekle/2015/04/lost-ring-give-hope-ring-found-3-years/


Lost Class Ring from 1958 – Wait till you watch the video!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


Arnie lost his 1958 class ring, and read an article about us in the local paper and wondered if we could help him find his lost ring from 4 years ago.  Check out the write up below, which includes video of the actual ring hunt … did we find his ring?  You’ll have to read it to find out … wait, of course did, why else would I be posting this … check out the size of that ring!

Link to Complete Story:


Direct link to video:




Lost Mens Wedding Band At Gordons Pond State Park In Rehoboth Beach, Del.- Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

image1 (1)On 05/24/15, I received a text message from a gentleman requesting my help in finding his lost platinum wedding band at Gordons Pond State Park in Rehoboth Beach, Del. I then called him to learn the circumstances regarding how he had lost his ring. The gentleman said that he and his wife had been sitting in the sand on the beach at the state park as he stood up he went to brush the sand off of his pants his wedding band flew off his finger and landed in the sand behind him where it disappeared. I told the gentleman that I would meet him the very next morning so that I could assist him in finding his lost ring. After meeting at a shopping center, we drove to the beach to begin the search for the ring. The gentleman’s wife had used her cell phone to take a photo of the sand dune up from the area of the beach where the ring was lost. Using the photograph we were able to locate the area of the lost ring by identifying two small trees and using them as landmarks. After searching the beach for about fifteen minutes the lost ring was recovered and returned to its owner.