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Lost Man’s Silver Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call about a Lost Man’s Silver Titanium Wedding Ring. He was throwing a ball to his dog in the backyard when the ring flew off into the yard. He searched and searched was unable to locate the ring. After scheduling the best time to perform a search, I search the yard and there was the ring. He was happy that I was able to find his ring.

Lost Man’s Silver Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Silver Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

Lost Man’s Silver Titanium Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”


Wedding Ring Returned To Family Vacationing In Corona Del Mar

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


Saturday October 22, 2016

I received a phone call from someone named Dan who was visiting on vacation from Utah with his family. They were in south Corona Del Mar, and lost his titanium ring in the sand. After a long conversation, I found out the ring was lost far up on the sand, away from the water. It was higher up than the next oncoming high tide, so I knew it was safe and would still be there in the morning. The location was secluded. I spoke to him and asked him to mark the area with some smaller logs that were nearby. I went down to meet him Sunday morning at about 9:00 am and took about a five minute walk from the main beach. He showed me the area where he thought he lost it, and lo and behold, I heard a long RING, and the ring was in the first target that I dug. He was  amazed at the speediness of the recovery of the ring and was very grateful. He called his wife and kids right away to inform them of the good news, thanked me, and was on his way. I had a very gratifying ride home and the happiness of finding a ring made the ride home a lot shorter.

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Ring Lost at South Mission Beach, Found and Returned

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Greg was camped in the dry sand close to a volleyball court at South Mission Beach. He planned on joining the fun on the court, so, he dutifully removed his watch and wedding ring and put them in a zippered pouch before heading into the game. Game’s over, he packs up and heads to the car. Goes into the pouch to retrieve his watch and ring, only to find a slight opening in the zipper. The watch was there, but, the ring was missing. I get the call, get some details, and arrange to meet him the next morning so he can show me the exact area where they had been.

It had been super hot and humid all week, and I’d planned on going out in the evening to do some detecting anyway, so, I figured South Mission was as good a place to hunt as any, and I might even stumble across his ring. So off I go to cool down and try to get lucky in the treasure department. I start in and around the volleyball court in question and am not finding a single target. Oh, Oh, not a good sign. somebody has probably already been there ahead of me. I continue to fan out and search the outer areas away from the court and start to find a few coins. An hour or so later, bingo, I get lucky and find a ring. It was described to me as a tungsten carbide with a gold inlay. I texted and called Greg to get a more complete description, as this ring was titanium. Except for the type of metal, he described it to a T, so, it had to be the one. It was interesting to find out that they had been married exactly 2 years to the day! I found it on their anniversary and the date was inscribed inside the band! Now that’s a ring that wants to be found! A pleasure to meet you Greg, and thank you for the reward.

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Lost Titanium Wedding Band at English Bay Beach…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call the other night from a young man who was on his honeymoon from Cleveland Ohio.  He told me that he lost his titanium wedding band well paddle boarding at English Bay Beach, he knew the area where the ring came off because it was when he fell of the board.

We discussed the search and because it was going on a high tide there was nothing i could do until morning. The young man was able to tell me where the ring was lost because it marked off the area and had land marks for me to line up with.

I wanted to be on the beach by 7:30 but I couldn’t find parking because there was a huge marathon going on early in the morning , it took me over an hour to get near the beach where I could park.

After setting up my grid I began to search and only 20 minutes into the search I got a good signal and I looked into the sand scoop to see his titanium wedding band…















What a great feeling knowing that I get to call the young man and give him the good news. They were on their honeymoon and you can imagine how horrible that would feel to lose a ring that was the one your wife gave you…













I love my job!!! Lost something and need it found…Call me ASAP


Watch the video of the recovery here.