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Lost Wedding Band Found Margate NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
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Patrick was spending the week in Margate, NJ, with his family when he placed his wedding band on the seat of his chair. Without knowing, one of his children sat on the chair, causing the ring to fall somewhere in the sand. Despite his efforts to find it, Patrick wasn’t successful. Looking for help, he reached out to me, Ring Finders South Jersey.
Upon receiving the call, I quickly arrived at the scene. Gathering more details, I began my search. Using my metal detector, I was able to pick up the signal I was looking for, and ultimately found the ring in my scoop. Patrick was overjoyed to have his wedding band back on his finger. Now, he and his family can enjoy the remainder of their stay in Margate, New Jersey.

Lost ring in Big Sand Lake, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Jason asking if I could help him find his wife’s diamond engagement ring that was thrown into a 10 foot deep canal! Of course I had more than a few questions to help me determine the likelihood of actually finding her lost ring. Come to find out one of Jason’s sons got a hold of his mom’s ring and, for some strange reason, decided to run outside and give it a toss into the water! After hearing the story of what all happened I decided to take my kayak and check out what I was up against. Turns out the water was exactly 10 feet deep with lily pads on both sides of the canal and at least a foot of silt on the bottom with a whole lot of aquatic weeds of different kinds as well. Jason pointed to the “area” where he was fairly sure the ring landed and I dropped a weight and marker for the following days search.

Scuba was required and I opted to use my Blu3 Nemo Dive system and the hand held Pulse Dive scuba detector combined with a PVC grid layout that measured 6 foot by 10 foot. After clearing a path thru the lily pads I towed my PVC grid out over the target area and let it sink to the bottom. I spent the next two hours scouring the bottom and moving my grid to be sure I was covering, what I thought was the exact spot, where the ring hit the water. And as I was finishing up…Jason’s dear wife came out to see how it was going and she said, “I think it landed more to the right!” So with one last push I switched out my battery, moved my PVC grid and prayed to God that Mrs Jason was correct! I swept my hand held pin pointer all the way around my grid and as I was finishing up I got one last small signal. I grabbed down into the mud trying to feel the object that was causing the detector to beep and finally found a small circular object. At first I thought it might be just a washer or rusty nut but as I cleared the mud away I held it up close to my dive mask and I could just make out a shiny diamond…and not just one diamond but a whole bunch of diamonds! I literally started yelling and hollering…”I found it, I found it, thank you God, thank you God!” Jason and his wife were stunned and so, so thankful to have their ring back…especially since they were moving the next day to California!!

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Lost cross on the beach, Atlantic City NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Tomas about a cross he lost. He explained it was a huge sentimental item, and it was irreplaceable. We agreed I would head there early the next morning. He gave me all the information, including the marked location on the phone GPS. With  that I figured it would be a simple recovery. Upon arrival i marked the location, and got to work. After no luck, I examined pics he sent with fixed objects on shore. I remarked the spot 35′ away, and after about 10 min. the cross was in my scoop.

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Metal detecting in Miami Beach for lost ring

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you lost a ring or other type of jewelry at the beach (in the sand or water) give me a call, I have a metal detecting service and can come out and find it for you.  Call / Text Louis 305-608-1870.  Alexandre lost his ring on while on vacation from Switzerland.  He was flying out the next day to California.  When he called me I didn’t think I was going to be able to find it because the surf was as bad as I had ever seen it.  But after about an hour of being battered around in the water, we found it.  He did a great job of marking the area where he lost it.  A beautiful 18k Gold Ring.


  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


       Sam and Emily frantically called me last week to ask if I could help them find a gold ring with diamonds that Emily had lost in the sand at the beach in Malibu. I was about 70 miles away but I went home after work grabbed my detectors and hit the road. It took almost two hours to get through down town Los Angeles, and out to the west side then up to Malibu where it was already dark out, I met Sam on Pacific Coast Highway and headed down to the sand. When I spoke to Emily she explained that they were visiting from Florida, and would be leaving Southern California in a few days.

       I gridded the sand at waters edge for about 10 minutes before getting a solid signal and there was Emily’s ring in my scoop. She was ecstatic to have her ring back on her hand. The long drive home wasn’t so bad after being able to help such a nice young couple.

Avalon NJ Lost BMW key fob found by John Favano Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Jeff started his morning early in Avalon, NJ with plans to go surfing. He placed his key fob in his towel on the beach before heading out for some waves. While out in the water, the beach rake accidentally moved his towel and also took his key fob with it.  He and his wife, Kristen, searched for a few hours with no luck, so they called me to help find it. I met them around 30 minutes later and gathered some information. Jeff explained where he placed the towel, so I started the search in the immediate area. I started with a 50-feet radius that didn’t produce any targets.  I then went to the dump pile of sand, but it wasn’t there either. The next step was to expand the search area.  I got a great signal approximately 175-feet away from where he placed the towel. It was the BMW key fob! The couple was relieved and was able to enjoy the rest of Memorial Day.

Lost ring on honeymoon found at Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)


If you lost a ring or any piece of jewelry, give me a call, I have a metal detecting service and can come out and QUICKLY find your lost item.  Louis 305-608-1870.  This recovery was an early morning recovery of a couple on vacation for they HONEYMOON.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose your ring especially on your honeymoon.  Unfortunately he had to suffer a long night without his ring but I was able to go out and find it first thing in the morning, right after sunrise.  He did a great job of remembering where he lost it.  Another vacation saved:-)

Wildwood NJ Lost Engagement Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I had the opportunity to be part of an extremely special and exciting recovery this past weekend in Wildwood, NJ. Holden and Carley are high school sweethearts from the Hershey, PA area who were in town helping with their local color guard who competed at the Tournament of Bands Indoor Championship at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Carley enjoys looking for seashells, so Holden’s plan was to propose to her on the beach the night before they were leaving to go home.

Holden put the engagement ring in his shirt pocket before they left for the beach, so he could pull it out easily when it was time to propose. They were out on the beach for a while collecting shells, but when it was time to take the ring out of his pocket, he realized it wasn’t there. He figured it fell out while bending over to pick up a shell and thought it was lost forever. His mother Christi’s friend suggested they give me a call to help find the ring, so she texted me a little after 10 PM on Saturday night. We met at the entrance to the beach a few minutes after I responded to their text, and he gave me more information about the sequence of events from earlier that day and landmarks he remembered.

The search area was quite large, and it was close to 11 PM before I got started. It was dark, chilly and windy on the beach that night, but we were determined to find the ring. After gridding for roughly 25 minutes, I stopped to ask Holden a few more questions which quickly led me to where the ring was buried. A few swings with the metal detector in a more precise area, and the ring was found!
The events that unfolded next were truly awesome to watch. Holden went back to meet Carley and was able to propose with the engagement ring. It is a memory that will not be forgotten.

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Avalon NJ Lost Engagement Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call to search for a lost engagement ring in Avalon, NJ. After meeting up with the family on the beach. They gave me some details on how the ring might have been lost. I started the search with my metal detector and the ring wasn’t in the area. We then spoke again about where the ring could be and using my pinpointer (hand held mini metal detector) I was able to locate the ring in a pocket of a sweatshirt after searching everything that was in their beach cart!

avalon-njmetal detectorAvalon

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Lost Rose Gold Promise Ring Found Sea Isle City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Megan was splashing her brother while sitting in the surf in Sea Isle City, NJ when the unexpected happened; her rose gold promise ring flew off her finger into the ocean with one of the splashes. Her mother reached out to me, and I explained that we had a good chance of finding it. I met the family on the beach and started working under the low-tide line parallel to the surf, working my way up the slope. I dug a few targets before getting a “promising” signal that was 5-6 inches deep. I dug one final scoop, and the ring was returned to Megan!

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