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Found lost Wedding Ring East Spokane

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)


The weeds were at it again. This time a hard working gardener was trying to be wise while tending to her garden beds and took off her rings. After placing them in her pants pocket the inevitable had begun. She remembered taking  her fit bit out of her pocket but not the rings. So the next morning when she saw that her rings were not on, she looked in her pants but only found her engagement ring. Two days of searching went by with no sign of the ring. She even rented a metal detector and tried looking for the ring, with no instructions  from the rental company.  Then on Google with a few key phrases Diane found me through my Craigslist post. I showed up that Sunday afternoon with a confidence that her back yard was hiding something from her. I swung over the area where she took out her fit bit without finding the ring, so I decided to grid the whole back yard. It took two grid lines to get me near the ring. Then my V3i detector screamed at me. I looked down in the grass as I pinpointed and saw the golden rim of her ring. It is so much fun to be out there trying to find lost items. This was the first ring find of the summer for me and I’m glad Diane has her 32 year old wedding ring back on her hand.

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Lost/Found Gold Mens Wedding Band In Middletown, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 12/27/15, I was contacted by a gentleman who had lost his gold wedding band in his backyard while playing football with his children. I was told that he did not see or feel the ring come off of his finger. The gentleman stated that he felt that the ring had to be somewhere in the grass in his backyard because he had the ring on his finger before playing football and that he found the ring missing  after the game had ended. The gentleman stated that this was the first time he had lost the ring in 13+ years and wanted to know if I could help him find the ring. I told him that I would help him and asked that he mark the area that he was playing football in. I told him that I would respond to his residence on 12/29/15 to look for his ring. Upon arriving at the residence on 12/29/15, I found the area marked as I had requested and I began the search. During the first few feet of the search there were several high tones that I did not attempt to recover as they indicated possible coins and they were buried in the ground. After a few feet past the possible coins I received a mid tone which was an indication of the treasure that I was looking for. As I brushed back the grass the gold ring revealed itself and it was reunited with its rightful owner.

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