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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Recovered in Forest Hill Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

Once again I am proud to say that my 100% recovery success rate is still in tact! Earlier in the week I received a call from Michael telling me that his wedding band slipped off while doing some yard work and asked if I could come out and see what I could do.  Luckily I work about 25 minutes from his residence so we made plans to come out the the next day. Michael had a plane to catch in the morning so I ended up meeting his wife Gina when I arrived. Here’s how things went down in her own words….

My husband was out in the yard spreading grass seed a couple weeks ago. He came into the house and told me that he felt his ring fall off while he was sifting through some of the excess seed with his hands. I went out to where he said that he was and we both spent about 20 minutes before we gave up on it. We both went out the next day and spent another 15 to 20 minutes looking for it and still no ring. We decided to buy a metal detector and had the same result..NO RING! We were both dumbfounded and ready to chalk it up as a loss. I decided to try once last attempt on internet to search for a company that specializes in recovering lost jewelry. After about 10 minutes and different google entries, TheRingFinders website came up. I found Jim’s name and read his blog and my husband called him. He was very pleasant and informative during the conversation. You could really feel his enthusiasm for what he does as a “hobby”.  He was able to come by after work the following day and begin the search. Jim had full confidence that he would find it and I was trying to be as positive as he was about it. After about an hour, all that was found was a flat soda can, aluminum foil and a  juice top, I was having my doubts but Jim kept reassuring me that the ring would be found. He began to search the other part of the lawn where it could have possibly fallen off with no such luck. He then started to go over the initial area where my husband said he felt it slip off. I went inside for a few minutes and came back out to see Jim on the ground digging at something. He turned around and said, “I found it”. I couldn’t believe it when he showed me the spot where it was. It was lying under some grass about 8 feet from the initial area. I was completely amazed and so excited when he held it up. We can’t begin to thank him enough for his professionalism and true passion to help people. I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anyone in a similar situation. Thanks again and congrats on a perfect recovery record!!!


Take Care,


Gina & Michael

I’m glad I was successful Michael/Gina….for your sake and for my own personal track record!


Hiding in the grass!


She said she may charge a ransom once her husband gets home!




Lost Wedding Ring in Blacksburg, Virginia

from Roanoke (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-540-392-1256

Hello my name is Jim Robertson and I joined ”The Ring Finders Directory” to help people find their most cherished & sentimental lost items such as Diamond Engagement Rings & Gold & Platinum Wedding Bands lost in Blacksburg Virginia and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to find your lost ring contact a metal detecting expert ASAP.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you find your lost Smile!


Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found on Beach at Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Today Prarthna called me from New Jersey. She and her husband visited California last week and had a wonderful time. On the way back to San Francisco International Airport they stopped at the beach on Half Moon Bay. It was there in the deep sand that Prarthna felt her diamond wedding ring slip off her finger.

This was not a typical wedding ring, either. Prarthna’s husband had studied diamonds and hunted for four months to find the perfect stone, then had the ring custom made for the stone. The ring had great sentimental value to both of them.

Late this afternoon, I met her friend Navdeep who had been at the beach with them the day the ring was lost. He showed me where Prarthna had been walking when the ring slipped off her finger. We marked a search zone in the sand, and most importantly, he climbed up a hill to sit at the same bench he was sitting at when she lost it. Using a hardy bush growing in the sand as a landmark, he directed me to stand on the sight line where he remembered seeing Prarthna. The intersection of the search zone and this line of sight identified the place where he felt the ring most likely landed.

I carefully gridded the search zone and triple searched it without luck. The sand was very clean, suggesting that other metal detector users had already cleared out the pull tabs, bottle caps and other metallic trash  that we find at most beaches. But I did find four coins, so we remained hopeful.

Next I started searching south from the search zone, not far off the sight line. On my first pass, I got a low tone that usually means aluminum or gold. This time it was Prathna’s ring, four inches deep in the sand. Look at the photo below, you can see how beautiful it is. Navdeep had done a good job showing me where to search. Prarthna was very happy when we called her with the news that we had found her ring.


Diamond ring found at Half Moon Bay

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at English Bay Beach, Vancouver…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463



I helped David find his Platinum wedding band that he lost in the ocean 3 days before we made contact. He told me the story that just before they left the beach for home he was washing the sand off his daughter when he felt the ring come off his finger and into the water.

He spent the next 45 minutes searching for his wedding ring in the not so warm water but so often the end result is the sand wins! That’s only temporary as ”The Ring Finders” are there to help!



If David could put me in the area I will find it, if someone hasn’t beat me to it.

Well after searching the first area just 2 hours before dark we didn’t  have any luck. David started to think that he put me in the wrong location after his wife sent him a picture of him in the water. I decided to return the next morning for low tide and search the new area…



It took 2 hours and I found the ring! I love a good hunt! And I love my job!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lost something? Call me or The Ring Finders near you.


You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost Ring, Found in Big Brower Lake, Rockford, Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653


Aunt Diane is a very happy person.


Gold ring with jade stone inset


 Last November Diane Baumann called me from an article about me, that was referred to her from a friend. Her nephew had been visiting from out of town and went swimming at their home. When he jumped off the dock a ring that had belonged to his grandfather and gifted to him came off his finger.

By the time she was able to get ahold of me fall had set in and it was too cold to hunt the lake. I told her I would call her in the Spring, so I gave her a call and arranged to come out as today was a balmy 65 degrees.

The dock wasn’t in from the winter yet but she pointed to about where it would have been lost. While I ventured out to the deeper spot my brother Doug started from the beachfront. After about 30 minutes I came up with 2 quarters, a penny and a green marble. Doug kept digging up washers, a bolt, pull tabs and then the ring half way between the beachfront and where I was.




Lost Locket & Gold Chain found! Arlington,Texas

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

We  received a panic call from a young man about 8pm one night saying that his girlfriend had lost the locket and chain he had given her somewhere in his front yard.  He wanted us come that night but we were tied up and promised to come early the next morning.  We arrived around 7am and he explained that he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the front yard when the incident happened. She had placed the item in the pocket of her hoodie prior to playing around.  She was extremely upset with him and he was really upset that he couldn’t find it himself.

We got out our detectors and began scanning and in just 5 minutes or so we got a HIT.  We found the locket and chain. He was shocked and happy and could not thank us enough.

What a thrill to have another successful hunt for “The Ring Finder”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Carrollton,Texas

Lost ring found in Big Bear Lake Ca.

from Big Bear Lake (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-206-7655

    I’m happy to report that R.Rodriguez is reunited with his wedding band.He lost it about 6 weeks ago while shoveling snow during his vacation.With the information he was able to provide I was able to locate the ring in under an hour and have sent it back to him.A happy ending !!I wish him success in his young military career.


Gold Wedding Band found 6 months after it was lost!!! Coppell,Tx

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

My wife and I were out detecting in a local park when a gentleman approached me to say he had lost his gold wedding band in his backyard, would we come try and find it(?).  Having asked him a few questions, he told me that 6 months ago he was working in his backyard and placed his wedding band on a small patio table and continued working.  He forgot about the ring and moved the table several times before he realized his ring was gone.  He and his family searched for days trying to find it and even borrowed a metal detector from a friend but was unable to locate it. He told me his wife was very upset with him or he wouldn’t have bothered to ask.  We agreed to come out the next morning at  8:30am arriving on a damp, slightly rainy morning.  We found out that the gentleman was a law inforcement officer and was on the phone when we arrived working on a situation that had happened the night before. He quickly showed us the backyard and went through his actions the day he lost the ring.  We got out our equipment and told him there would be several beeps and noises from my pinpointer alone but not to get too excited as the Garrett detector would be picking up anything metal.  I put on my headphones, turned on my Gartett ATPro and began my search in the backyard.  My detector went off  immediately, and I mean in the first 10 seconds of starting, which startled me.  I thought NO-WAY, it has to be coming from the patio rebarb in the concrete.  When I pulled out my pinpointer and checked to be sure I HIT Full TONE immediately.  I bent down, pulled the grass aside to see and there flush in the mud and grass was a Gold Circle.  His wedding band. I looked up and ask my wife to get the video camera ready on our iPhone, she looked at me like I was nuts, I whispered, I Got It.  She said no way but got the camera ready and started filming.  The homeowner was walking around the backyard and I said, ‘sir, you might want to take a look at this’…he hollered and grabbed the ring from me; it actually still had grass growing through it.  He was so excited, he hugged me and thank us and thanked us.  He was so excited he forgot about us and ran inside to tell his wife. This 10 second find made our day and put a smile on everyone’s face for the day.   It felt so good helping someone who is out there protecting us on a daily basis. Another Successful Find for “The Ring Finders” Don & Ellen Wilson  – Carrollton,Tx

Lost ring, Lansing, Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

front yard



back yard




Lost ring in Lansing Michigan still not found. Mr. Pearson assumed he lost a gold ring, in his yard, with 5 diamonds in it. The dimonds came from his wife and mothers rings and were very special to him. He was trimming a tree in the front yard and started taking the branches to his back yard and throwing them over his fence. It was a cold fall day and he was not wearing gloves.

He got ahold of me and I traveled the 6o miles to his home and searched the front and back yards and the area over the fence. I could not find it and being that it was very cold I told Mr. Pearson that I would be out in the Spring.

It is now Spring and the temp is about 80 degrees today. I brought my brother Doug and a friend Larry with me to do a complete grid search. We searched the fron and back yard, a garden area and the area over the fence that is adjacent to a cemetary. After questioning Mr. Pearson about places that it could be he was not quite certain that it was lost in the yard as it was a couple of days after the tree triming that he noticed it was gone.

I wanted to write this blog today just to show what we do as ringfinders. We question, we search, we question some more and generally we find. In the case of Mr Pearson we wished him well and left this fine gentleman knowing that we gave our best to find his ring.

Is This 1960 Wedding Band Yours?

from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Is this 1960 wedding band yours? Inscribed April 18, 1960, the keen nose of a family dog lead its owner to investigate. The discovery occurred over a decade ago at a rest stop near Grantsburg, Wisconsin alongside the St. Croix River off State Highway 70.

The conscientious individual that found this ornate love-token desires to return it to the owner or owner’s family. Sadly, much of the inscription is worn away. All that remains, as the photos show, is 14K F. (or J.)….. G. 4-18-’60.

If you recognize this ring or have any information that might help identify its owner, contact:
262 574 7702.

It is my hope that the finder’s integrity will inspire many

Grantsburg Rest Stop

others to take the same refreshing ‘high road’ in making every reasonable effort to return lost jewelry items to their rightful owner. This is the core value shared by our team at

Paul Humphreys
Metal Detecting Specialist
Wisconsin, USA