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Lost Custom Wedding Ring Found in Marina: Ocean City NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Look at this BEAUTY!! A Tuna, a Marlin and an Anchor…

I received a call from John asking if I could help him find his custom made wedding ring. He said he had lost it a few weeks ago in the water. I asked John to give me some more details.

He said he was washing his boat with a car wash mitt on his hand. The mitt came off and when he retrieved the mitt and picked it up he saw his ring fall out of it and sink into the bay.

I started asking a lot of questions, the main one being how deep is the water? John’s reply was 4 foot at low tide. I agreed to make the hour drive the following Sunday to meet him at low tide.

I got to the marina about a half an hour before low tide. Yes it was 4 feet deep to the muck, the muck was about another foot. I got into my wetsuit and got into the water. He pointed to the area the ring fell.

Within 2 minutes I had a solid signal. I thought wow this is great, a nice QUICK find I’ll be back home in time to watch the Opening Kickoff of the NFL Season. The muck was so thick in my scoop we need a hose to see what was in it. I had a “Stinkin Lincoln” a penny. I continued the hunt.

The area was quite, not much metal. I had to have John move his boat to broaden the search area. In the next hour and a half I had found 1 penny, 1 Miller Lite can and 4 little washers.

I was getting frustrated and so was John. The tide was coming in and was up to my neck while standing on my tippy toes. John then tells me that he might have moved the ring. He said for the 4 nights after he lost the ring he was in the water with a shrimp net trying to find the ring.

I said I am running out of time and need to get out because of the incoming tide, and I don’t scuba dive. But I want to check this one little area. 2 minutes later I had the ring. What a beautiful gold ring it is.

John was so happy, the look on his face was priceless! I was pumped, great adrenaline rush for an adrenaline junkie!! The people on the dock and the boat next to John’s were amazed that I had found it. They all thought that Davey Jones was now owner of the ring.

John said he will not wear it again until he gets it re-sized.

Below are some words from John:

On August 31st 2012 I was cleaning my boat after a day of reef fishing in OC N.J. I lost my custom made wedding ring when my hand hit the rub rail. After a week of searching myself a friend told me about Dave Milsted the ring finder. I called Dave and set a date for Sept 9 2012 at low tide. Dave showed up on time and worked very hard for two hours as the tide was rising quickly. Dave found my priceless ring. I cannot thank him enough.

Best Regards

John R

O.C. N.J

John reunited with his custom ring!

Lost ring Calgary Groom out of the doghouse

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

Kevin searching the mud puddle










A lost TUNGSTEN WEDDING RING WITH 3 DIAMONDS was found west of Sundre, Alberta Canada by Kevin Niefer the TV METAL DETECTIVE.  They were up in the foothills where people go 4 wheel driving and ride on quads.  The Bride and Groom were having a mud fight for their wedding photos and the groom lost his ring in a large mud puddle.  Everyone in the wedding party tried looking for it.  The ring wasn’t found even after six people put in about six hours. They even rented their own metal detector with no luck. I was able to find it in 20 minutes.  This made two people very happy.  Now the groom was out of the doghouse and their lives full of wedded bliss could begin……..



Wedding party after looking for six hours with detector

Grooms wedding band after found






Two rings found and returned to the same owner

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a distressed call from a mom about a lost ring in a pond recently. The daughter had been given the ring by someone who had passed away recently. A second ring had been lost about a year and a half ago. Both rings were recovered by James Evans, a member of THE RINGFINDERS METAL DETECTING SERVICE. If you need a metal detectorist, contact me. I hunt in water (up to about 4 feet deep), and on land. I find rings, coins, jewelry, keys and relics. Reward based fee.

You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

You Lost You Ring in the Bathroom???Lost Ring in the Bathroom????

We received an email from a gentleman named Les, he said that he was changing clothes in his apartment bathroom and when he went to pull his shirt over his head his wedding ring slipped off and hit the floor.  He said he actually heard it hit the floor.  He decided to finish dressing and then find the ring.  Mind you this is a very small apartment bathroom.

Les looked and looked for the ring, he and his wife checked everywhere.  They even had the maintenance men come and move their washer and dryer in the attached room to see if the ring was underneath.  Les lost his ring on his ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  It has been 3 months since the ring went missing and he found “The Ring Finders” on the internet.  He lives literally 5 minutes from my home.

My wife, Ellen, and I arrived about 7pm not really believing we would have much luck.  Metal detectors are not of much use inside a home let alone a small apartment bathroom.  But Les was so nice and asked us to try so we agreed.  We took our Garrett Pinpointers and our Detection Camera Scope.  Upon seeing the size of the bathroom we knew it had to have bounced somewhere strange.

      In looking at the bathroom we found a small open lip under the cabinet where the kick plate is. It was only a 1-1/2 inch opening that I could not even get my hand into, I got out my 3ft Detection Camera scope and worked it into the slot, nothing at first but on the second side, there in the dark glowing under the light from the camera scope was Les’s Platinum Wedding Band.   I said, ‘hey Les, take a look at my detection screen, is that your Ring?’  He was so excited, he and I had to break loose the baseboard under the sink in order to reach it.  He hollered for his wife, “they found It, they found it!”  Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas, Texas

Lost Man’s Silver Wedding Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293

I received an email from a guy that lost his Silver Wedding Band while playing football with his two young boys. He was very distraught from the lost of his wedding ring. After about a hour of doing a grid search in the thick grass. The sliver wedding band was found just under the wide grass blades. He was very happy to have to ring back on his hand.


Lost Man’s Silver Wedding Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Inspector get`s his ring back in Penticton

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

Hi James,

Once again a million “Thank you’s” could never repay you for your efforts in finding my Retirement ring. As promised, a letter of thanks.

The ring was a gift from my Peers and Superiors after a 31 plus year career in Law Enforcement. I have worn it proudly for almost a year and have always been wary of misplacing or losing it so typically I am very cognizant of having it on and careful with it in differing environments.

On Wednesday I was walking the woods adjacent to a Golf Course in Penticton and returned home. I did some minor yard work and awaited the end of the day to team up with my Girlfriend to go hit a few at the Driving Range. As I loaded her gear into her vehicle I noticed my Pinkie ring was missing. I took everything out of the trunk and turned it upside down with no luck. I replayed the day in my mind and came to the conclusion that the ring must have fallen off my hand during my hike.

On Thursday I returned to the spot and retraced my steps without success. At home I checked the yard and areas I was working on and then once again went after the trunk of the car. I realized that the ring was definitely lost so I placed an ad in Kijiji of the loss as well as visited a local Pawn Shop to have that difficult conversation. I took a drive scouring the Penticton area beaches trying to find a beachcomber with their gear to make them an offer they could not refuse, but unfortunately I came up empty. Checking the Internet I could not find anything that would seem to be of assistance under ‘Metal Detectors and Detection’.

James contacted me to direct me to website and from this I contacted James back and we hatched a plan for the following day. James came from West Kelowna to Penticton on my behest, with a partial family in tow, to help me find my ring. James was very strategic and understanding and attacked the problem like a Detective in pursuit of the clues to the case.

He labored hard on hilly terrain and located many interesting items but no ring. His confidence in his equipment and my confidence in his sincerity, knowledge and skill made me appreciate that if anyone would be able to find it, then I was looking at him. James made many attempts and did so to put my mind at ease. He had the foresight to insist that we make a detour to my home to check out the area of the backyard so that at the very least I could be certain that the ring was lost elsewhere.

Within 5 minutes he had checked the main garden areas and went to the last row of Junipers to complete his search. I went inside to get James a soda and as I exited he held up my ring rights in front of my eyes and asked if this was it … I was truly speechless and unbelievably grateful. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he would have had success and especially not in my very own backyard!

Personally I would like to say from the farthest and deepest regions of my heart a warm felt and genuine thank you for his diligence and never say die attitude! I was truly impressed by his principles and ethical behaviour that motivated him to take up the cause for me and others and work so hard to make the impossible – possible! I have seen a lot of good people do some amazing things for their fellow man but in this case James is not only finding an object like a ring but giving back to a person their hope and their memories that the object represents?

Again, I cannot say thank you enough for how hard you worked to achieve this success … Thank You!!!

Luch Berti, Retired Inspector
Calgary Police Service

PS Never quit ‘Dirt Fishin’ as like you said it is like uncovering the Tomb of King Tutt …


[James]     I could not have told the story better myself…

Two Lost Rings Found on Fremont Cricket Field

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Two lost gold rings found in Fremont near Milpitas and Hayward

Vijay got his two rings back

Everybody loves Cricket. It’s just like Baseball, except…actually it has nothing in common with Baseball except it uses a ball and a wacky flat bat. Anyhow, Vijay was playing cricket last Sunday at a park in Fremont when he felt the chain around his neck break. He managed to hold onto the chain, but the two gold rings that were hanging on it were gone.

Vijay searched on his own for two days, then went online to look for metal detector rentals and found us. We were able to make it to the field late that afternoon. Because it was a large field of deep, healthy grass, we marked two search zones with stakes. Zone 1 was about 80 feet square, around the spot where Vijay felt the chain slipping off. Zone 2 was about twice as large, encompassing the rest of the area where Vijay had played in the few minutes before he felt it slip.

First we searched Zone 1 very thoroughly, detecting both East-West and North-South. This took about an hour, and by the time we finished, we were confident the rings were not there. In most fields that size, we would have found 20-50 pull tabs and dozen or more coins, but all we found was ten coins, a broken key ring and one pull tab. Too bad every park isn’t that clean.

Next we moved the stakes from Zone 1 to mark Zone 2 more clearly. We also enlarged Zone 2 a bit to include more of the cricket field. After another hour of searching with two metal detectors, we had only covered about half of Zone 2 and had found just a few more coins. We could see that Vijay was getting nervous-he was pacing along the east side of the search zone.

Suddenly Vijay called out, “I found one!” He was holding up one of the lost rings. He had found it a couple of feet outside of Zone 2. I ran over to where he was standing, and quickly spotted the second ring near his feet.

So as it turned out, we didn’t find the rings with our metal detectors. But Vijay insists that he never would have spotted the first ring if we hadn’t gone through the effort to survey, mark and search the two Search Zones. Chalk another one up to TheRingFinders search grid process!


Two lost gold rings found in Fremont


I want to find your lost wedding ring in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

from St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada)
Contact: 1-709-782-6511

Give me a call, I’m anxious to help you “continue the story…”

Ring lost at Mission Bay San Diego Found!

from La Jolla (California, United States)

     Julia was play volleyball in a tournament and lost her gold toe ring in the sand of one of the courts. When I arrived a couple of hours later, that particular court had already been removed but I could kinda make out the outline of where it had been. Her team was still playing but on a different court so I started my grid at the net line and a couple of minutes later, the lost was found. Even though this wasn’t a wedding ring, it had quite of bit of sentimental value to Julia as she had owned it for 25 years and it was the only surviving  piece of jewelry she owned after a fire burned her place down a few years ago. After hugs and photos and the inevitable  delay of game caused by me, everything was back to normal. Play Ball!

Searching for Lost Ring in Santa Barbara, California

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-729-3054

I look forward to helping people find their lost items as a new member of The Ring Finders.  It has been a warm summer and I am sure many have lost precious items at beaches, parks, and recreation areas around Santa Barbara.  Sometimes people see me on the beach and ask me to search for lost rings or watches.  Last  July, I was asked to search for a woman’s wedding ring at Ledbetter Beach in Santa Barbara.  After a few minutes, I found the ring and the owner was overjoyed!