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Lost ring in the water, Lake Tibet, Orlando, Fl…..Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Greg called me about a ring that his girl friend had accidentally dropped in a lake and mentioned it was only in a few feet of water. I explained how I normally retrieve lost rings and he assured me he knew exactly where it fell off of the dock and into the water. He said his girl friend had used a mask and tried to locate the ring but was unsuccessful. It had been lost almost a month prior to our conversation and I assured Greg that the ring was most likely in the same spot where it originally fell.

Three days later I met Greg at the location and the first thing I did was to check the exact depth of the water at the drop site and it turned out to be more like 6 to 7 feet deep. Unfortunately I had not brought my scuba tank, dive hose and regulator but I did have my mask and snorkel. So I figured it was another good opportunity to practice diving and holding my breath….once again!

By using my PVC pole stuck into the soft lake bottom where Greg said the ring had fallen, I was able to work my water proof Garrett pro pointer around the pole checking every metal signal. I found various bolts and such and on the 3rd dive I got a good signal and could only grab a handful of mud, shells and debris and as I sorted through the material my hand felt Greg’s lost ring! As I surfaced I rinsed the ring off and was amazed by the unique design and beauty. Greg was thrilled and very thankful to see his girl friend’s lost ring again and I was honored to be the one to find it for them.

Lost something in the water or on the land? Give me a call!
Mike McInroe….proud member of

Unique Custom Gold Ring Lost in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Merry had realized that her custom gold ring was missing while spending the afternoon on one of the small coves in Laguna Beach, CA. She had been playing with her dog on the upper beach and also throwing a frisbee lower on the beach near the surf line.

After a couple hours searching the dry sand with no success, she was able to contact me using a google search. I was able to meet her on the beach before she had to leave.  Merry told me that this was a very special ring that was given to her years ago, celebrating a very important day in her life. It worried her because she had not felt the ring leave her finger and it was a large search area.

After hearing her story, I felt the most likely place to start was where she had spent the most time. The area where she was throwing the frisbee seemed the best place to lose a ring, that would be next. The area had large rocks and driftwood that could be challenging.

We were lucky to start in the right location and it only took a few minutes swing my detector coil over a sting solid signal. One scoop about 6 inches deep and a beautiful unique custom gold ring was clanking in the bottom of my scoop.

Merry was standing just a few feet from me. She heard the heavy metal banging in my scoop. I held the scoop close enough for her to see her precious ring inside. An instantly she  screamed with joy and a big smile.

It was a great search that went well. With all the obstacles and a large search area it could been much more difficult. Every search is an adventure.

Nails and Sharp Objects Removed from Children’s Play Area .. Fountain Valley, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Sokni and her family will be moving into a new home. She was worried that there may be nails or sharp metal objects in the backyard where her young children would be playing. She called me asking if I could use my metal detector to remove possible dangerous metal objects.

I asked if she had any reason that there were such objects in the yard. She told me that she just had a feeling that there might be metal trash because the house was about 30 years old. ‘We agreed to meet her the next day figuring that this would be a quick little search that would give Sokni peace of mind.

After scanning the first 20 feet of lawn, I was surprised to find several sharp screws, nails and a old razor blade. The general area was loaded with ferrous and non ferrous signals near the surface. This was a challenge to me and a good chance to dig all metals. Normally I’m just searching for precious metals.

This search took several sessions to complete the project and I was able to spread it out over a couple 3 hour searches. The photos show what was in the backyard. I couldn’t believe how many sharp items were in that small yard.



Hearing Aid Lost in Sand .. Will Rodgers Beach, Santa Monica, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Greg has been at Will Rodgers Beach in Santa Monica, CA. He lost a very expensive high tech hearing aid. He called me asking if I had metal detectors that could find a hearing aid lost in the sand. I have several metal detectors that are specifically for finding small objects. The most important factor, is getting me to the general location as soon as possible.

I met him about 3pm in the afternoon with probably a couple hours of daylight left before dark. These hearing aids actually have gps locating capabilities and the last location was across the street near the bus stop. We went to search that location first without success.

Greg brought the matching hearing aid and it was quite easy to get a good signal. Now he pointed out an area of the beach where he had been flying a kite with his son.

It was a massive area, probably as big as a football field. Plan “A” was to start gridding 30’x 30’ quadrants. While starting the first 30 feet, Greg told me that he had fallen down at the other end of the search area.

I changed my search plan, deciding to start from the place where Greg had fallen. 

We proceeded to walk over to that location. I left my detector on as we walked diagonally to a new starting spot 100 yards away. Stopping a slow grid and stepping up my pace, I only went 20 feet when I got a signal that was worth checking. 

Unbelievable! There was Greg’s hearing aid. First target 20 minutes after starting a search that I felt was going to be possibly 3 or 4 hours.

Greg later told me that he had only been using these hearing aids for 4 months and the whole set was valued at more than $10k. We saved a whole lot of trouble getting it replaced besides the expense to get a replacement.

I believe in miracles, but they don’t happen if you don’t try.

This was a repost as I accidentally deleted the original.

Captiva Island–Ring Lost in Beach Sand Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

A late night search results in another RingFinders success story.

Dan called us after losing his ring in the loose sand at a public beach near his vacation rental on Captiva Island.  My wife and I decided it would be best to come that night rather than the next morning in order to avoid the heavy commuter traffic.

After arriving at the beach and determining the area where the ring most likely was lost, we began our search.  It wasn’t long until my very first signal after turning on my metal detector produced the lost ring!

We are glad we were able to reunite another lost ring with its owner!

Lost Gold Ring in Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned Next Day

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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I recieved a call from Anwaar requesting help to find his gold wedding band, possibly lost while swimming in the ocean the day before. Below is his testimonial of what happened..


Testimonial for Ring Finder’s, for Stan Ross, Newport Beach, CA.

May, 2018

Stan is the man who can find the needle in the haystack!  Absolutely an answer to my prayers.

My wife and I were taking an overnight vacation before picking up our daughter from college at the end of her spring semester. We love the Newport Beach area and after a walk on the beach I had decided to take a quick swim in the surf not far off of the beach. It was a wonderful day with our daughter and her boyfriend until until at dinner time my wife noticed that my wedding ring was missing from my hand. After getting back to the hotel room and doing a thorough and a bit frantic search through the room and even our car I was unable to locate the ring. I was upset and felt foolish for not taking it off prior to my swim as I had other co-workers who had lost their wedding rings the same way.  We assumed that it was a lost cause to find my wedding ring of 26 years of marriage. 

I woke early the next morning still thinking about my ring and praying that there had to be a way to find it. I decided to do a Google search for “lost ring sand Newport Beach”.  The website for Ring Finders came up on the top of the list. After looking through local people I found Stan’s blog and noticed that the vast majority of his finds were in the Newport Beach area with a significant number of great testimonials to his acumen and skill. I contacted him at 5:30 in the morning not sure if he would even answer his phone due to the time of day. However, to my great surprise he did!  After explaining to him where I was swimming due to the location of our hotel, he was fairly confident that given the low morning tides for the day he would be able to find my ring.  By 6:30am he texted me that he was starting his search at the beach in the area I had indicated.  I met him at the beach just before 7 a.m. and his gracious and focused demeanor along with knowledge of the area gave me confidence and hope that my ring could be found..

After about 30 minutes after I got there, he found my ring!  I was so excited and so ecstatic to once again have my unique wedding ring of 26 years of marriage. A hand crafted gold band not of much value but of huge sentimental value. Thank you so much Stan – you made our day!  We now have a story with you in our family history. To all others, I highly recommend Stan and his skills should you have a need.  

Anwaar & Irma Bhatti.

Lost engagement and wedding rings in yard, St. Augustine, Fl…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Mrs. Connie called me Friday afternoon from St. Augustine with a very special request. Apparently on Wednesday Mrs. Connie had walked down their driveway to check the mail box and as she was walking back to the house she spotted some weeds and palm debris in one of her flower beds. She carefully set her mail and glasses on the edge of the concrete and proceeded to pull the weeds and pick up the debris. Then she said she walked over to the fence and with her left hand she threw the sticks and weeds. And as she swung her arm in a side ways motion, she felt her rings come off of her finger. (Usually when ever Mrs. Connie would do any type of yard work she would leave her rings inside the house but not this time!) Mr. Bill, Mrs. Connie’s husband, had this ring made special for their wedding and the rather large diamond was from his late mother’s wedding ring, so you can imagine the pain they felt in not being able to find the lost rings!
The next day they purchased a small metal detector from a local store and tried their best to locate the rings…but they turned up empty handed. Their search for help led them to and a member in the St. Augustine area. That member was not able to help them so Mr. Bill clicked on one of my stories and they decided to give me a call—and thankfully they did.
After meeting this very special couple and getting more specific details on how and where the rings were lost, I started my search. Mr. Bill had cut down the thick brush and grass and I was confident the rings were there, but my first pass of the target area turned up zip, zilch, nada! Again I figured I needed to expand the search area and sure enough I got a nice platinum signal, 20 feet from where she tossed the debris. There hidden in the long grass was Mrs. Connie’s lost diamond engagement ring! And then no more than four feet away was her wedding ring, just waiting to be found. What an honor it was to help such a lovely couple and to see the huge smiles on their faces. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you and thank you for your generous reward! God Bless you both! Mike McInroe—grateful to be a member of

Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in West Hollywood, CA. … Found next Day.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Ted called me, telling me that his wife, Shima had lost her diamond engagement ring either in the house or outside where she had walked yesterday afternoon.

I asked if I could talk to her to get her description of when she had last seen it and if she had done anything that might have caused the ring to fall off her finger. She had been in the house most of the time doing a few household chores. The walk they took that afternoon was only two blocks then they spent an hour at the neighborhood cocktail lounge. Both Shima and her husband,Ted had searched the outside area that night and the first thing in the morning.

It sounded like there was a possibility that we might have a few places that I could search the grass curb strip and decorated rock landscape ground cover along the sidewalk. After that we could look the house over to see if the ring was hiding inside the house. The main thing was to eliminate the outside areas first, so they could concentrate searching the inside of the house.

Shima and Ted walked with me as I swung my metal detector over possible places the ring could be hiding along the walkway. Nearing the end, I could see Shima start to give up hope. While walking back to the house I double checked the search area. A couple of the people walking along the sidewalk asked us what we were looking for. Then I saw Shima showing one of the gardeners a photo of her ring to one of the workers. She broke out in a joyful smile and yelled, “ They Found it”.

Freddy the guy working on the irrigation system had found the ring earlier that morning lying on the edge of the street near the gutter. He had put it in their truck thinking it was probably a fake ring.

This has happen several other times, where someone sees me detecting and has been honest enough to ask and return the lost item. Swinging a metal detector does create attention and this time it helped to find the person who found the ring. You never know, how it works? One reason I like to say, “I Will Try Anywhere”

Lost Ring in a Grassy Park .. Whittier, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Casey had been watching several children at Sorensen Park in Whittier, CA. While sitting on the lawn she took her white gold promise ring putting it on her backpack so she could apply sunscreen. She got distracted when one of the children she was supervising started to wander off. The ring fell off the backpack into to deep grass.

She didn’t realize the ring was missing for about an hour. Her attempts to locate her most special sentimental ring were unsuccessful.

Returning home that evening she told David, her fiancé. He was able to direct her to TheRingFinders website.

Somewhere about 10am she called me telling me she could meet me at the park around noon. It’s not always easy to have people meet you a the location. Timing is important when items are lost in a public place.

Casey was able to get me within a 50ft. square area. I began my grid search and within a half hour I got a nice low tone in my headphones. Kneeling down with my pinpointer I received a surface signal. The ring was not visible until I pushed away some of the clover grass.

She was several feet away pacing back and forth hoping to spot the ring herself, which does happen on these type of searches. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the position of the sun that helps to see a lost ring.

When, I called her over to look at something she had no idea that I had found the ring. It was special for me to see the look on her face when she saw the ring that she felt was lost forever.

This call was referred to me my another member of TheRingFinders, we always try to work with each other to handle these calls in the best possible way. Finding and Returning sentimental keepsakes is our priority.

Lost Wedding Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Shaun lost his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Laguna Beach, CA. He had been on the dry sand when he brushed some sand off and his ring went flying into the sand. After 3 hours of trying to find it he gave up. Returning home he found my contact information online. Shaun called me at 7pm asking me if I could help him the next morning. I told him it was not wise to wait. He agreed to meet me a half hour later and before 8pm I was able to locate his platinum wedding band.

It wasn’t an easy search, because there was several deep metal signals that interfered with my search. We were lucky to pull out the platinum ring signal which read 12-04 on my CTX detector.

Shaun and his wife Elaine were totally surprised and grateful to have their ring back where it belongs. Everybody slept well that night. We were all back home by 9 pm.