Dennis Burlingame

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring.

I have a call out fee of $25 for some areas if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

Land, beach and water hunting (shallow water only)

Search Locations

I can search monmouth county, parts of Ocean county and maybe Middlesex.

Dennis Burlingame's Bio

I've been detecting for 30 years now and have done a lot of returns in my day, glad to help people get back what they have lost.

Dennis Burlingame - Recent Blog Post

  • Wedding Band recovered in Long Beach Island (2022)

    This one started with Heather posting a lost and found ad on a local FB page for husband’s Erwin’s lost wedding band. People on there referred her to RingFinders where she contacted Ed Cropski but he was on vacation so he got hold of Matty St Germain but he was working which lead them to […]

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  • Wedding Band recovered at Spring Lake NJ (2022)

    Got a call from Cheryl asking for help in finding her lost wedding band at Spring Lake Beach NJ. I told her I’d be there within 20 minutes to help. They met me where they were sitting and explained to me that while on the beach she took off her wedding band to put lotion […]

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  • Gold ring recovered in Spring Lake NJ (2022)

    Got a call from Victoria asking for help in finding a ring special to her she lost at Spring Lake Beach NJ. While enjoying the day with her mother at the beach, she took off all her rings to brush her hair seeing the length and a little breezy out she didn’t want them to […]

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  • Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered Sea Bright NJ (2022)

    Got a text from Mark asking for help in locating his wife’s engagement ring. Gave him a call and told him I’d meet him at the beach in 30 minutes or so. I arrived at the beach and they were there waiting in the area they were sitting that day. Seems while enjoying a day […]

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  • Credit Card Wallet recovered at Bayshore Waterfront Park (2022)

    Got a text from Brooke asking for help in locating her lost credit card pouch. She contacted fellow RingFinder John Favno who sent her my way. While at Bayshore Waterfront Park and Beach enjoying a fireworks display across the bay from New York she lost her credit card pouch. She went back looking for it […]

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Dennis Burlingame - Testimonials

  • Let’s appreciate that there are GREAT people among us and Dennis Burlingame is one of those GREAT people!!! (2020)


    Words cannot express the sense of emptiness that came over me when I felt my class ring slide off my finger when I was riding that wave. As the ring slipped away, I made several hasty attempts to reach for it, but I knew that the ocean won. That look of loss on my face was enough to upset my wife and my daughter, as they were with me. We spent several minutes feeling for my ring in the sand, but I knew it was gone.

    I had that ring for over 27 years, and I rarely took it off. It’s worn in only a way that time can wear down a ring. Besides my wedding ring, it was the only piece of jewelry that I wore, and I’ve had it a few years longer!!! I called my insurance company and started the replacement process, but nothing could replace the sentiment of that ring.

    A few days passed and an unknown phone number showed up on my cell phone. Normally I would allow the call to go to my voicemail, but something told me to answer the call. The gentlemen on the other end asked me if I was José Mercado, when I asked him who was calling, he told me that he found something of mine that was very special. “No way,” I thought. “My ring?” “Yes, your ring. I was out with a friend on Monday night metal detecting, and we found your ring,” he said. I couldn’t believe it! At first thought someone was playing a joke on me, but I really hadn’t told anyone that I lost my ring!

    Dennis went on telling me that when he noticed it was a Naval Academy ring, he had to find the owner. He found a part of my worn-out name inscribed inside the ring and then he called Jostens. He described the ring to them and as luck would have it, they narrowed the “José” down to me! Dennis found me on Facebook and he even found my work web site and left me a message there, but he didn’t give up until he got my number and finally connected with me.

    It’s easy to get sucked into the sadness and fear and hate that seems to take over the news feeds today. For a moment, please share in my happy moment! Dennis reunited me with a very special possession of mine. I am so very thankful for him not only finding my ring, but for finding me (which I think was harder)!!! My family and friends appreciate his kindness as several of them have commented on my Facebook page. Let’s appreciate that there are GREAT people among us and Dennis Burlingame is one of those GREAT people!!!

    Thank you, Dennis! You are a special human being and I’m privileged to know you!!!

  • I can’t recommend him enough, he’s a lifesaver!!! (2020)


    Dennis is incredible. I was so heartbroken and ready to give up before I called him. He was so nice to come out to me on the 4th of July and left to get to me immediately. He found my ring in only a minute when I had been looking the entire day! I can’t recommend him enough, he’s a lifesaver!!!

  • I highly recommend his services! (2020)


    To say that Dennis is a lifesaver would be an understatement. He showed up within 30 minutes of my call and was a true professional. I highly recommend his services!

  • The Spring Lake Police Dept recommended TheRingFinders and we called Dennis... (2019)


    Dennis is seriously amazing! We lost our engagement ring on the beach and didn’t realize until we got home. The Spring Lake Police Dept recommended TheRingFinders and we called Dennis right away. He met us 15 minutes later on the beach and asked us to mark off the area where we had been sitting hours earlier. We left him to do his work and he scanned the area. About 15 minutes in he began digging, and removed his headphones because he had found the ring. We couldn’t believe our eyes – we will never forget Dennis and can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Dennis!!!

  • We can’t thank Dennis enough for saving our vacation! (2019)


    We can’t thank Dennis enough for saving our vacation! After enjoying a wonderful week at the beach with my family, I was literally sick to my stomach at the thought of leaving my wedding ring behind… sentimental more so than the monetary loss. Dennis came almost immediately & assured us it would be found. My husband & I searched for hours prior to calling Dennis & my hope was lost. It’s really a wonderful & generous service Dennis provides & we are forever grateful!

  • Dennis saved the day! (2018)


    Dennis saved the day! How do you put a value on his service when the items he recovers are emotionally priceless? I asked to Mr. Burlingame how much for the invaluable help and his reply shocked me! I was ready to transfer funds in order to pay Dennis, but Dennis clearly does this solely to help people in need and pay forward good karma! Legit you saved the day man! I am still so very thankful for his service until this day and I promise to keep paying it forward as well, Dennis!

  • I would recommend Dennis to anyone who lost a ring. (2018)


    Dennis, thank you so much for finding my diamond engagement ring and wedding band! I promised my 3 year old (after seeing her puppy dog eyes) she could take 3 quick rides on her sled down a small hill on the corner of my block in the foot of snow we just got. I didn’t put my gloves on because I thought it would be easier to help her. Big mistake! As I helped her off the sled after the second ride, I felt both rings slip off my finger and disappear into the snow. I was devastated! I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was dark and the flashlights didn’t help. My husband and I looked for a while but it was super cold and I felt like I was calling attention to myself with the flashlight. I didn’t want someone else to see that and start looking for something after I left. My husband found Dennis online and he came out the next morning at 9am. Within 10 minutes with his metal detector, he found both rings! They were buried underneath the snow near where I was with my daughter. Dennis was very professional and I trusted him. I would recommend Dennis to anyone who lost a ring. Thank you Dennis!!! Very lucky to have found you!