Lost Gold and Silver Wedding Band at Kahala Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when a got a call yesterday evening from Malachy who lives in Kahala on Oahu.  While walking in the water at Kahala Beach with his lovely wife Fenix, Malachy’s Gold and Silver Wedding band slipped off in waist deep water and disappeared.  They tried snorkeling to find the ring but no luck.  We agreed to meet the next morning at beach access 133C which leads you down to the area the ring was lost.  Fenix & Malachy walked me down to the beach and we placed some blankets up in the shore bushes to create a grid.  Since they lived very close by, I told them they could go home and relax and I would call them when the ring was recovered.  This beach is fairly trashy so I had to be very selective on target recoveries.  Being two precious metals combined I wasn’t really sure what numbers to expect on the Nox,  but for sure the ring should be just under the surface and a loud solid tone.  I skipped over several targets until I got a boomer and after two scoops there was a can bottom in my scoop.   Darn!  Thought I had it.  Then on the third leg of the grid in waist deep water I got that awesome tone and in one scoop there was the magnificent Mountains, Moon, Meteor and Waves in Gold ring in my scoop.  I have to say this was one of the coolest rings I’ve ever seen.  I went back to my car and called Malachy to let him know the good news.  After returning the ring Malachy said, “You saved my marriage”!  Something tells me they wouldn’t let this ring loss split up this wonderful couple! Aloha to Fenix & Malachy!

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