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Lost ring in the sand, Mantoloking NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

It was late in the evening when I received a text from Connie asking if I would be able to assist in finding a beautiful ring they lost on the beach earlier that day. After texting back and fourth we decided to have her call as it was much easier. Mark and Connie were very anxious to recover the ring, so we decided to meet on the beach in about 30 min. due to the amount of beach traffic, and also the location of the ring possibly being pulled into the ocean, as the tide was coming in. We had one picture they had taken, which would assist in lining up the location, and a few holes their daughter had been digging that day. I arrived first and headed out to begin searching. It was very dark that night, so with the one picture Connie had sent I started to line up a spot with the landscape in the background. After doing a quick search of the first spot I noticed the flagpole I had used was not the correct one, then realized many houses had flagpoles. Moving down the beach a bit. I started another search in a spot that looked promising, by then Mark and Connie had arrived, and  the second spot turned up empty. We all got together to examine the picture one more time, and found a spot just a little further which looked very promising. If you have ever been on the beach on a dark night, you will realize that lining up a small location with a picture, while also figuring out the correct angle it was taken from is quite challenging!!! Well, needless to say, after a few short sweeps of the 3rd spot, bingo, I got the signal I was waiting patiently to hear. To Mark and Connie’s amazement, the ring was in my scoop.

Handmade 14K Wedding Ring with Diamond Chip Lost While Bodysurfing in Scarborough Maine, With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday night 9/3/23, which is also Labor Day Weekend, I received a call from Ric. Ric told me that while Bodysurfing at Scarborough Beach State Park, in Scarborough, Maine, his wedding ring fell off, into the very rough surf water. Ric said he was referred to me by members of the lifeguard crew, including Greg, the supervisor.
As it was already closing in on 4:30pm and the State Park closes at 7:00pm, I told Ric that because I wouldn’t be able to make it from my current location, to the State Park until close to 6:00pm, I would go down 1st thing in the morning and perform a grid search, at low tide. Ric was not going to be available to show me the location of where the ring was lost, but gave me a very detailed description of the location. He was just to the left of the webcam pole and approximately 50-60 feet out into the water, approximately “mid chest deep”.
I arrived at Scarborough Beach State Park the next morning at 8:00am and was greeted by Greg. Greg told me that he didn’t see Ric lose the ring but that it was in the general location described by Ric. I decided to overshoot the area by about 30 feet on each side of the Webcam pole, in case the ring was moved by the rough and strong surf. Starting down near the low tide line, I slowly gridded the hard packed sand, up towards the shoreline. I was finding a few trashy targets, like lobster trap bits and small pieces of aluminum, mostly likely from discarded cans. As I worked my way up towards the shoreline, I finally received a great sounding low tone. Looking down at the CTX-3030’s VDI Screen, I saw a reading that put a smile on my face. I had a great sounding low tone and a 12-19 on the VDI screen. Definitely in the gold range. I pressed my scoop into the sand, with my foot and dumped the sand out next to the hole. I ran the coil over the dug up sand and got the signal. I still couldn’t see it so I pulled my pinpointed out and ran it through the sand. Once I found the target, I put my fingers into the wet dug up sand and pulled out a large chunky ring with a small diamond chip in it. I had Ric’s ring. I called Ric and then sent a photo to him. He replied “That’s it, 100%”. We then made arrangements to meet in 20-30 minutes at a local restaurant, on my way home. The exchange was made and Ric explained that the ring was actually handmade, by a friend, and presented to him for his wedding. As The Ringfinders say, “every ring has a story “ and this one has a very sentimental story. Another great happy ending.

Lost Gold Signet Ring found in Long Lake in Mount Desert, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I went to Long Pond in Mount Desert after receiving a call from Luke, who had been referred by fellow Ring Finder Bill McDougall who assessed this recovery would require diver search capabilities. Luke had lost this heirloom signet ring that had originally belonged to his dad and had been passed down to him. The ring was lost last summer in 4 feet of water while kayaking in front of the family camp, his Great Grandmother had purchased about 90 years ago. The bottom was particularly soft with 8 to 12 inches of mud and quite a collection of branches, leaves and lily pads. After a substantial search that yielded a slew of pull tabs, nails, and bottle caps, I was able to locate the ring which had settled down into about 6” of mud. The signet inscription “en tout fidele” means “in all faithfulness” and just as he and his family have been faithful in their stewardship and preservation of their camp for several generations, this ring has been saved and can someday pass to another generation as well. As always a portion of the generous rewards I receive will be directed toward a worthy cause, so I feel it is fitting to contribute to the badly needed roof restoration of the Conway Homestead & Cramer Museum in Rockport, ME so that this local treasure too may be saved and passed on to the future generations of our community and its visitors to enjoy.

Diamond Engagement Ring Found at Old Orchard Beach Beach Maine, With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

As I was detecting a low tide, on the morning of August 21, 2023, in Old Orchard Beach I was approached by 2 men. One of them identified themselves as Brandon. Brandon told me that he and his father were searching for his girlfriends Diamond Ring and asked if could help. Absolutely I can help. After asking Brandon for the details of losing the ring , Brandon gave me the entire story. He and his girlfriend, Larissa, had been enjoying a beautiful beach day and were in the water, when the ring came off her finger. Brando and Larissa tried  to find the ring in the water and waves, but it was a fruitless endeavor.
Once I was showed the approximate location, I told Brandon that I perform a grid search, horizontal to the beach and would start out near the low tide line , working my way towards shore. The horizontal search would run for approximately 100’ to 150’, along the low tide line to the shore. After not finding much and getting close to running out of beach to search, I received a nice loud low signal , with my Excalibur II and sunk the scoop, into the sand. As I threw the sand out of the scoop, I saw a small sliver of silver in the sand. As I brushed away the Sand, I saw the Diamonds and knew that Larissa would be getting her ring back. I then called Brandon, who had left about 2 hours earlier, with his father. I called and told Brandon that I have something for him and that I would send him a photo, to verify it is the correct ring. The reply I received was, “That’s it thank you”. Brandon came back to get the ring and he brought a very happy Larissa, who was so appreciative.  I handed the ring to Larissa and her smiling face said it all. I love my ability to be able to help people.

What To Do When Your Wedding Ring Is Lost In The Water In Sagle, ID …..FOUND IT!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Corrinne said she was desperate, her eyes were red from crying for two hours. I couldn’t see her eyes because we were talking on the phone. Although in her trembling voice I could hear a broken heart. I knew what I needed to do. Head straight to her and her husband Mike, and do what we Ring Finders do best…Find lost wedding rings. In the fading hours of the day I drove to Pend Oreille river and vowed to find Corrinnes lost wedding ring. We headed towards the other side of the channel which was a short boat ride. Mike and Corrinne both gave great directions on where to search. First I snorkeled and detected and then scuba detected. As night fell like a ring slipping off a finger into dark water, the hope of a recovery drifted into the blackness. I had to stop the search, 1000 psi in the scuba tank and no more strength to keep going. We were the last boat on the lake that night. Tired and distraught we all packed up and headed home. Remembering my vow I woke up the next morning and retraced my steps back to Springy Point camp ground on the Pend Oreille River. Corrinne and Mike showed up shortly after I arrived and we all had a very positive mindset. Mike took us on a quick boat ride over to the other side and parked where they were yesterday. Mike looked out on the water and said “here is your search area Luke”. So I got my scoop and detector and started to grid search along the shoreline. Mike was snorkeling in the deep section where I had been yesterday. I knew I needed to eliminate the shallow water before going back to the deep water. Just as Corrinne showed up on the bank I made a turn in my grid line by an old stump. My pocket was full of pull tabs already and as I turned I got another signal of 13-14. But as I sifted the sand through the scoop a rim of a ring sparkled in between the small stones. I honestly thought I had dug up a different ring . As I reached  for the ring, the ring fell over in the scoop. I then caught a glimpse of Corrinne’s one carat diamond.  The pure sound of joy erupted from my mouth. The fishermen on the other side jumped a little because of the sudden sound. Corrinne knew what I found and held out her hands to hold her wedding ring she has had for 15 years. Mike was still floating in the deep and only heard a muffled sound. So Corrinne and I yelled louder. His head popped up and he saw our smiles and he knew what all the yelling was about. Hugs, fist bumps, and photos, we all celebrated a Ring Finders Happy ending.

Wedding Ring Recovered at Orange Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Ian lost his ring while swimming at Orange Beach Alabama. His wife’s family is from Canada and were vacationing in Orange Beach and invited Ian and their Daughter to joint them. Ian is British and he and his wife live in England. He wasn’t exactly sure were in the water is was lost but had a general area. I started the search and Ian joined me and we talked as I was searching. He’s a very interesting guy, he lives along the southern coast of England and works as a Port Pilot! The lost ring was his original wedding ring and he really wanted it back because that he one his wife gave him when they made the promise. His father in law waited on the beach while we searched, I learned lots about piloting ships, very interesting! It took about an hour to find his ring. He was most grateful. Back on the beach he immediately called his wife that her gift to him was safe and sound back on his finger. Ian and his father in law were really nice folks, I’m happy I met them and could help.

Wedding Ring Recovered in East Pensacola Bay

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

1 Macain and his extended family where celebrating his Grandmothers 80th birthday. While enjoying the water his wedding ring dropped off his finger. He, his wife and brothers searched as best they could with snorkel gear and feeling the sandy bottom with hands and feet with no success. They texted Pensacola Ring Finders facebook page and I responded back that I would be happy to help. When I arrived everyone was having a grand time, kids running around and family and friends enjoying Grandmother birthday. I got to meet Granny and wished her a wonderful birthday. She was in great health and I enjoyed our conversation. Macain’s ring was lost in shallow water between two docks and didn’t take long to find, about 45 minutes. Macain and his wife are newly weds so the recovery of the ring meant a bunch to them. When I found it I held it up in the air to show them, they immediately stood and rushed to the dock. The news of Macain’s found ring rapidly moved amount the family and friends. Very exciting! On my way to leave, the family Matriarch, Granny, came up and thanked me, that meant a lot to me.

Texas A&M Class Ring Recovered at Navarre Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Loren and his family from Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta, Texas and Louisiana had traveled to Navarre Beach for a family reunion. Everyone was having a wonderful time, Loren was throwing the football around with his brothers while cooling off in the water and He felt the ring slide off his finger and disappear in the sand. This ring was special to Loren, his Texas A&M Class Ring that meant a lot to him and he wanted the original back! His wife called a friend who knew the Pensacola area and recommended Pensacola Ring Finders. I was contacted and told them I would help. The ring was lost in chest deep water and the area rather large. It took three and a half hours to find. The family had just about lost faith that it would be found so when found everyone was ecstatic. That’s when Loren’s wife shared with me why it was of the upmost importance that his original ring be recovered. Tradition! Having a worn A&M class ring meant it is always on his finger, a symbols of honor and loyalty to the school, class mates, his education and chosen profession as a Engineer. I’ve a grand daughter going to engineering school at A&M now so we instantly bonded. Loren and his family are the nicest people you ever want to meet. I am glad I met them, could help and wish them the best. Hook Em’ Loren!

Lost ring in Lake McConaughy recoverd.

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Katie contacted me about her husband’s ring that went missing while enjoying a vacation at Lake McConaughy here in Nebraska.  It was the longest I would end up driving to do a recovery but they lived 2 states away and had been married for only 2 months so I felt it needed to be done. We agreed about what time I would show up at the lake. I actually drove through a time change so I was there an hour early.  They had given me good information including pictures so I set up a grid in the water and got to work.  After Bradon showed up he help me narrow down the area.  Not long after that I got a distinct signal among the mineralized lake bottom noise. They cooked me lunch and we enjoyed the afternoon together. GBR


Lost engagement ring in the sand at Flagler Beach, Florida….Found with a metal detector and returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Lost a special ring or other sentimental piece of jewelry, cellphone, keys or other metal object? Call or Text Mike McInroe–ASAP at 321-363-6029!

John Jr. called me from Flagler Beach on Mothers Day to ask for my help! You see, his wife had wrapped her engagement ring in her shirt and left it on the beach towel as they swam and enjoyed the Florida sun, sand and ocean water. (This was their last day in Florida and they needed to return their rental car and catch a plane to Chicago later on in the day.). So when the time came to pack everything up they grabbed the beach chairs, umbrella, towels, coolers and their items of clothing like T-shirts, sandals and a certain shirt all neatly rolled up! Unfortunately they forgot that John’s wife’s engagement ring was tucked away inside and when they shook the sand out of the shirt, the ring went flying into the soft coquina sand! They frantically searched for some time by dragging their fingers through the sand hoping to catch a glimpse of the platinum ring and someone suggested looking online for some help and that is what led John Jr to give me a call. Here is what John’s father wrote…”I am so grateful for Mike McInroe and for his services today. He traveled more than 80 miles on Mothers Day to locate a precious engagement ring that my son and daughter in law misplaced in the sand at Flagler Beach. He quickly located the ring that we had desperately searched for, for over an hour. Mike is a master at his craft and is a true man of integrity. Thanks again Mike! John Davis”

How I thank God for allowing me the amazing opportunity and privilege to help John and many others like him!

Mike McInroe….blessed to be a member of