Evan Cappon

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis. That means that you pay me what it is worth to you and what you can afford to have your ring or item found. I may ask you for a call-out fee to cover my travel costs (gas) if the ring is not found. Feel free to contact me for advice or help.

Search Types

Land and shallow water. Summer and Winter

Lost Jewelry, Cell phones, property markers, keys etc

Parks, playgrounds, yards, gardens, fields, rivers, lakes,

Search Locations

Cochrane, Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Strathmore, Canmore, Banff, (75 km radius of Calgary)

Evan Cappon's Bio

As a kid, I had always been a collector of found items. As an adult I kept that tendency. Ten years ago, a metal detector raised my game. When I discovered that helping people find their lost items gave personal joy and a huge sense of satisfaction it became a passion. Today, I am available to help you find your lost valuables, treasures or necessities.

Evan Cappon - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Pendant found in Calgary (2020)

    Second Time’s a Charm. May 14, 2020– I was given a reference from another detectorist that had tried to help earlier in the day. Lena had lost a very small white gold pendant off her necklace when it was snagged on a tree branch while mowing the lawn. When I called her she was hesitant […]

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  • Lost Earring Found in Calgary (2020)

    May 12. 2020 –  Got a call tonight. Young lady playing volleyball in the back yard. While ducking under the net she caught her earring in the net and the diamond stud was gone!!  Since they had a good idea of where it was, I put my sniper on and scanned the earring that she still […]

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  • Lost Pendant found in Calgary (2020)

    A Broken Heart Over a Lost Heart. May 6– Mimi called me up and asked if I could find her lost pendant. She had taken off her jewelry and added her ring to the necklace. Later, while walking her dog, she took the jewelry out of her backpack and when she removed her ring, the […]

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  • Lost ring found in Okotoks (2020)

    Rings Can Fly May 1 – I received a call from a gentleman living out Okotoks way. His wedding band had gone missing. Turns out that that meant he had in an off moment, taken his ring off and thrown it off the balcony the previous weekend. After having unsuccessfully searched for it in the […]

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