Evan Cappon

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis. That means that you pay me what it is worth to you and what you can afford to have your ring or item found. I may ask you for a call-out fee to cover my travel costs (gas) if the ring is not found. Feel free to contact me for advice or help.

Search Types

Land and shallow water. Summer and Winter

Lost Jewelry, Cell phones, property markers, keys etc

National/Provincial/City Parks, playgrounds, yards, gardens, fields, rivers, lakes, Outdoors and indoors.

Search Locations

Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie, Strathmore, Canmore, Banff, (Anywhere within 3 hours of Calgary)

Evan Cappon's Bio

I have always loved helping people in need. Ten years ago, I discovered the joy of metal detecting. When I learned that I could combine my passions and that helping people find their lost items gave me a huge sense of satisfaction, it became my new passion. Over time and through experience, together with integrity, tenacity and faith I have become very adept at finding lost valuables both monetary and sentimental. Today, I am available to help you find your lost belongings, treasures or necessities using a wide variety of tools and techniques in just about any location. Contact me ASAP because time can be the enemy.

Evan Cappon - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Ring Recovered In Kananaskis (2024)

    Michael spent the day at Mt. Lorette in Kananaskis Country spotting golden eagles as they migrated through. At the end of the day, after returning to the car, he realized his recently re-forged wedding ring was missing. After sharing his story on the phone we thought we might be able to find it……we were right. […]

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  • Snowshoeing Tumble = Lost Ring near Calgary (2024)

    While snow shoeing, he took a tumble and his ring vanished. It wasn’t until he was home that he realized it was gone. A lot of questions and detective work, narrowed it down completely. Watch the video for the results

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  • Keys Lost in the Snow at a Calgary Toboggan Hill (2024)

    His son was sledding while he walked the dog. Somewhere in between, his keys disappeared. He bought a metal detector and spent 3 hours looking. Then he found me. He wished he had found me first.  Anyone want to buy his metal detector? The video below has lots of ideas that may help you if […]

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  • Lost RIng Recovered in Calgary (2024)

    Wiping snow off a vehicle results in lost rings. It happens all the time. Call me asap and I’ll get it back on your finger.  She asked not to be shown. You can still watch the video though.

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  • Ring Lost in a Car, Recovered in Calgary (2024)

    She was the passenger in the car and dropped her ring. She looked three times and still no luck. Using an endoscope, I was able to look into the seat rails and sure enough, there it was tucked away and out of sight. Watch the video to see the end results.

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Evan Cappon - Testimonials

  • Evan, I cannot thank you enough... (2022)

    Evan, I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts to help me recover my ring. Without fully knowing where it wasn’t (especially considering the freshly-fallen snow), I would never have thought to start the search over again within my own home. Fan for life here.

  • Thanks Evan and theringfinders! (2020)


    I lost my wedding band while playing with my dogs on a snowy evening at my acreage outside of Calgary. I knew the general area where it should be so I spent an hour or two crawling around in the snow with no luck. After looking online for a little while trying to figure out if I should rent a metal detector I found the website theringfinders. After browsing around the website I decided this was my best option at finding my ring so I emailed Evan. Evan got back to me the same evening and after a brief professional conversation offered to come right out that evening and look for it. Once Evan arrived he was nothing but professional and transparent and we were able to find the ring after about 30minutes. I would highly recommend Evan in the future. Thanks Evan and theringfinders!

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart Evan! (2020)


    “One afternoon I was walking crescent heights in Calgary with my girls, one of which was a toddler who was on again/ off again getting a piggy back ride from mama. Upon our arrival at home, I felt what I thought was a hair on my neck to only discover my chain had snapped! Well on that chain was a ring left to me by my mother who passed away at the same time last year! I was devastated to say the least, we traveled a pretty vast distance with truly no rhyme or reason to our path. I went into panic mode and contacted the local school, put up posters and walked that area for countless hours- NOTHING!

    The next day I posted something on Calgary lost and found to have someone suggest contacting a metal detector group, and from there I met Evan ( angel to say the least) in our chat I discovered he had already begun searching for the ring, not even knowing one another yet! (The school put out a post)

    We met the following day, I showed him my route, he seemed doubtful yet optimistic as the distance was vast yet contained if that makes sense…?

    This man searched for hours on end, and no ring to be found! Again just devastated. Especially as I was approaching the anniversary of my mother’s passing!

    One day closer to the date, I got a message from Evan indicating that someone approached a metal detecting buddy of his and they believed the ring was found!!! My heart was in my throat- honestly.

    Evan and his friend rushed to get that ring to me, and although that ring was damaged it was the ring!!! The band was damaged but all stones in place!

    Evan went above and beyond to help me find this ring! From his countless hours of search, to holding my hand, and offering encouragement all along, to hand delivering the ring, but days before my mother’s passing anniversary.

    In this case the ring finder was so good, the ring found him! I am forever indebted to him, not only for physical efforts but his support! Words can’t express what this man has done for me and if I ever lose anything again (fingers crossed I don’t) he’s the best guy for the case!

    On a side note there was a cross on that chain too, and he still continues to search for it! I’m amazed at his devotion ( the thrill of the hunt? ????) either way I’m grateful beyond words! “

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Evan!

  • Thank you very much Evan! Your kindness is inspirational. God bless you! (2020)


    After searching for my ring late into the evening without success, I discovered Evan‘s services. I had originally called to leave a message but, despite the hour, Evan answered. I was amazed by his genuine care and concern, professionalism and complete willingness to help. He agreed to meet the next evening to help me search. Meeting in person, Evan was just as kind, sincere and helpful! He was thorough in his approach to finding my lost ring. Interestingly, while observing Evan, I noticed a glint of light on the road near where my car had been parked the previous night and it turned out to be my ring. Had Evan not agreed to help me search once again, and been so methodical, I would not have noticed it! Thank you very much Evan! Your kindness is inspirational. God bless you!