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  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #168

Yesterday I was contacted by George and Julia on behalf of their son Gavin. While they were at the beach enjoying themselves the day before Their son Galvin lost his Iphone 13 pro in the sand. They used find my phone to get an approximate location but it was no where to be found. At some point they believed the battery was dead because it was no longer putting out a location. They feared someone may have found it or the beach rake picked it up. I suggested the called the public works dept to see if they had it. They invited them to come down and look through the pile from the beach rake. No luck there. Once they confirmed it was not there they asked me to come out and try a search. I met them at the location and we walked to the area it last pinged using George’s phone. I started doing my search and within 5ft I got a strong signal, But in order to make sure I didn’t damage the phone with my beach scoop, I instead started digging by hand. While Gavin went to grab a plastic beach shovel I kept digging by hand about 8 inches down in an area the tide was washing over and sure enough, It was his phone! Luckily it was not water logged! Another happy ending. They were all so happy I found it!

Lost wedding ring in LBI NJ Found by Matt St.Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #166
Over the weekend I was referred to Raman by fellow ring finder Ed Cropski for a lost wedding ring in Lbi NJ. While he was enjoying the day at the beach with his family at some point his young daughter came to him and told him she found his necklace. Well, His ring was on his necklace so he could tuck it into his wetsuit when scuba diving and didn’t get around to putting it back on his finger. He found about us through someone else. I got the details on where he was. Turned out he wasn’t exactly sure. But he knew it was between 2 streets. A full block of beach I was going to have to search. I went out there that night and started the search effort. After about an hour. Bingo! I had his ring! He was blown away when I told him! We met up the next day so I could return it to him. Another happy client!

Lost wedding ring in LBI Beach Haven NJ Found By Matt St.Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #165
Last night I was contacted by Sandra. She was referred to me by fellow ring finder Ed Cropski. While at the beach with her family she removed her Platinum diamond wedding band and placed it on the arm rest of her chair to put lotion on. She became distracted and forgot to put her ring back on. When they left the ring fell off the chair and disappeared into the sand. She did not realize it was missing until after getting back to the house. I made arrangements with her to meet at the location for a search later at night. She showed me the area they were sitting and in about 20mins I found it! Sandra and her friend Lisa were overjoyed! Another Happy ending!

Lost Gold Charms in a yard found by Matt St.Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #162/163
Last night I was contacted by Kim on behalf of her husband Patrick. While their son was wearing Patrick’s necklace the clasp came undone and the 4 charms on it disappeared into the grass. Patrick found 2 of them but couldn’t find the other 2. I went up to their house to see if I could help. After Patrick showed me where he found the first 2, I started searching and within 5 mins found the others about 3ft from one another! Another success! (The half locket charm was given to his Grandmother as a child in the year 1912!)

Lost gold cross found by Matt St.Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #160

Later in the day I was contacted about another lost item. While Greg was doing yard work and trimming trees, A branch became snagged on his necklace. When he pulled the branch away unknown to him his cross broke and fell. I drove up to his house in the evening and started a search in the areas he showed me. It wasn’t turning up so we turned our attention to the piles of branches. After moving everything around a bit, Sure enough, There it was at the bottom of the pile! Another happy ending!

Lost Heirloom ring in Colonia New Jersey found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #159
Today I got a message from Tom. While having a party in the backyard at some point his ring went missing. I made arrangements to drive up to Colonia NJ to see if I could help him find it. Once I arrived Tom gave me the rundown on the events of the party. I pretty much had to search the whole backyard which was a pretty good size. After about an hour and a half of weeding through the various targets including some lost matchbox cars, I found it! Tom was very happy to have it back in his hands! Another Happy Client!

Lost Engagement ring in LBI NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

A few days ago I was referred to Stephen and his wife Elizabeth by fellow ring finder Dave Milsted for her lost engagement ring. They are here for the week and while they were at the beach with their children, Elizabeth was standing on the slope in the wet sand speaking with a friend. she went to remove her rings to let her friend get a better look at them and as she did, A larger than normal wave came up and caught them off guard. She managed to save her wedding band but her engagement ring went flying. I met Stephen there later that day and he showed me where it happened. I began to search but I could only safely go half way done the slope due to high and very rough surf conditions. I promised him I would come back in a day or two when the surf calmed down in order to continue the search. I went back this afternoon without making them aware but they actually arrived there to hang out when I was halfway done. I wasn’t having any luck and decided to come back that night when everyone left so I could go over more areas. At that very moment my machine gave me the kind of signal I was hoping for. After I removed a few scoops of sand I had her ring! It was buried about 8″ down already. Stephen looked over at me and said no luck? I smiled and held up the ring, He started to walk over and as he got closer he realized I found the ring. He yelled at the top of his lungs. ” I can’t frickin’ believe you found it !! ” Then Elizabeth saw what was happening and quickly came over. They were completely shocked that I managed to find it. They were ecstatic and very happy! I am so happy I was able to do that for them! Another happy ending!


Lost wedding ring set in Seaside Park NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #4 for 2021
Today I was referred to Anna by Fellow Ringfinders Ed Cropski and Dennis Burlingame. After speaking with her I made my way to Seaside Park to meet her and her Fiancée’ along with their friend. At some point she took off her rings and placed them on the arm of the beach chair and forgot to put them back on. It wasn’t until 2hrs after leaving the beach she realized they were gone so they went back to try and find them with no luck. Once I arrived and spoke to them a bit I began my search. Within about 5 mins I found all three of them! They were very happy and relieved since they just started their vacation. Another great ending!

Lost wedding ring in Lbi NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

A few hours ago i was contacted by Kara. While at the beach with her husband and children her husband Pat lost his wedding band in the sand. After about an hour of combing through the sand they were unable to find it. I drove out to their location within an hour and in about a minute i had the ring in my scoop! Another great ending!


Lost Wedding Band Found By Matt St.Germain Aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder Mantaloking NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Last night around 10:30pm I received an email from Dan. While he was at the beach yesterday he went for a swim during high tide. On his way back in he was hit by a wave and his platinum wedding band slipped off into the surf. Luckily he recorded GPS coordinates where he was at the time. I went there this morning during low tide and using his coordinates on my phone I was able to get to the right area. Once I got into position I began to grid search the slope and within 20mins I had it in my scoop! It had already sank about 8-10 inches! I sent Dan a photo of the ring and he called me immediately. He was overjoyed! I am going to meet him during the week to return it to him. Another happy ending!