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Found..Lost Gold Ring at English Bay Beach, Vancouver BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)










Last night I went to sleep at 11:45 pm and I was planning on getting up at 3:am to go to the beach with a friend and do a beach hunt.

Minutes before midnight I awake to a phone call…911… someone lost their ring at the beach and wanted to know if I could help find it.

After taking notes of the location the ring was lost at I decide to search for it ASAP so that no one else would find it before I got there.

I get up and make a coffee and get ready to hit the road…The great thing was that it was the same beach my friend and I were going to at 4 am that morning. I wasn’t going to wake him up early so I went there to find the ring then come back to pick up my friend.

I get to the beach and I can see hand prints all over the sand in the area the ring was lost at, I know that I’m in the right spot, so I start my search.

After 10 minutes of searching in the dark at around 1:15 am I get a loud strong signal. I sink the scoop into the nice dry sand and I watched the sand sift through the scoop until I could see the beautiful color of gold!

After I returned home from the beach I had 30 minutes to make another coffee and get ready to pick up my friend and head back out to the beach.

I love my job!

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View the video of the search below…

Lost Gold Ring at Wreck Beach, Vancouver…Found!

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Today at work I received a call from a young man who lost his wedding band (common-law) at Wreck Beach yesterday. He explained that he took it off and put it in his pack so that he wouldn’t lose it.

That being said he went into his pack four times to get something out and it was in four different locations on the beach. I met Ben and his lovely wife to search the locations in hope that I could reunite him with his ring.

The first location on the beach (Nude Beach) was at the far end where he felt it could be, 20 minutes and some pocket change near a log and nothing. We move to the second location, another log closer to the middle of the beach. Within seconds of turning on my detector I found his ring…Smiles all around!

I love my job!

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You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost… 3 Platinum Rings at Chesterman Beach Vancouver Island…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from the Concierge at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, Vancouver Island.  He asked if I could help search for 3 platinum rings that were tossed into the ocean at Chesterman Beach, beside their inn.

He tells me that 3 days past from the time the young lady from London England tossed her rings into the ocean.  He helped the couple by getting them a metal detector so they could search the next morning for the rings.

The coupled searched most of the day but had no luck in finding the rings.  They were leaving the next day to New York, they would leave Tofino broken hearted!

After the couple left to New York,  the Concierge (Damien) began to search the internet to see if he could locate someone to help find those 3 lost rings.

This is where I come into play,  he finds online, he tells me the story of the lady and her lost rings. I know I have to act fast as the waves on that beach can get very big in the winter time and that could pound the rings deep into the sand, beyond the reach of a detector.

My wife who hasn’t picked up a detector since we were hunting in the UK (Spoiled) many years ago, wanted to come and help. This was great because she could help grid search and we could knock it out fast,  we needed to because of the tides.

Close to 4 hours and only a couple of  trash targets I got a good signal.  I dug down with my sand scoop and placed the lump of sand on the beach and with my headlight I could see the sparkle of diamonds!

I found the platinum diamond engagement ring! I yelled out to Beverley and she came running, we were so happy and we called Trish in New York to tell them the good news.

We regained our composure and Beverley started to do a corkscrew grid search where I found the ring and within minutes she got a signal 5 yards away and scooped up the platinum wedding band…

This was the tough one because it was so small and thin and it was already 4-5 inches down,  good find by Beverley!

Well we were excited and hopeful that we would find the 3rd ring and within 5 minutes and about 15 yards away I found the Aquamarine platinum ring…

We were so happy to find all 3 rings and excited to email the pictures of our discovery to Trish & James.  We got a call early the next morning and Trish & James were happy, happy!

Things happen in our lives that make us do funny things that we regret… That being said the rings have more memories now and the last memory was how good it felt to get them back!

We started back to Vancouver and as luck would have it we got stuck in traffic for hours due to snow storms and white outs.  We did make it to the ferry and dropped the rings off to Trish’s friends in West Vancouver who will be going to London in a weeks time…

Beverley and I had a great time on this search and the Hero in all of this , in our opinion,  is the Concierge at the Wickaninnish Inn (Damien) Because if he hadn’t found The Ring Finders Directory, the rings would be lost forever!

I love my job! I Love my Wife!

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Video of the search below…

-Video- Chesterman Beach…3 Lost Platinum Rings in Tofino, Vancouver Island…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This video is a search for 3 lost rings at Chesterman Beach,  Tofino,  Vancouver Island

Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Kits Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Kits Beach Vancouver, a young married couple playing Volleyball on a hot and sunny day  and enjoying the long weekend, that was until the young man’s wedding ring came flying off his finger into the sand… they searched the sand for hours but no luck!

Thankfully a friend approached the lifeguards for help and they passed my flyer to them. I received a call for help around dinner time and I was off to the beach.

I met the couple and they told me the area they thought the ring came off at and I started my search. There were few good signal and about 20 minutes into the grid search I had a loud signal and I felt it was going to be the ring…It was!

I love my job!

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Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Kits Beach, Vancouver…Found/Video

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Volleyball Gold lost at Kits Beach…4 year anniversary not far away!

Lost Gold Opal Ring/Sunset Beach, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received the call for help at 2:30 pm and we discussed the search, it was fireworks night and I knew I had to search for her ring ASAP.

She lost her Gold and Opal ring that was given to her by her Grandmother…She lost it when she went to high five her friend early in the morning at Sunset Beach…

With little hope of finding the ring they stumble across a Lifeguard the next day who gives them my number and a second chance.

Fireworks attract hundreds of  thousands of people and I knew I didn’t get out there soon it would be hard to find parking.

I rushed out to the beach and met the young lady who showed me the area. I started my grid search and I was finding lots of junk and after maybe 10 minutes I got a loud signal and out of the sand popped out her beautiful gold and opal ring.

I love my job!

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Lost Gold and Opal Ring at Sunset Beach in Vancouver/Video

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

She lost her Gold and Opal ring that was given to her by her Grandmother…She lost it when she went to high five her friend early in the morning at Sunset Beach…

Lost Watch, Spanish Banks Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young lady at around 6 pm on a Thursday, she tells me that she had lost a watch and that it could be in a couple of areas on the beach where she was playing volleyball and Frisbee.

I was still at work and working until 10 pm so I explained that I could come out after work and meet her to look for the watch.

She was a little skeptical that I could find her watch at night, I assured her that it didn’t mater if it was day or night, if we waited to long to search for her watch, the beach machine that cleans the beach could scoop it up and it would be lost forever.

I meet Kailun at 11 pm and she was with her parents, she walked me out and showed me the area that the watch could be lost at…I knew that it would take a bit of time to do a grid search so I told her that she could go home and that I would call her in the morning to let her know if I found the watch or not.

When the person doesn’t know where the item came off it becomes a treasure hunt! I know that its out there… but where?

I started my search at the volleyball court but nothing, I then started my grid search in the area she and her friends were playing Frisbee, after almost an complete north/south grid and close to an hour and a half I was only a few more lines from the end of the grid area when I got a good loud signal… It was the watch!

I have to say I was very happy I found the watch as I was getting really tired, I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to do the east/west grid.

I called the young lady and told her the good news the next morning…

I love my job!

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Wreck Beach Gold… Nude Beach/UBC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Wreck Beach Gold