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Lost Car Keys at 3rd Beach…Stanley Park, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Car keys are important specially when you only have one key!  I received a call yesterday from a young man who explained that he thought he lost his car keys with alarm fob the night before while partying with his friends on the beach. He called me from 3rd beach the following day and I asked him to take pictures of the location so when I got there at night I’d have a good chance to find the car key.

I know the beaches get hit hard by the local treasure hunters so I put out an email to a friend to see if he or anyone he knew were hunting 3rd beach the night before. The answer back was no…


I got the details/pictures over the phone from the young man and off I went at 10 pm to search for the lost key. After arriving I realized I was in the party pit! Fire pits and bottle caps and pull tabs every where!  Almost every swing you got a signal…


I dumped my pouch of crap twice in the garbage and took one load of caps and pull tabs to show you all…I spent 5 1/2 hours searching the area for his lost car key  because I knew it would cost a small fortune to have one cut.

After the first 2 hours I realized I was searching the wrong area…(Always good to have the person there to show you the area) Luckily one of the pictures he sent me had a unique log that look like it had deer antlers,  I was able to find that log and I knew I was in the hot zone.

I always show you videos of my recoveries and blog my story of success…But it doesn’t always have a happy ending! I didn’t find his car key but not for a lack of trying. More then likely the key & fob were sitting on the top of the sand and in the morning someone eyeballed it…Or it was lost some where else…

I always say…I can only find what’s there to be found…If its there…I will Find it!




I found enough to cover my gas…

10- $2.00 coins

3- $1.00 coins

12-25 cent coins

15-10 cent coins

7- 5 cent coins

20- 1 cent coins

3-Rings-1 silver

1-Pair of ladies sun glasses

Bottle caps & Pull Tabs…To many to count! But they are now where they belong…In the Garbage!