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Lost Diamond Ring… Bolsa Chica State Beach, CA… Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Last Saturday at 9 am I received a phone call from Amanda and Adam. They were at Bolsa Chica State Beach and had borrowed a metal detector to find a ring that she lost Friday afternoon. She was standing in about ankle deep water and went to brush some sand to off her leg. That is when her beautiful ring went flying into the water. Amada reached down just as a wave broke in front of her. They searched till 8pm that night and returned the next morning. Saturday morning about 9am she found ” The RingFinders” online and called me. I was able to get  her location about 10am and the tide was going out. I searched till the lowest tide with no success. Sunday morning was a minus tide, so I came again Sunday at 6am. This beach is soft sand and has a very steep slope. It was very difficult to be positive about finding this ring as the sand can build up more than a foot in one tide.  After 4 hours of searching as the tide came in, still no success. I watched Adam swinging his detector and Amanda walking back and forth on the beach the whole day. I told her that I had given it my best effort and it was hard to tell her that the ring may have worked itself too deep to detect.

I went home feeling I had done my best to find that ring and it was not the best experience watching Amanda and Adam trying so hard to find the ring.. That night I checked the tides and it was going to be a 6.8 ft high tide with a minus tide in the morning.  8:30am  SUCCESS !! I found it about 6 inches deep.

They were unaware that I decided to give it one more try, so when I sent Amanda a text message  with a picture of her ring asking her to call me, I bet the house was crazy.  We met at about 10 am and they were sooo happy.

I know a lot about metal detecting in the surf and this ring had been through 3 super high tides and 3 medium high tides on a steep sloping, soft sand beach and I don’t believe I was able to find it.  This was a awesome search and I’m still amazed ( 40% Skill and 60% Luck )

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