Lost Knife in Dallas,Tx Found

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received an email from a very nice lady stating that her husband’s small pocket knife was lost in their yard.   We thought it was a little unusual to get a call on a knife but we are always excited to help people .  As we talked further we found out that the family had gone out and cut down 2 Christmas Trees this year and had strapped them to the top of the family SUV.  Upon arriving at home the father had pulled out his very special 3″ knife that his wife had given to him as a gift on their wedding day.  He used it to cut the rope holding the Christmas Trees to the SUV and then gave it to his oldest 10yr old daughter Ally to cut the other side.  She cut the rope and put the knife in her top pocket of her jacket and helped her dad and sisters drag the 2 trees into the house.  After getting the trees inside, she realize the knife was no longer in her pocket.  After 3 days of searching the 3″ thick grass cover in large leaves they had nearly given up.  10yr old Ally was heart broken at losing her daddy’s special knife. 

Ally’s mom got on the internet and found our “The Ring Finders” website .  She called and my wife and I set a time come by.  Upon arriving at their home we had a roughly 80ft by 40ft area of thick grass and leaves.  We got out our equipment and I began the search.  My wife’s ACE250 was acting funny  and she decided to just let me hunt.  She had her pinpointer with her while talking to the customer.  As you can imagine at every beep our detectors or pinpointers made the 3 daughters were right their with us looking for the knife.  Finally I suggested to the mom that they go check the SUV one more time while we continued the search of the yard.  My wife just sat down in the beautiful yard and kinda of just moved her pinpointer around and it went off.  She said “Don, go get the girls, I GOT IT”.   Ally the daughter who lost the knife came running out and grabbed the knife out of the yard and held it to her chest, she was almost in tears.

Ally and her family thanked us and thank us and then even took pick pictures with us and our equipment so they could so their dad.  Just another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.

This hobby is so much fun!

Don & Ellen Wilson

The Dallas Ring Finders!