Crystal Cove State Beach, Gold Wedding Band recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Dear Stan, 

   We are so grateful to you for finding our father’s lost wedding band in the sand at Crystal Cove State Park this afternoon.  The is a great resource.  Through the site we found you, and that you were able to come to us within the hour was truly fantastic.  Then, when you found the ring within five minutes, we were so relieved.  Thank you again.  I hope the rest of your day was as successful!       RICHARD
      Thursday, 12-28-12 .. I received a call from Richard asking me if I could help his father find a gold wedding band that he had just lost.  His father was at Crystal Cove State Beach and it slipped off his finger in the dry sand. I told him, I could be there in about an hour and if they were able to wait for me it would be an easy search. I also told them not to disturb the sand as this can cause the ring to go deeper than the detector’s capabilities.  After arriving they were able to show me the area and the ring was found within a couple minutes. Then came the Big smiles and thank you.   This is so much fun to help people.

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