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Platinum wedding band found in Denver, Colorado yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Mark very happy to be holding his ring once again

Mark Rubinstein was hanging out in his back yard having a couple of brews with a buddy on a cool September evening. Guys being guys they ended up in a friendly slapping match, the kind where it is all fun and games till somebody loses their wedding ring. The pair searched in earnest that evening trying to find Mark’s platinum wedding band without any luck. The next day mark searched the area one more time on his hands and knees pulling the grass apart and visuallysearching, again no luck. A couple of weeks went by with sporadic but intense searches yet still the searches were fruitless.

Mark sent me an email regarding my services and explained that the ring was lost in him back yard. I assured him that if the ring was truly in his back yard I stood a very good chance of recovering it. But I also made no promises about the rings recovery as I have made searches that were not successful.

Another week went by and I did not hear from Mark so I sent him another email and also left him a message on his cell phone.  After a couple more days Mark sent me an email and we arranged for me to come to look for his ring the following day at 1:00 pm.

I arrived at the address Mark gave me at the prescribed time, Mark was in his car taking care of some business on his cell phone. He showed me to the back yard and explained what had occurred the night that he lost his wedding ring. I readied my Whites XLT with my Bigfoot coil and prepared to search.

Mark needed to take care of a bit more business so he excused himself and left me to my search. Within 10 minutes of starting I had recovered Mark’s ring. The ring was well hidden by the grass and not visible to the naked eye, but the ring was quite visible to a metal detector. By the time Mark made his way back I had already taken close-up photos of his ring and was just hanging out on the deck.

Mark was elated that I had found his ring as he thought that it could possibly be gone for good.

Ring recovered October 21, 2011.

Mark's platinum wedding band


Lost Ring at Boundary Bay, Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen BC…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)











We received an email at 1o:15 pm from a young man that lost his ring at Centennial Beach, Boundary Bay, Tsawwassen. The strange thing was that we had a search that morning for a man’s lost ring in water. It was a massive area and we found it in a few hours…My wife found it! She was so excited!!! that video will be up as soon as we meet the person who lost the ring and give it back…

So this search Danny told me that he knew the area the ring came off at and my question was did you lose it by a log? Yes he replied, not far from a log. I knew we had to hit the beach ASAP because if we waited till the next day someone could beat us to it…

We met up and discussed the search and set out to the location he lost the ring. I have a big  battery powered light that lit the way to the area he lost his ring.

Because Beverley found the last ring at this beach she decided that she’d find this one too. Danny was confident that the ring was lost in a relatively small area so Beverly started her grid search and within 5-10 minutes she found his ring!

Beverley was so happy that Dan got his ring back and this was only the second time we ever hunted this beach! The same day Beverley found a diamond ring(32 diamonds) for a man that lost it a week before we were able to search for it…

I’m so happy that my wife is excited to compete with me…I just hope she lets me find a few!


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You can watch the video below…


Ring recovered in Northglenn front yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joe Pfifer lost his 14 karat white gold wedding band while doing yard work. Something as simple and mundane as removing dried up leaves from the shrubbery in front of their home on a cool spring morning had caused Joes ring to slip from his finger.

Joe had tried searching for the ring visually and even researched on-line on how to search for lost rings which is how he found “Ring Finders”. And with the thought of somebody who knew what they were doing as opposed to Joe giving it a go on his own, Joe contacted me.

When I met up with Joe he explained what he was doing and the location of his efforts to clean up the yard. Within a few short minutes I had recovered Joe’s ring from under the tree bark mulch that was hiding it from sight. This search area was being hindered by metal edging, but when you know your machine interference from such can be minimized.

Ring recovered on March 25, 2011.

Joe Pfifer and his ring

Joe happy to be holding his ring once again


Joes 14 kt white gold ring

Found Ring Almonte Trouvé Bague Almonte

Good Evening everyone,

It’s been a while since i’ve posted. Working evening shifts and having no searches in the last months, until last week on the 12th of May. Nemo was enjoying the beautiful day to do yard work on the 6th of May, he went to the garden to shake some trees to rid of dead leaves and needles. While going from tree to tree he noticed at the end he had lost his ring, he frantically searched but to know avail. While doing some searching on google he came across the ring finders and my blog, a phone call was made and an appointment was made. I searched the compost area where leaves and debris from the yard cleaning were thrown into some bushes. Nothing was found. I continued my search along the wall of the house where weeds were pulled and then made my way towards the trees which were shook. Going from tree to tree (around 6 in total), nothing beeped, I noticed I was on the wrong program, I immediately changed it, went to my first tree, and there it was that familiar ring tone in my ears, bent down pinpointed it and there she was that glimmer of gold. Nemo and Sarah were extremely happy, and so was I. If you know of anyone who lost a ring, bracelet, chain, give me a call The Ring Finder is there and will help you fing whatever that was lost. Call me at 819-332-3116 and ask for Stephane. Have a great evening everyone !  I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit www.whiteselectronics.com for great detectors and accessories.

Bonsoir à tous,

Il a déjà un moment que j’ai publié sur mon blogue du au fait que je n’ai pas des heures régulières à mon travail en plus du manque de demande de recherches dans les derniers mois. Ma dernière demande est venue le 6 mai dernier de la part de Nemo qui a profité de la belle journée pour faire du jardinage. C’est en secouant des arbres pour débarrasser des feuilles mortes et les aiguilles qu’il aurait perdu sa bague. Désespéré, il a cherché mais sans succès. En effectuant quelques recherches sur google, il est tombé sur mon blogue. Un appel et le rendez-vous était fixé. J’ai cherché là où les feuilles et les débris avaient été jetés. Sans succès. J’ai continué mes recherches le long du mur de la maison où les mauvaix herbes ont été retirés du sol, puis je me suis dirigé vers les arbres en question. En effectuant ma recherche, j’ai remarqué que j’étais sur le mauvais programme.  Une fois le bon programme entré, je suis allé à mon premier arbre, et c’est là que la sonnerie familiere à mes oreilles se fut entendre. En me penchant, je me suis apperçu de la lueur d’or. Nemo et Sarah étaient très heureux et soulagés.

Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, bracelet, chaîne, ou tous autres objets, contactez-moi Stéphane Philippe Le Finder Ring de la grande région de Gatineau-Ottawa. Gagnant du chercheur de l’année 2010 du site Internet The Ring Finders. Je suis là pour vous aider à retrouver votre objet sentimental. Appelez-moi au 819-332-3116 et demandez Stéphane.

Lost platinum wedding ring recovered! Fort Meade, Maryland.

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

This is my 2nd recovery in 2011 so far….and I’m 2 for 2! I’ll let Jeff P. tell the story. Thanks for checking out my page!

In May 2011, my platinum wedding band came off during a soccer game. I knew I had it on at the beginning of the game and realized midway through the second half that it had come off. I thought back and suspected that it flew off during a throwin, but had no idea where on the field it had fallen. The field is a very large area, approx.100×75, so I thought it was a lost cause.
After the game, I went home and began researching metal detectors with the intention of renting one and searching for it myself. I was surprised to find the RingFinders.com community and decided to contact Jim Wagner. Jim returned my email and within 2 hours, we were out on the field looking for the ring. After only 40 minutes of searching, Jim found my ring! What a feeling of relief! My wife was out there with us and she was thrilled. Thanks, Jim!

Jeff P.

Yours truly and a VERY happy Jeff P!


Lost Gold Wedding Band Found Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Another great smile

When you are a Ring Finder, you never know when your next search will be. I had a feeling that I might get a search this week because here in Yakima we had a very cold and snowy spell.This can often mean valuables such as keys and rings can get lost.

When the call came asking if I was willing to help find a lost gold wedding band I was not surprised. After speaking with the wife of the man who lost his ring I was ready to start the hunt.

The ring had fallen off while the husband was cleaning the snow off the car, and then brushed his arms and hands off. He told me that he heard a metal “clank” but did not put it together that it was his ring that made the noise. When he arrived at home, he realized that his ring was gone and was sure that it was his ring that must have come off back in the parking lot. Well he returned to the site, but there was two inches of fresh snow in the lot and he could not find the ring. I was called the next day after they found my listing on The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service on the internet.

I agreed to meet them after work to look for the ring. Now I said earlier that it was cold and snowy, and it was. Although the snow had mostly stopped it was still only around 18 F outside and by the time the search was called off for the night it was well on the way to -5 F.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the search location the parking lot had already been plowed. There was only a 1/4 of packed snow on the parking lot, with two large piles of snow off in the corners. The man was able to put me exactly where the ring came off so I searched that area first. I then expanded the search grid to include the most likely route the scraper would have taken to move the snow into the piles. Still no ring. So after looking at the two piles of snow we decided to search the most likely one, which of course was the larger of the two.

I began to shovel layers of snow off the pile and search the remaining snow. After about two hours I had searched about half of the pile, and called it quits for the night.

The next day was even colder, but the sun was out and I was again eager to continue the hunt. My oldest son was home from school, so I asked if he would like to help me search for the ring, and fortunately he did. So off we went. It took about another hour of digging each layer of snow, and then searching it to come up with the ring. It was sitting just hidden in a clump of snow. About the time I swung the metal detector over the ring, I heard the beep and there was the ring. I could not believe we found it. I thought for sure that I would have to just wait for the pile to melt before the ring would be found.

Now I wanted to surprise the husband with the ring and capture that on video, so I called his wife and told her that I had found the ring but wanted to surprise him. So I asked her if she could get him down to the search area to give me some more details about losing the ring, and she agreed.

When they arrived I asked him if he could tell me about what significance the ring was to him and to go over how he lost it again. Then I asked him to describe the ring and after he was done I pulled out the ring and asked if it looked like this one! He was very surprised and happy to get the ring back.

I was pretty happy to have found it for him with the help of my son. It was a great moment I will not soon forget.

They were very kind in giving me a nice reward, which was much appreciated. I do accept rewards as it helps me cover costs and keep my equipment up to date, but for me the true reward is the great smile and joy that I get to witness and be a part of.

Thanks guys for giving me a call and letting me be a part of your wedding ring story.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Kits Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Kits Beach Vancouver, a young married couple playing Volleyball on a hot and sunny day  and enjoying the long weekend, that was until the young man’s wedding ring came flying off his finger into the sand… they searched the sand for hours but no luck!

Thankfully a friend approached the lifeguards for help and they passed my flyer to them. I received a call for help around dinner time and I was off to the beach.

I met the couple and they told me the area they thought the ring came off at and I started my search. There were few good signal and about 20 minutes into the grid search I had a loud signal and I felt it was going to be the ring…It was!

I love my job!

Lost something?

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