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Lost Rings found at Carpinteria State Beach

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call from Jenny yesterday afternoon as she was distraught that she had not lost one ring, but rather five rings at Carpinteria State Beach! In order to keep them safe while she went swimming, she had carefully placed her five rings in her beach bag while she went for a swim. When she got home she went to get her rings and they were gone. Thankfully she had some photos so she had an idea where she was sitting but after about a half hour of gridding and nothing but trash I asked to take a look at her photos. I took out my phone and we began to compare the photos she had with what i was seeing through my camera and it appeared we were not in the right place. I kind of recalibrated our location and moved to another area of the beach.

After about 5 minutes of searching the new area I got a series of hits on my Equinox 900 and one by one started recovering her rings. All five were in about a two foot area buried about 6 inches in the dry sand. All was now well and good for Jenny.

If you have lost your ring or other piece of jewelry do what Jenny did and contact Ventura County’s #1 ringfinder at 805-290-5009 so we can set up a plan to get your ring or rings back.

Wedding Rings found Carpinteria State Beach

I got a call last evening from some nice friends of Karina and Drew who were camping with them at Carpinteria State Beach. The call was that Karina had accidentally lost her three wedding rings in the sand and that they had been digging and sifting the area for 5 hours with no luck. They had even bought a metal detector to use but no matter what they tried it didn’t work, still no rings. Luckily it was thought to google “Ringfinder” and when they did my name came up and I agreed to come right out and recover the rings. I knew I would be able to recover them and I assured Karina that I would.

There was a crowd of family looking on and I began to grid the area they thought the rings would be at. There was nothing there and I suspected that the rings (that had been placed on a chair) had been flung a bit farther so I moved outside the area towards the waterline and then detected and one by one, each ring began to reveal itself and in about 3 minutes we had all the rings back. Needless to say we were all pretty pumped at the outcome.

If you happen to lose your ring don’t wait, call or text me at 805-290-5009 and let’s get it back to you.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Caprinteria Santa Claus Beach

I got a call from Emily Saturday afternoon asking if I could help her son-in-law find his platinum wedding ring at the beach. My first question was did he lose it in the dry or wet sand? Her response was neither, he was neck deep in the ocean boogie boarding when it fell off. I did a quick check of the tides and it turned out he lost it at high tide so I knew I had one chance to find it today (Sunday morning) as we had a decent minus tide at 6am. Carpinteria is about 45 minutes from my house so I headed out at 5:15am to see if we could recover this ring. Gideon and Erica had been married less than a year and losing this ring was a blow for sure. Gideon is an ER Dr. in Ventura and finally had one day to rest at the beach after a 36 hour shift and he ended up losing his wedding ring.

I got out there and the tide was right where I needed it to be and I had around 20 minutes of search time before it came back in based on where I had plotted his location from yesterday. I was about 10 minutes in and I got a nice tone on the minelab equinox and two scoops later I had the ring in the scoop. Gideon, Erica and Emily met me at the beach and the return was complete. It was an awesome way to start a Sunday morning and I’m thankful we had the opportunity with the tides. If you happen to lose a piece of jewelry time is not on your side so make sure you call or text me at 805-290-5009 and ask for Dave.