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Wedding Rings found Carpinteria State Beach

I got a call last evening from some nice friends of Karina and Drew who were camping with them at Carpinteria State Beach. The call was that Karina had accidentally lost her three wedding rings in the sand and that they had been digging and sifting the area for 5 hours with no luck. They had even bought a metal detector to use but no matter what they tried it didn’t work, still no rings. Luckily it was thought to google “Ringfinder” and when they did my name came up and I agreed to come right out and recover the rings. I knew I would be able to recover them and I assured Karina that I would.

There was a crowd of family looking on and I began to grid the area they thought the rings would be at. There was nothing there and I suspected that the rings (that had been placed on a chair) had been flung a bit farther so I moved outside the area towards the waterline and then detected and one by one, each ring began to reveal itself and in about 3 minutes we had all the rings back. Needless to say we were all pretty pumped at the outcome.

If you happen to lose your ring don’t wait, call or text me at 805-290-5009 and let’s get it back to you.

Lost engagement ring found at Rincon Beach Park Ventura by Ventura County Ringfinder

I got a text late last night from Ashley who had lost her engagement ring yesterday afternoon when a sneaker wave crashed their beach party and between the wave and the gathering of her stuff and moving it her 3 week old engagement ring was lost somewhere between the low and high tide line a 100 yards long and 20 yards wide! I searched the first logical location but the sand was quiet and I knew her ring wasn’t there. We decided I would follow her as she walked the 100 yards to where they ended up to see if it had been dropped along the way. I left a grid line with my scoop in case I needed to go back and we got to the spot where they went to regroup from the high tide and started to grid around it. About 3 minutes in I finally got a tone and it was clean and we had success in the scoop.

Needless to say we were both as excited as we could be because poor Ashley had been waiting 9 years for this ring and she deserved a better resolution than a lost engagement ring! Ashley did the right thing and got ahold of me as soon as she could and we didn’t have to fight the tides or other detectorists to recover her ring. I’m retired so I’m available at 805-290-5009 to hunt day or night to get you back your ring, bracelet, pendant, keys or even a phone.

Lost Gold pendant and Chain found on Silverstrand Beach in Oxnard

I got a text this afternoon from Dave who had inadvertently lost his daughter’s gold pendant and chain while they were playing at the beach. Ironically she had given the chain and pendant to Dave to hold for safekeeping while she went boogey boarding. Dave put it in his shorts pocket and when they got back to the house noticed it was missing and that he had a hole in his pocket so somewhere between the hide tide section of the beach and about 100 yards of dry sand he had lost the pendant. The beach had become crowded since it had gone missing and pretty much everyone within a 25 yard radius knew it was missing and why I was there so the pressure was on. I hunt Silverstrand a lot and parts of it can be tricky as it tends to get a lot of sand pushed in and pulled down each tidal cycle so I knew I had to work fast if it was in the wet sand. I hit several targets right away but nothing what we wanted and we had decided to move up into the dry sand but something told me to make one more pass in the wet sand so I did and at the bottom of my grid I got the tone I’d been looking for and out popped the pendant and chain intact!

I brought it up to Dave pretending to get ready to hunt the dry and then I showed him and the place around us erupted in cheers and claps as the missing pendant was now back home. Dave did the smart thing and called an expert out to solve his recovery problem and if you have lost a ring, pendant, bracelet or chain don’t hesitate to text or call me at 805-290-5009 and we can make arrangements to getting your items back safe to you. Time is always the enemy so don’t wait call as soon as you can.

Lost Engagement ring found at East Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call today from Chris who was with his family enjoying a wonderful day at East Beach in Santa Barbara. He was there with his wife and two small children, one of which is developing a wicked fastball as he took his mom’s ring and through it into the sand while mom was putting sunscreen on him. Like all great stories this one too had a happy ending as I was able to find it rather quickly because Chris made the decision to call me right away before we could lose it to anyone else. If you have accidentally lost your ring don’t wait to call or text me at 805-290-5009 so we can get out to your location and recover your ring.

Lost Wedding Ring found in Bell Canyon CA.

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got an email from my website ( from a young lady named Jourdan who had lost her wedding ring. She knew the area it was in because it ended up over the balcony of her home overlooking a steep canyon in Bell Canyon, a private community outside of Los Angeles. How it found itself over the railing and into the canyon was less important than getting ti back so we scheduled a time for me to come out. The area where it was thought to be in was a steep drop off of open dirt with pockets of dense brush and tumbleweeds and rocky outcroppings. It required me to detect mostly from my knees as standing up left me unbalanced and prone to falling.

I spent 4 hours during my first visit at her home removing hundreds of nails, bottle caps and various metal debris but did not find the ring. I agreed to come back out as I had time and today was that day. We started by throwing a couple of junk rings over the balcony to simulate the wedding ring and again I hit the ground from my knees and detected both with my equinox and my pinpointer. For most of two hours I got nothing but junk signals and I was close to giving up but I decided to move down the hill a bit even though logic said it didn’t get thrown that far. While standing over a large cattail bush I got a faint “10” on my equinox as I moved the coil through the bush. I had to walk below the bush in order to get on my knees and used my pinpointer to start seeing if I could locate the signal. I got a beep and then spied this:

 There it was! 6 hours of searching on a steep hillside canyon and I had found the ring! Needless to say I was overjoyed and I took a moment to thank God for allowing me to find it. I called up to the house and let Jourdan know that her wedding ring was coming back. We prayed over the ring and asked God to continue to bless Jourdan and her family. Everyone was happy and the story of the ring continues. If you lost your ring don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so we can get it back.

Lost Engagement Ring found at East Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call from Ian on Tuesday morning asking if I could help he and his fiance Cielo locate her engagement ring that was lost Sunday evening. It was accidentally lost in the tide as Ian had been holding it for Cielo while she was swimming and it came off while he had handed her the towel. It immediately buried itself in the wet sand and as each wave moved over it got buried a little bit more. The conditions were great for a Tuesday afternoon search and I felt pretty confident that I could recover it unless someone else had beaten me to it.

I got there and met up with both Ian and Cielo and I started the search and began to grid out the area. I wasn’t having much luck going east so I went back to where I started and moved west and on my second pass I got a signal and two scoops later we had the ring back! It was an awesome recovery and it was so cool to be a part of it. If you have lost a piece of jewelry time is not on your side and the sooner you call or text me at 805-290-5009 the sooner it is we can plan it’s recovery.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Ventura Beach

I got a call from Rigo this morning regarding his wife’s wedding ring. Rigo is a firefighter for Cal Fire and he was thankfully taking a break from fighting fires in the state and took his family on vacation to Ventura for some cooler weather and a little beach time. Unfortunately this great time was spoiled by an accidental dropping of his wife’s wedding ring out of her pocket where she had kept it for safe keeping. She had it in her pocket along with her phone and decided to take some pics of the kids and when she took it out the ring came out with the phone. The problem was she discovered the ring was missing after they had left the beach. I met Rigo at the location and he gave me an idea of where he thought they were and started to grid the area. A couple of passes later I got a nice solid tone on my equinox and had the ring in the scoop! Needless to say Rigo was super excited to get the ring back for his wife and also because they were all packed up in the car waiting for me to find it because they had to be back home that afternoon. They key thing is RIGO CALLED ME AS SOON AS HE COULD because time is the enemy of recovering your ring. If you have lost your ring, key’s, pendant or necklace call or text me(805-290-5009) as soon as you can so I can beat the tide or another would be detectorist. I hunt all areas of Ventura County and willtravel greater distances if necessary. Visit my website at 

Lost Engagement Ring Found Port Hueneme Pier

Imagine having a great afternoon with your fiance hanging out on the pier at Port Hueneme and feeding the birds. Then one toss does the unthinkable and your family heirloom engagement ring flies off along with the bread. It landed on the top of the pier but it didn’t stay there and went into the wet sand below. Thankfully I was able to connect with Haelei and I got out at 5am so I could work the area under the pier at low tide. The last few high tides have completely covered this area and this was the only time I could work the area. After I cleaned out the area of all the metal trash ( please don’t throw your bottle caps into the sand) I got a nice clean tone next to a pillar and scooped out the ring. This was a great recovery as there were many circumstances working against us but God’s timing got us back the ring. Remember if you have lost a piece of jewelry time is of the essence and you need to contact me at 805-290-5009 and let’s get it back. 

Lost wedding ring found at Rincon Beach Ventura

I got a call recently from Arthur who had lost his platinum Tiffany’s wedding ring at Rincon Beach in North Ventura. He was in Hawaii at the time and explained that he had been at an outing with a group of friends at the beach and somehow his ring had come off when he was playing with his friends dog. Fortunately I was 30 minutes away but unfortunately he was unsure of exactly where it might have come off. Thankfully his friends had taken some photos and he was able to give me a starting spot.

I’ve found several rings for customers at Rincon Beach park but in addition to the rings I have found thousands of bottle caps because folks seem to like to drink here and then forget to take their trash home with them and finding the ring meant I was going to find a lot of bottle caps and I wasn’t let down as I had pocketed about 30 when i got a sweet low tone about 15 yards from where we started and in the scoop was his ring. A call and text later and we conformed it was Arthur’s and I told him I would keep it safe until he returned from Hawaii and we met up today and it was back on his finger and his story continued. While time is often of the essence sometimes we do get lucky and find things weeks after they were lost but don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009 and we can get your jewelry back. 

Lost Wedding Ring in Ojai CA found!

I got a call yesterday from Elizabeth who was getting a little gardening in while dodging the rain showers when she realized her wedding ring was missing. It was getting dark and while she franticly searched she was unable to locate it and found me. We scheduled a time for me to come out this morning and find the ring. She had narrowed down the area to about 400 sq ft and while this was good for me the issue was most of the area was covered with various knee high succulents with the majority of them having very sharp points protruding out. I checked the area without the plants and did not find the ring so I grabbed my pinpointer, got on my hands and knees and began an inch by inch search of the area. Without discrimination I was pulling up nails, wire and a penny or two as I worked my way into the space. I heard Elizabeth shout that she didn’t think there were any black widows in there but at this point I was committed to finding the ring so even though I had no gloves(left in the car) I kept going. About a minute later I got a nice buzz on my MI6 and pulled away the aloe leaves and there it was, the elusive wedding ring. If you have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009 so I can begin the process of returning it to you. Visit me at for more information as well.