Jeffrey Laag

Cost For My Service

There is no "fee" for my assistance. I work on a reward basis, I accept tips based upon what you feel my recovery efforts are worth to you.

Search Types

I am equipped to search land, beach, shallow water, parks, playgrounds, yards, & fields. I also work with several divers for items lost in a deep body of water, such as a lake.

Search Locations

I primarily search Cape May, Wildwood, Lower Township and other areas of Cape May County.

Jeffrey Laag's Bio

I got into metal detecting, as a hobby, about 7 years ago. I really enjoy the hobby, and began expanding to different types and better quality of detectors and equipment to allow me to search different types of terrain / area. While out hunting, I occasionally would be approached by people and asked if I would help them with finding lost items. Often, I would hear "It's probably gone forever". Seeing an opportunity to make my hobby into a way of helping people, I began assisting people on a regular basis, with recovering their lost precious items and I created "Lost Ring and Jewelry Recovery Service" page on Facebook. I have been a firefighter for over 18 years and have always enjoyed helping people. Seeing the reaction on someones face after being reunited with something that they believed was "lost forever" is what has become, hands down, my favorite part of this hobby!

Jeffrey Laag - Recent Blog Posts

  • 10K Class ring RECOVERED! (2017)

    Received a call on July 5th for a lost class ring. The client was very helpful by noting landmarks and tide position. Met the client at the beach the next afternoon, in the rain, ¬†and was able to recover the ring from waist deep, moderately angry surf in about 15 minutes.    

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  • Mens band RECOVERED! (2017)

      Received a call July 3rd for a lost gold wedding band that was dropped in the surf on July 2nd in the afternoon. After about an hour long hunt I was able to recover the 16 yr old band. Client, as well as his wife, was thrilled to have his band back on his […]

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  • Gold wedding band successfully recovered! (2017)

    Was tagged in a FB post last Saturday afternoon regarding a wedding band that was lost on the beach. After returning home from a week long vacation I spoke with the client regarding the details and suspected area the ring was dropped. Took the new Whites 300id out for its first recovery as my “go […]

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  • Gold chain and pendant RECOVERED! (2017)

    Received a call last night for a lost gold chain. It was obvious that this piece had extreme sentimental value attached to it. Met with the client first thing this morning and headed onto the beach where he had been setup the previous day. After about 15 minutes and about 3 passes I picked up […]

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  • Gold wedding and engagement rings RECOVERED! (2017)

    Received a call this past Thurdsay morning for a lost wedding ring set. The rings were dropped sometime Wednesday¬†and after the owner and her family searched yesterday they came up empty handed. So took the ride over this morning and met up with the owner and after about an hour or so searching out popped […]

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