Jeffrey Laag

Cost For My Service

There is no "fee" for my assistance. I work on a reward basis, I accept tips based upon what you feel my recovery efforts are worth to you.

Search Types

I am equipped to search land, beach, shallow water, parks, playgrounds, yards, & fields. I also work with several divers for items lost in a deep body of water, such as a lake.

Search Locations

I primarily search Cape May, Wildwood, Lower Township and other areas of Cape May County.

Jeffrey Laag's Bio

I got into metal detecting, as a hobby, about 7 years ago. I really enjoy the hobby, and began expanding to different types and better quality of detectors and equipment to allow me to search different types of terrain / area. While out hunting, I occasionally would be approached by people and asked if I would help them with finding lost items. Often, I would hear "It's probably gone forever". Seeing an opportunity to make my hobby into a way of helping people, I began assisting people on a regular basis, with recovering their lost precious items and I created "Lost Ring and Jewelry Recovery Service" page on Facebook. I have been a firefighter for over 18 years and have always enjoyed helping people. Seeing the reaction on someones face after being reunited with something that they believed was "lost forever" is what has become, hands down, my favorite part of this hobby!

Jeffrey Laag - Recent Blog Posts

  • Wedding band lost New Years Eve, Recovered! (2017)

    Received a call this afternoon for assistance recovering a wedding band that was lost in a wooded back yard during a New Years Eve gathering. Took a ride to the clients house and after a brief tour of the suspected area where it was believed to have been dropped, I was able to locate the […]

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  • Diamond / Platinum Engagement Ring Recovered (2016)

    Received a call this evening around 9pm for a engagement ring that was lost in the surf around 3:30pm this afternoon. After a brief conversation and a check of the tide tables and radar I decided that this evening would be the best shot considering the rings potential location, crazy strong current on this particular […]

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  • 4 Rings recovered, 2 Platinum, 1 Gold, 1 Silver! (2016)

    Quick recovery this evening. 4 Rings total, 1 White gold birthstone ring, 2 Platinum engagement / wedding bands, 1 Silver ring. They were on the beach 2+ days. Recovered to the relief of the bride.   Clients review of service: “Thank you to the full moon and back, Jeffrey Laag! I had lost my wedding […]

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  • White Gold / Diamond Wedding Rings Recovered! (2016)

    Out camping with the family this past weekend and just happened to get a call for a lost wedding ring at the very same campground that we are staying at. After a brief search, recovered the diamond and white gold ring. Client review of service via FB “Lost Ring & Jewelry Service” page: Every married […]

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  • Platinum / Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered (2015)

    Well, considering the weather today I was not expecting a call for a recovery. But, low and behold right around 5 I received a call for a lost Platinum / Diamond wedding ring. So I drove over in the rain and met the party in about 15 minutes after receiving the call. The group directed […]

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