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Lost Wedding Ring Found at Hollywood Beach Oxnard

I got a text early Sunday morning from Melissa who had lost her wedding ring the previous evening on Hollywood Beach in Oxnard. She and her husband were down from San Francisco on a quick weekend trip and were enjoying the sunset when they began to pack up and Melissa began to shake the sand off the towel and in addition to the sand she also shook off her wedding ring. They tried frantically to find it but rings get lost easily in the dry sand and this was no exception. I agreed to get out to the beach right away as we needed to beat the crowds that were sure to come due to the heat.

I got out and began making a grid line in the area she thought it had come off. We expanded the search grid and in a few minutes I got a sweet tone on my equinox 800 and down about 8-10 inches was her ring. It got buried so deep because in their search for it they had inadvertently piled sand on top of it. Needless to say Melissa was stoked that she wouldn’t be leaving anything behind on her way back to SF.

If you have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry do what Melissa did and reach out right away 24 hours a day to 805-290-5009 so I can get out there and recover your ring! Time is not on your side so we need to get out there ASAP as sand can move and also someone else may find it so call or text Ventura County’s Ringfinder Dave MacDonald.

Lost Gold pendant and Chain found on Silverstrand Beach in Oxnard

I got a text this afternoon from Dave who had inadvertently lost his daughter’s gold pendant and chain while they were playing at the beach. Ironically she had given the chain and pendant to Dave to hold for safekeeping while she went boogey boarding. Dave put it in his shorts pocket and when they got back to the house noticed it was missing and that he had a hole in his pocket so somewhere between the hide tide section of the beach and about 100 yards of dry sand he had lost the pendant. The beach had become crowded since it had gone missing and pretty much everyone within a 25 yard radius knew it was missing and why I was there so the pressure was on. I hunt Silverstrand a lot and parts of it can be tricky as it tends to get a lot of sand pushed in and pulled down each tidal cycle so I knew I had to work fast if it was in the wet sand. I hit several targets right away but nothing what we wanted and we had decided to move up into the dry sand but something told me to make one more pass in the wet sand so I did and at the bottom of my grid I got the tone I’d been looking for and out popped the pendant and chain intact!

I brought it up to Dave pretending to get ready to hunt the dry and then I showed him and the place around us erupted in cheers and claps as the missing pendant was now back home. Dave did the smart thing and called an expert out to solve his recovery problem and if you have lost a ring, pendant, bracelet or chain don’t hesitate to text or call me at 805-290-5009 and we can make arrangements to getting your items back safe to you. Time is always the enemy so don’t wait call as soon as you can.

Lost Engagement Ring Found Port Hueneme Pier

Imagine having a great afternoon with your fiance hanging out on the pier at Port Hueneme and feeding the birds. Then one toss does the unthinkable and your family heirloom engagement ring flies off along with the bread. It landed on the top of the pier but it didn’t stay there and went into the wet sand below. Thankfully I was able to connect with Haelei and I got out at 5am so I could work the area under the pier at low tide. The last few high tides have completely covered this area and this was the only time I could work the area. After I cleaned out the area of all the metal trash ( please don’t throw your bottle caps into the sand) I got a nice clean tone next to a pillar and scooped out the ring. This was a great recovery as there were many circumstances working against us but God’s timing got us back the ring. Remember if you have lost a piece of jewelry time is of the essence and you need to contact me at 805-290-5009 and let’s get it back.