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A Father’s Ring Lost in Montecito found by Ventura County Ringfinder

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call Sunday evening from Gerrie in Santa Barbara who is a professional dog trainer in the area. She was as distraught as any person I’ve ever talked to about recovering a ring. Up until recently she had been her father’s caregiver because he developed Alzheimer’s and Gerrie was the one who stepped in to care for her dad for the past 12 years. Unfortunately her dad finally passed away at the age of 99 and when he did she inherited his ring. The ring was his 1942 fraternity ring from Penn State University of which he was the president. It’s the only ring he ever had, it also was his wedding ring, and it went with him off to war in the South Pacific during WWII as well. When he passed away Gerrie put the ring on her finger and carried her father along wherever she went. They had an incredible bond in life and the ring was their bond in his passing.

Gerrie wasn’t sure where she had lost it but she had been training a dog at her clients home in Montecito CA and she thought that somehow the ring had slipped off her finger when she was throwing a ball to the dog. They searched the area as best they could and she called me and asked if I would use my metal detector to find her ring. I agreed to meet her at the home on Tuesday morning and when I arrived she gave me the area she was in, we took a moment to pray to ask for God’s favor and I began my search.

There was metal everywhere in the soil. I could hardly isolate any targets due to the sheer volume of metal in the area. I had no choice but to grab my pinpointer and hit the ground and comb my way through the grass. Even this approach was tough due to the pinpointer sounding off on everything. I was moving the pinpointer when I finally got a solo signal in the grass and when I peeled back the grass there sat her Dad’s ring. I was so relieved because this was such an important return that needed to be made. Two days ago she thought she had lost the last physical connection she had to her dad and then today through prayer and a little technology and know how, she got it back. Definitely one of the best recoveries I’ve had the pleasure of making.

Gerrie knew what to do and that was to reach out to an expert in the field of metal detecting rather than renting or buying one herself. Thankfully it was lost at a private residence and she didn’t have to worry about anyone else finding her dad’s ring. If you have lost a ring, bracelet or pendant you need to call or text right away day or night at 805-290-5009 because time, the tides and others with a detector could be against you getting it back.

Lost Wedding Ring found at East Beach Santa Barbara

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call from Brian this afternoon who has lost his Tungsten wedding band while playing competitive frisbee on the dry sand at East Beach. I’m going to go ahead and say he was winning when after he had made another incredible throw and catch he noticed that his wedding ring was no longer on his finger. He got all of the players together and they began a hands and knees search in the hot sand only to realize this was not the best approach. One of Brian’s teammates remembered in the past having used one of our Ringfinders and he gave Brian the heads up and he called me and I was able to come right away to East Beach to begin the search.

Brian had a good idea where he was at and I began to grid first a small section and then expand and it was at the furthest point we thought possible the ring turned up and I got it back in my scoop to give to him. Brian’s success in getting his wedding ring back was because he knew he needed a professional detectorist and he called me at 805-290-5009. Time is our enemy when a ring is lost at the beach and we were able to recover it less than 2 hours after it was lost. Don’t hesitate to call or text me anytime so we can make a plan to get your ring back.

Wedding Rings found Carpinteria State Beach

I got a call last evening from some nice friends of Karina and Drew who were camping with them at Carpinteria State Beach. The call was that Karina had accidentally lost her three wedding rings in the sand and that they had been digging and sifting the area for 5 hours with no luck. They had even bought a metal detector to use but no matter what they tried it didn’t work, still no rings. Luckily it was thought to google “Ringfinder” and when they did my name came up and I agreed to come right out and recover the rings. I knew I would be able to recover them and I assured Karina that I would.

There was a crowd of family looking on and I began to grid the area they thought the rings would be at. There was nothing there and I suspected that the rings (that had been placed on a chair) had been flung a bit farther so I moved outside the area towards the waterline and then detected and one by one, each ring began to reveal itself and in about 3 minutes we had all the rings back. Needless to say we were all pretty pumped at the outcome.

If you happen to lose your ring don’t wait, call or text me at 805-290-5009 and let’s get it back to you.

Lost Engagement ring found at East Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call today from Chris who was with his family enjoying a wonderful day at East Beach in Santa Barbara. He was there with his wife and two small children, one of which is developing a wicked fastball as he took his mom’s ring and through it into the sand while mom was putting sunscreen on him. Like all great stories this one too had a happy ending as I was able to find it rather quickly because Chris made the decision to call me right away before we could lose it to anyone else. If you have accidentally lost your ring don’t wait to call or text me at 805-290-5009 so we can get out to your location and recover your ring.

Lost Wedding ring found at Hendry’s Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call from Alex last night on the way to church. He and his family we’re enjoying the late afternoon sun at Hendry’s beach in Santa Barbara when he decided to cool off with a quick dip into the pacific. He has applied sunscreen only minutes before and when he got knee deep in the water he reached down into the water and when he brought his hands up his ring flew off. There was no finding it at that depth of water without a metal detector so I checked the tides and I felt that the low tide at 5:30am was our only shot at getting it back.

I got up at 4:30am hit the road and was at Hendry’s by 5:30am and I began to grid east-west to see if I could intercept the location it went into the water. After about 10 minutes I got a screaming hit on my XP Deus II and two scoops later I had the ring. Alex shared with me that the ring was a copy of his father’s wedding ring so the find was that much more meaningful. Alex did the right thing and called me at 805-290-5009 almost immediately after losing it which gave us the best chance to get it back. Don’t you hesitate to call if you have lost any jewelry of value because time works against us so call or text at 805-290-5009 and I’ll figure out a plan to get your ring back.