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Lost Wedding Ring Caladesi Island, Dunedin, Fl….Found!!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)

Steve Thomas

Dunedin Ring Finder

Lost a ring or other metal valuable at the beach or in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside, playing with the dog or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843) 995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!

Jessica and her husband Javier were enjoying the day riding jet skis around Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands. They beached on the north end of Caladesi and while Javier was opening a compartment at the rear of his jet ski his beautiful 14k hammered gold wedding band slipped off of his finger into the Gulf of Mexico.

Jessica found me through a Google search and texted me the story including a photo of the ring and a general map of the loss area. Fortunately the ring was lost in only waist deep water an hour or two before low tide so I wanted to plan a search for the same tide time the next day. Initially, Jessica and Javier weren’t sure if they could return the next day but it was important that they be there to narrow down the search area so they were able to work it out.

To get to the loss location, I had to ride twenty minutes on a ferry from Honeymoon to Caladesi, walk about ten minutes from the ferry to the beach, and then walk about 1 1/2 miles to the north end of the island with my equipment. Jessica and Javier had arrived on a jet ski before I arrived but left to pick up an anchor at a nearby marina. They texted me to let me know to look for a green tracker boat and a green jet ski as markers for where the ring was lost if I wanted to begin the search before their return so I began my search in the water. After only about fifteen minutes of searching with my Nox 600 detector, I came across a strong signal with a 21 on the VDI. After several scoops into the mud I was able to bring up Javier’s ring! Jessica and Javier arrived about ten minutes later and I walked up to Javier and asked him if he was ready to begin the search. Before he could answer, I held up his ring and said “is this what I’m looking for?” I thought he was going to fall off the jet ski! Jessica said to him “ I told you we ought to try this before you bought a new one!” After talking for a few minutes and taking a few photos with Javier texting family and friends about the ring find, Jessica and Javier sped happily away.

Jessica and Javier, thank you for trusting me to find and return Javier’s wedding ring and thank you for the generous reward!










Lost White Gold Wedding Band, Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Fl. …Found!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)



              Steve Thomas

         Dunedin Ring Finder

Lost a ring or other metal valuable in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside, playing with the dog or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843) 995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!


David texted me a few days ago to tell me that he had lost his wedding band earlier that day while playing with his dogs on Pet Beach at Honeymoon Island State Park. David said he had only been married four days when this happened! He also told me that he had heard about me on a local Facebook discussion page called Dunedin Chat. We set up a search for the next morning to begin just after the park opened.

The next morning David explained to me that his wife Nicole had fortunately taken a photo of him on the beach where she could still see the ring on his finger but then later filmed a short video of David running with their dogs a little further down the beach where it appeared that the ring was not on his finger. David also admitted that the wedding band was slightly too large for his finger (and Nicole told him he needed to have it resized) so it probably slipped off while he was running. David then directed me to area of wet sand where he thought it most likely he had lost his ring and I began a grid search. After a couple of hours with nothing but beer caps, pull tabs, a few coins and some fishing weights to show for my efforts, I expanded the search area closer to the water but again, no luck. I then expanded the search area closer to the dune line but found nothing but coins and beach trash. After over four hours of searching, we decided we needed to take a break so I told David I would do a second sweep of the first area I detected as we headed towards the beach access. A few minutes later, I detected a target that not only I thought was a lower number than I was looking for on my Equinox 600 but also was the same number for the numerous pull tabs I had already dug. On a search like this, you dig everything and sure enough after one scoop I had recovered a ring! At first I did not think that it looked like the picture of the ring that David had sent me but after I cleaned off the wet sand and David overcame his initial shock he said “I can’t believe it, you found my ring!” I was still a little shocked myself even though I had told David that I had recovered another ring after a four hour search and while leaving the beach to take a break! The other people on the beach near our search area were just as happy as we were. David let Nicole know that the ring was safely back on his finger once again.

David and Nicole, thank you for contacting the Dunedin Ring Finder and trusting me to find David’s wedding band. Also, thank you for the generous reward and the kind words in your testimonial. I wish you many years of happy marriage!







  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)



I was relaxing Saturday morning after a couple of unsuccessful searches the previous two days including a wedding band in a sewer line trench and an old septic tank cap on a wooded lot. My wife showed me a story from the local Dunedin Discussions Facebook group where a member named Debbie posted about her daughter losing a silver ring on the Dunedin Causeway beach the previous day. I also received a pm from another member of the group letting me know about the loss. I immediately posted and sent a pm to Debbie informing her of my services. Because Debbie had given a somewhat detailed description of the loss location on her post, I decided to drive immediately to the location to begin a search before other metal detectorists might scan the area. Not long after I began my search, I received a map pin of the precise location as well as a perspective photo of several family members metal detecting the loss area the previous evening. I worked my way to the given location and searched for a couple of hours. I knew I was searching in the right location as it was confirmed by Donald Murphy (“Murph”, pictured below) as he had seen the family searching the previous evening and he was back at this same spot the next day. I was able to dig a dozen quarters and a half dozen dimes but no silver ring. I went home for a break and returned several hours later at low tide. By that time, the receding tide exposed some tire tracks where Murph said the family was searching the day before. After about an hour, my Equinox registered a strong silver signal (29) at 2 to 4 inches and I dug the silver Gucci ring out of the wet sand with my scoop. I showed it to Murph and he was as excited as the owner was going to be. After I contacted Debbie with the good news, I met her daughter Opal and boyfriend James to make the return. Opal said she lost it while throwing a ball and it was a special ring given to her by her brother. Thanks to all for trusting me to look for your precious ring and thank you for the generous reward! God bless you all!



  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)














A few days ago I was detecting on Honeymoon Island. I found the usual handful of coins and scrap metal but as I was leaving the beach, I found an iPhone buried under about 2 inches of wet sand. I quickly removed the phone as the tide was about to cover it again and took my recovery photo in dry sand. I could not determine at that time if the phone was operational but it looked new. I stopped by the state park office on the way out to see if anyone had reported the missing phone to the park service but the office was closed. I returned home and cleaned the phone as best I could and attempted to charge it. The phone soon displayed a message which indicated it was lost and provided a phone number to call. Unfortunately, the number provided was the number to that phone but at least I heard a voice message which provided the first name of the owner. After about 30 minutes of online research with the assistance of my wife, we were able to email and Facebook message the owner who lived in our area. There was no immediate response but we also located a  friend of the owner in our research, contacted her, and she in turn contacted the owner’s fiancée. It wasn’t long before we received a call from the grateful owner. She said that she had lost the phone the day before. As it was fairly late in the evening by the time we made contact, we made the exchange through the local sheriff’s department.

Carolyn, I hope your phone is fully operational and I am glad I could return it to you so quickly after you lost it!