Minnesota lost ring found metal detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Amal was out playing basketball with some friends. While taking a shot, her ring flew off her finger. She knew it was in the grassy area next to the court. The group searched for hours until it was too dark. She started the search again the next morning with a rented metal detector, still nothing. Amal decided to check online for any help and her internet search landed on theringfinders.com – She called, and I told her I could do a search the next day. She lives approx. an hour and half away, so I let her know I was heading out. Just before I arrived, she called me with great news. When she went back to the basketball court to meet up with me, and just happened to see the ring in the grass. So, I can’t count this as a “ringfinders find”, though I thought it was a great story and to make sure other people know – Never give up!! Nice to meet you Amal and congrats on the find.

Darrin –

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